How to Connect a PS3 Controller to Windows PC

connecting ps3 controllers

Sony’s PS3 controller aka the DualShock 3, isn’t one of those nice guys when it comes to connecting it seamlessly to a PC. There’re a plethora of other third-party controllers out there, however, the PS3 console still holds a special spot in the heart of … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Spectrum Wifi Troubleshooting

spectrum wifi troubleshooting

Are you experiencing no internet access, slow speeds, long buffering, and frequent drop connections? Do you think your Spectrum internet router is not working? Wait! Don’t just go and call a technician or contact Spectrum customer service yet. Here I’m offering you an array of … Read more

How to Disassemble Xbox One Controller

disassemble xbox one controller

Xbox controllers face a lot more abuse than gaming keyboards and mice. However, with that being said, even after facing a lot of bangings, drops, seat, hand grease, and all that pressure, these controllers tend to work correctly even after years of use. However, in … Read more

How to Record on Nintendo Switch

how to record on switch

It’s a no-brainer that gamers love to capture the best in-game moments, fun clips, etc., and showcase their skills. For the Nintendo Switch users, the scenario is no different. So say you are at your absolute best gameplay on Nintendo Switch right now, and you’re … Read more

How to Clear Xbox360 Cache

how to clear xbox360 cache

Only a gaming freak can relate to the level of frustration that a slow-loading game causes. They say one can have a great gaming experience only when your gaming device runs smoothly without any interruption, otherwise slow loading is a complete mood spoiler. And one … Read more

How to stream Twitch on Firestick

twitch on firestick

What is Twitch? Twitch is an American-based live streaming platform that allows people to sit in front of the camera and broadcast themselves live doing various activities like playing video games, dancing, singing, vlogging, or performing any activities – pretty much everything! Initially, Twitch was … Read more

How to Cast Twitch on Chromecast

twitch chromecast

Almost every gamer out there loves Twitch! The live streaming platform allows you to watch gaming, sports, videos, and other content. Why watch Twitch? Twitch has millions of daily active users and roughly 3 million broadcasters every month. This gives you so much content to … Read more

How to Find Echo Dot MAC address

echo dot mac address

Like any other smart device, Amazon Echo Dot has a MAC address, which helps uniquely identify the device. MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique physical address given to every device to give it an identity while it’s in a network. It’s almost like … Read more

How to Screen Mirror Phone without WiFi

screen mirroring without wifi

Hey, do you enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on the bigger screen? I bet you do; most of us do, right!! Today we have smartphones, which means we have the universe under our fingertips. We can have the whole collection of Content we … Read more

How to Fix Xbox One Overheating

xbox one overheating

Imagine you have your friends over for a game or ten of FIFA. The competition is getting fierce, and things are heating up. But right when you get to the final, your Xbox One hangs because it has become hotter than the contest itself. This … Read more