60+ Low-Cost Tech Business/Startup Ideas for Beginners

You do not need heaps of cash for a startup. What you do need are a good idea and unwavering motivation. Also, the notion that your startup idea has to be completely unique is not entirely correct. Sometimes you can take what already exists and make it better.

Here are over 60 ideas that you can pick up from for your startup without needing a fortune:


1. Web Developer

There are a bunch of CMS tools now that dominate website development, but web developers still remain important. You could focus on a particular niche and start a web development and design agency. You can start from as little as you want, as it’s mostly about your own creativity and expertise. 

2. Cloud Services

Cloud-backed storage is gradually becoming the default need for businesses across the world. The flexibility and scalability of the cloud give a lot of advantages to growing businesses. A business that provides cloud technology could be an instant success. 

3. Remote IT Services

This is the beauty of the internet that you can work from virtually everywhere. There are still many markets that are not saturated with tech companies. You could target such an area sitting at your home, providing development and consultancy services to other businesses. 

4. Tool/Software

If you have a knack for development, you could work on developing a software or tool of your own. The very software would be your business as people would pay to use it. It could be a standalone tool, or it could be one that can be integrated with other applications. Here are some examples you can use as a jump-off:

  • Online chatbot
  • Payroll management
  • Photo editor
  • Analytics

5. Web Security

Due to cyberattacks, web security has become a lucrative field on its own. As a developer, you can start a web security business. You can build the business around improving security in online applications, especially those using financial transactions. It’s low cost because you can simply start as a freelancer and then build a full-fledged internet security services company. 


6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a very profitable work, one that continues to evolve all the time. With search engines becoming ever more sophisticated, businesses are spending top dollar on getting their name in front. 

Under the marketing category, it’s perhaps the most wide-reaching business as all sorts of companies and individuals on the internet need SEO at some point. Keep in mind that you have to be crazy good at this to make the cut.  

7. Social Media

Social media is now the indisputable king of media, which means it’s rocketed to number one when it comes to marketing platforms. It’s also one of those business opportunities that require very little capital to begin. You could start with nothing to a few hundred dollars. 

Even with a handful of clients, you can start churning up a profit in months. Once you establish your name, you do not even have to pursue clients as people will come to your themselves. 

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time now, but ordinary people are now going for it to make passive income. In this scenario, Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing partner in the world. 

You can start this business sitting at your couch, even with a full-time day job. Every time someone buys something, you get a commission. It cannot get any easier than this.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still pretty much relevant. After social media, if there are any media that even Fortune 500 companies use, it’s email. All it takes is to understand how email marketing works and what tools you can use to make conversions easy. Focusing just on email also gives you a particular niche, unlike other marketing companies that take an all-rounder approach to marketing. 

10. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all digital media, so if you’re really passionate about using technology for marketing, you could take this approach. This would cover virtually everything and you would be managing different media for the accounts you have. 

This would require some capital to begin as you may need to add some people to your team. However, that should happen organically once you get more accounts. 


11. Tutoring

Online learning is a fantastic business opportunity. If you have expertise in a certain subject, you could develop a website to tutor in that area. There are a lot of freelance platforms that you can use, or you could do it your own way. It’s best to start off on a platform first, then build your own. 

Even if you don’t teach, you could start a business with a focus on a particular area, for instance, programming languages, teaching kids how to draw, academic subjects and etc. Hire a bunch of people to make videos or teach via video. You would be surprised to know how many people use online learning. 

12. Writer

Writers are increasingly going digital, so a content writing business is a pretty viable option. You do not even have to create your own website, as there are many platforms where you can find freelance opportunities. 

As a writer, you have the flexibility and ease of making your own schedule. There are businesses for all kinds of writers. Some particular areas include:

  • Technology
  • News
  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Gardening
  • Lifestyle

13. Computer Repair

If you’re a computer handyman, so to speak, you can turn it into a startup. People are always looking for solutions online for their computer problems. You could provide those solutions. How you do that is up to you. It could be a forum or tutorial videos.

You can also remotely fix computers and get paid. If you want to take this route, you would have to be a bit more professional with a nice and clean website, and preferably some references. This is because, unfortunately, scammers have also gotten on this bandwagon and swindling people. 

14. Accountant/Finance Services

Accountants no longer have to be on the desk manually doing numbers. Things have gone digital, creating opportunities for accountants to be more independent. Rather than working for a company, you could be your own. Simply provide your services online, using many tools available. 

15. Fitness and Nutrition

Those who are passionate about fitness and nutrition can have a startup focus on health and fitness. The great thing is you can do anything you like within this startup. 

For instance, you could help clients lose weight by making them detailed diet plans. You could give online weight training classes. Or simply, you could make videos and post them on YouTube and your website. All this would not require a very large budget, either. 

16. Survey Website

Survey companies make money doing surveys for businesses, research institutes, and political parties. This kind of startup is a lot of hard work, but one that you can begin from the comfort of your home. 

17. Virtual Assistant

Just like an actual assistant, your work would be assisting people online. This kind of business is best for someone who has experience as an assistant. 

18. Travel Planner

Similar to a virtual assistant is a travel planner. You would be assisting with flight and hotel bookings, finding the best prices online. Basically, anything travel-related that people need for their leisure or business trips. 

19. Analysts

Data analysis is a huge field that touches virtually every field. You could develop your own tools or use existing ones to analyze big data for companies and government departments. 

20. Sustainability Consultants

Your online startup could focus on sustainability. A lot of companies trying to go green do not exactly know how to. With your expertise, you can help them cut down their emissions. 

21. Counselor

If you’re a licensed therapist or counselor, you could start giving sessions completely online. This gives you access to untapped markets and helps other people, too, who may not be able to physically visit you. 

22. Career Training

Similar to a counselor, you could provide career training. You could counsel people about their careers and help them find jobs and internships. 

23. Tax Consultancy

All those who have been filing taxes for ages could look into becoming tax consultants. Many ordinary people have a really tough time filing taxes, so for a small fee, you could help them using your expertise. 

24. Customer Support

 A lot of companies do not have in-house customer support staff. You could provide this service to them. It does not have to be too big, so you can start small with just two to three representatives. 


25. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the world of technology. You do not necessarily need a lot of investment to start an AI startup. People have started these businesses with very little funding. If you really have something ground-breaking, it could be worth putting your time and money into. 

26. Translator

Translation apps are very popular among tourists and business travelers. It can help people communicate easily and reliably. Yes, there are many apps already, but they still have a long way to become perfect. 

27. Travel

Any app idea that can help travelers can earn you big money in no time. Today’s travelers heavily rely on their smartphones to plan and navigate their journey. If you can make an app that solves a traveler’s problems, you’re looking at a very profitable app. 

28. Dating

If millennial’s dating lives have proved anything, it’s that no amount of dating apps is enough. People jump from one to another pretty quickly, so there’s still a market for this. If you can come up with something different from current dating apps, you can make something pretty successful. 

29. Budgeting

Budgeting apps remain a popular tool for ordinary people to manage their money. You can design a budget app with a specific niche or target consumer. This type of app would require complex coding, but it will be worth it.

30. Picture Editing

Picture editing apps remain quite popular, thanks to social media. Apparently, the editing tools on the phone’s camera are not enough for people. You can develop an app that makes photos more fun. 

31. Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has created a world of app possibilities. Anything that you think can be shared in a society, you can make an app for that. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Cars
  • Tools
  • Accommodation
  • Designer clothes
  • Services

32. Games

Online games can make you a millionaire. We have seen successful examples all around the world how one game made people rich. The good thing about game apps is that there’s no limit. You can make anything you want, but it has to be interesting for people to enjoy. 

33. Food Delivery

A food delivery app can make you a lot of money. It’s one thing that people use all the time. Even if there’s competition, you can still try earning a market share with a strong business plan and marketing strategy. 

This business is laborious as you may have to reach out to many restaurants, but it’s not going to cost a lot. This still qualifies as a low-cost startup. 

34. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness apps are very popular amongst almost all age groups. Much like games, there’s a lot of room to get creative. You can take the regular approach as most fitness apps i.e. workout-tracking, tutorials, diet plans, etc. 

Alternatively, you could come up with something original and authentic to stand out of the crowd. If you’re a fitness expert or even generally a healthy person, you would just need to budget for app development. 

35. Recipes

Are you a home cook that makes delicious food? You could share the recipes with the world and make money. With a website, YouTube channel, and Instagram account, you can teach people cooking. 

36. Parking Finder

You could develop an app to find parking n your city. All it will take is app development charges and a lot of research to find parking places in the city.

37. Carpool

A carpooling app can give other ride-hailing services a serious run for their money. Plus, you’ll be helping cut so much pollution. 


38. UX

UX or User Experience is highly sought after field in technology. UX jobs pay very well, so you can imagine how profitable a business solely dedicated to this field can be. As a UX services provider, you will design and manage the front end of websites and applications.

39. Logo

You can either make custom logos or develop one of those auto logo-generating websites. All you have to do is budget for the development of the website and marketing. That should not cost more than a few hundred dollars. 

40. Animation

Those who are pros at animation should go for creating their own online animation studio. You can make a lot of money from simple animations. But if you like a challenge and are super creative, you can even go all out and make terrific animations. Who knows your business might end up in Hollywood. 

41. Interior

Interior design does not have to be all physical. You can decorate people’s homes and offices from anywhere. Your interior design startup could provide online consultancy about design aesthetics. You could help people buy the right stuff for their space. 

42. Art

Whether it’s physical art or digital, you can sell it online. The age of the internet has finally allowed the starving artist to be well fed. You can create a website or use existing platforms to sell your art to the world.

43. 3D Printing

If you have enough money to buy a 3D printer, your startup can be all about 3D printing. You could take orders online and print whatever people need, as long as it’s possible to print it. 3D printers are expensive but pretty useful, so many businesses do not buy their own but instead, use other services. 

44. Video Editing

Your startup could be all about videography and video editing. You could make advertisements, informational videos, documentaries, etc. However, you should invest in high-quality equipment and tools.


45. Marketplace

Simply create a marketplace for people to buy and sell stuff. It’s simple, quick, and does not require a lot of money to start. There are big marketplaces already, so if you could focus on a certain niche or take a local approach, that could work in beating the competition. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • College textbooks
  • Spare fabrics/clothes
  • Leftover groceries

46. Gadgets

If you have a budget for making gadgets, your startup could focus solely on that. It’s all about solving problems when it comes to gadgets. Think of the small problems around you and how a gadget can perhaps solve them. Once you have a bright idea, you can find someone to produce it for you and then sell it online. 

47. Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping has made it incredibly easy to start online stores. You design things, the drop shipping company produces and delivers the order. You do not have to buy in bulk or set up your own factory to make things. This kind of startup requires very little money to start, so virtually anyone can do it. 

You can build your own online store, or tap into the huge market of potential customers on Amazon by becoming an Amazon seller. If you do decide to sell on Amazon, your main challenge will be standing out from the substantial competition on the platform. The top Amazon softwares for 2021 will allow you to optimize your listing and shine on the platform.

48. Custom Design

Customization and personalization are very important to today’s customers. One way to stand out is to have an online store that offers customized or personalized designs. You could have a tool that customers can use to design and customize. You then make it and ship it to their location. 

49. Groceries

Believe it or not, more is less when it comes to online grocery stores. This is an integral part of life as everyone needs groceries. You could go into this kind of online retail with just minimal funding. All you really have to do is buy groceries, but for other people. 

50. Refurbished Devices

This kind of startup is basically based on that age-old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you’re good at pulling things apart and putting them back together, you could buy used appliances and gadgets, refurbish them, and then sell online. 

51. Coupons

A coupon website is a great way to make money without spending a lot from your own pocket. Retailers will give you a commission every time you forward people from your site to theirs. Also, you would be helping people save money so it’s a win-win situation.  

52. Photography

As a photographer, your startup can provide photography services as well as sell original photos online. With stricter copyrights, it has become necessary for businesses to use original photos. So this could become a regular thing, and you could even get custom offers. 

53. Original Music

Similar to photos, you could sell original music. Video Makers need original music for their work and you could sell it to them or anyone really. Even if you’re not a producer, you could hire one to produce a variety of tunes for you. 

54. Vintage Stuff

If you love antiques, you could start an online antique business. You could also sell vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, memorabilia, etc. If you have limited money, start with just one or two things. 


55. Celebrity Gossip Blog

Believe it or not, millions of people click to see and read about celebrity gossip. You can have a blog dedicated to celebrity news and gossip. 

56. Memes

You can have a startup just dedicated to memes. With Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts, you can share memes that are topical, sarcastic, and downright hilarious memes. You could turn a real profit endorsing and promoting stuff, without even spending a penny.

57. Sports News

Sports news websites also get millions of visitors. You can start with a small budget as you basically just need a website. As your startup grows, you could include revenue-generating services like live streaming. 

58. Influencer

Social media can be your money-maker. You can start with what you already have and what you’re passionate about. People have created empires through their social media accounts.

59. Stylist

If you work as a stylist, you can turn it into a business. You could provide style consultancy online and provide makeovers to people. With technology, you can reach out to people in other regions or even countries. 

A stylist is also a great idea for a mobile business that you can take on the road. You could visit your clients’ homes to do their hair and make up for special events like weddings. All you’ll need is transport, your styling equipment, and a mobile payment system to take credit card payments.

60. YouTuber

YouTube can make you a lot of money if you get subscribers and views in millions. It can be incredibly hard to do that as there’s a lot of competition but not entirely impossible. 

61. Entertainer

Personal entertainment is becoming a thing these days. There are platforms you can use to become an entertainer, providing original content to your fans or clients. 


We are sure you can find a perfect idea for your business startup from our list. The good thing is, with the help of modern tech, you can tonnes of options to choose from. Just one piece of advice, don’t follow the herd. Instead, invest your time and money into something that you have a natural passion for.

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