Fix: Echo Dot Losing Connection

With the advancement of technology, AI devices such as smart speakers and other devices have found a place in our homes. But, slowly, we are getting too dependent on hands-free virtual assistants, such as the Amazon Echo.

What is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can do much more than play music. It has advanced voice-activated features that can take commands and give a response.

The Amazon Alexa app allows Echo Dot to answer questions, make calls, broadcast weather information, make a shopping list, and control other smart devices such as lights, AC, TV, and more.

This hockey-peg-shaped speaker is the compact version of the Amazon Echo.

Smart devices are very instrumental in our day-to-day life, yet they are prone to defects, such as technical glitches and bugs, etc., that can deter the use of the device.

My Echo Dot keeps losing the connection

Echo Dot faces shortcomings like getting stuck, repeating words, delay in reply, and losing connection.

One of the most common complaints regarding the Echo dot is that it keeps losing connection. A stable network connection is important as amazon Alexa connects to a cloud-based service. Therefore, an Echo device cannot perform well without a steady Wi-Fi network supply. Here, we shall discuss a few possible reasons for this and how to fix it.

Why does my Amazon Echo keeps losing connection?

The main reason you are facing the issue of your amazon echo dropping is an unstable internet connection; a few fixes and changes can have your echo dot back to its glory.

Let us look at the various ways to fix Amazon Echo’s losing connection issues.

How do I fix it?

Once your Amazon echo begins to misbehave, don’t go ahead and give all the blame on the Echo dot. More often than not, for these minor problems, it’s your Internet service provider or your Wi-Fi who is to blame. Instead, try the following fixes to resolve the issue.

Fix#1-Check Wi-Fi

If the power LED light ring turns orange, there is no Wi-Fi connection.

A bad Wi-Fi connection can cause Echo devices or other devices to lose connection and perform poorly. Therefore, it is important to check the source.

First and foremost, the basic steps you should take to fix the issue are to check the other devices using Wi-Fi, like the other Echo devices, the television, laptop, phone, etc., and check the connected device’s signal strength.

One of the reasons why your Echo device is not connecting to the internet could be the wrong Wi-Fi credentials.

Go to the Amazon Alexa app on your connected device and check for the Wi-Fi password and other credentials.

Once you have checked the Wi-Fi connection, ensure that multiple devices are not connected to Wi-Fi simultaneously. Wi-Fi overcrowding could hamper the speed and strength of the connection.

Fix#2- Power Cycling

The next thing you can do is power cycling. It is just a fancy name for restarting or rebooting your device.

If you are facing any issue with electronic devices, the simple and the best fix is- to restart the device and give it some time to refresh and restart.

A reboot forces the device to reload the operating system, refreshes all temporary files, and clears the memory to reset the hardware.

First, switch off the Amazon Echo, and remove the power adapter. This will switch off the Wi-Fi on all the connected devices, and after a few seconds, switch it on again to restart.

For best results, power cycling should be performed on your Echo device, the Wi-Fi router, and the cable modem for a good thirty seconds before you restart your devices. Now, go ahead and check the WiFi connection.

Most often, this fix would give you a good network connection. If not, go ahead and try the next fix.

Fix#3- Change location

Sometimes, the frequency traffic can hinder the Wi-Fi connection; make sure your Echo devices, the modem, and the router are placed far away from other frequency-emitting devices, such as smart TVs, microwave ovens, baby monitors, mobile devices, phones, and even the air conditioning vents, etc.

An ideal place for your Echo device placement would be 8 inches above the floor and 8 inches far from the walls. Also, it should be a bit away from other wireless devices.

Also, it is better to keep the Wi-Fi router away from large metal objects, such as vases and cupboards, that would bounce off the Wi-Fi frequency and router signals.

Fix#4- Turn off VPN and Firewall

If you use proxy and VPN services, these block the network from tie-ups.

If the VPN and firewall are active, your Echo device may fail to make the connection. Please turn off or temporarily disable them before you connect the Echo dot devices.

Fix#5- Switch Wi-Fi frequency

If you have tried the above fixes and still face the same Echo Dot connection issue, try changing the Wi-Fi frequency. Choosing the right channel for connectivity is quite crucial.

The Echo Dot connects to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) networks. Unfortunately, peer-to-peer networks or hotspots cannot run these bands.

The smart speaker tends to default to the 2.4GHz channel. Alexa devices will not support any range below that.

You can use the Alexa app from your smart device and change the frequency to 5GHz. This will reduce interference and increase the connection’s range and strength.

Fix#6- Update Firewall

The Amazon Echo devices have an auto-update feature; manually updating these devices is not required. However, in case your Echo Dot is in a noisy place, where it has to incur if anyone is talking or commanding it constantly, it becomes difficult for the device to timely Update.

This may be the reason for the connection drops. Let us check and update the firmware.

Steps to update Echo Dot’s firmware

Step#1– On your browser log onto and enter your account information to log in to your account.

Step#2– Select the Settings tab and select your Echo device.

Step#3– Locate and select the About section. Here, select the device software version.

Step#4- Go to its website and check if the device has been updated to its latest version. If required, select Update and install it.

Fix#7- Reset

After following all the above fixes, if your echo keeps losing connection, it’s time to factory reset the device and start fresh.

This wipes off the configuration and files on the dot. It also means that any skill or customization added will get deleted. You need to set it all up again.

How does the factory reset on your dot?

Once you are ready to reset your echo to factory defaults,

Step#1– Grab a small tool, such as a paper clip, thin scissors, or even a needle, and press the reset button. It is a small hole at the base of your Echo. Hold it till the light ring turns orange. This means your device is in setup mode. Let go and wait for the light to turn off; it will turn on again.

Step#2– Open the Amazon Alexa app on your connected device and begin the setup process of the Echo Dot again.

After this, before you think of replacing the device, if the Echo Dot still shows connectivity issues, go ahead and call customer care.

Fix#8- Call Customer Care

If everything fails, you may be dealing with a more complex issue. It is time you call Amazon Customer service.

After asking you a series of questions, they may be able to help you with the Amazon Echo dot that keeps losing connection issues.


A call to customer care can either solve your issue, or they may replace your device with a new Echo Dot.

The above-explained fixes will help you with your Echo Dot device losing connection issue; if you wish, you can always consult a technician to solve the problem.