Raspberry Pi Boot From USB [Ultimate Guide]

raspberry pi boot from usb

People usually boot Raspberry Pi from an SD card. Since you are here, it means you want to boot Raspberry Pi from your USB storage device instead of an SD Card. Luckily, you can boot Raspberry Pi from USB because it’s a relatively cheaper and … Read more

Try this Morgan Freeman Voice Generator

morgan freeman voice generator

Who isn’t familiar with one of the most convincing voices of Hollywood? It’s none other than Morgan Freeman, whose deep and clear voice uplifts different narrations, introductions, documentaries, and advertisements. You must be wondering what to do if you can’t sign Morgan Freeman for the … Read more

Omg! The Best Things To Do With Alexa Ever!

You definitely heard the name “Alexa.” You know the name you consider whenever you want to converse with Amazon’s virtual assistant? The Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including the Amazon Echo – a smart speaker formed by Amazon – is definitely a great potential source … Read more