The Best Laptop for Pentesting 2022

Best Laptop for Pentesting

Penetration testing allows programmers and cyber security experts to find vulnerabilities in different websites, mobile phones, and computer networks. This way, the companies can identify the system weakness that cyber attackers or hackers can exploit to gain access to confidential information. Whether an ethical hacker … Read more

Is Firefox Cast to Chromecast Possible?

firefox cast to chromecast

Google Chromecast has gained much popularity over recent years for easy casting. Be it videos, movies, Netflix, or even gaming; Google Chromecast has made it possible to view it all on the big screen. With new users hopping on the bandwagon, Chromecast’s compatibility with the … Read more

Best Laptop for Architecture – Buyers Guide

best laptop for architecture

Do you plan on being an architect? Besides the 3D modeling and the knowledge, this career requires more than a standard laptop. With heavy programs and demanding computer assistant design tools, you’re going to need a heavy-duty laptop.  Some computer assistant design tools for architecture … Read more

What Is The Best Format Factory Alternative?

format factory alternative

Since FormatFactory is a window-friendly software, this article talks about the best FormatFactory alternatives that work on both; Windows and Mac. With the ease that comes with cell phones, people have disconnected themselves from other large-screen devices. They prefer having it all on their phone, … Read more

Use GIMP to Improve Image Quality

gimp improve image quality

Photo editing software has made the job so much easier for businesses, students, and of course, social media enthusiasts. Manipulating images and quality enhancement can change your outlook, so it’s a must-have for everyone. No one likes to share a blurred selfie, after all. However, … Read more

Grand Ages Medieval Guide [Tips for Beginner]

grand ages medieval guide

If you like learning about the middle ages, grand ages medieval is the perfect game for you. Grand ages medieval is a strategic game in which you make your way through the decades from Europe, through Africa, and even the Middle East. It is developed … Read more

How are Laptop Screens Measured?

how are laptop screens measured

You need to know the laptop screen size, whether you wish to get a laptop case/bag, replace your current screen, and even make a general comparison between two devices. Though it’s relatively simple and only takes a few seconds, many people do not know how … Read more

How to Add a Signature in Google Docs

how to add a signature in google docs

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an easy way to add digital signatures to your document, contract, or perhaps legal or formal letters. With everything digitized these days, a digital signature will save you from an incredible hassle. Instead of printing … Read more

How Android Auto Uses Your Data

android auto data usage

Android is one of the best things to have happened to us in the 21st century. Whether it’s online shopping, learning, entertainment, health, or finding ways through google maps, a modern Android phone can do it all with just a tap. Android Auto app is … Read more