7 Best Drawing Tablets for Kids

Your kids spend, or I should say, “waste” a lot of time playing videogames much to your discomfort.

Before I begin further, let me ask you

  • Has it become a “real” challenge to keep them away?
  • Is the habit of playing video games for hours together, making them short-tempered?

If yes, then as a parenting tip, it is your responsibility to devise ways for them, which prove to be constructive and at the same time engaging as well. Yes, this is where “drawing tablets” have come to be a great substitute for them. They get entertained and, in the process, express their thought process too. The market has a variety of options to choose from. Mostly, these gadgets help kids in nurturing their behavior, which makes them more responsible as it enhances their confidence and they get to know themselves better.

The drawing tablets for kids are comparably inexpensive, but they have features catering to the needs of children.

This in the wake of a full-fledged tablet meant for adults who will be more expensive and may not be that “conducive’ for your naughty kid to operate — since they can create a messy situation for those delicate and “adult” tablets anytime. But which one to get hold of? Well, don’t confuse yourself. Let’s now take a look at the Best drawing tablet for kids.

FLUESTON LCD Writing TabletAnsel LCD

It is true to understand that children due to their raw age are unable to utilize the potential of an “Adult tablet” as besides being expensive, parents naturally don’t encourage them to operate. However, drawing tablet for kids gives a more significant moment of happiness as parents, as they are rugged and caters to the needs of your child. This tablet is easy to use and has shortcut keys that can easily save a good amount of time.

Thanks to Flueston LCD, it will give a new entertaining approach to your child away from the crazy and toxic world of video games.

Let me ask

  • What is the most obvious thing you are often concerned about while handing over any gadget or products to the kid?
  • You need to know whether it is light on weight and can easily be handled, right?

Lightweight and portable: It is light in weight, and that adds to its portability. So you don’t have to worry about your kid getting hurt due to exceptionally well designed and minimal weight.

Great technological addition: Kids are known to be doing those “irritating actions,” which test your patience at times. Isn’t it? However, it uses a flexible liquid crystal writing technology which safeguards this gadget from being scratched

Quite a perfect substitute to keep your kid engaged: It has a 10-inch attractive colored screen to give you kid lots of eye-catching moments. Seeing them resorting to the fun and frolic, will make you laugh as well.

Most importantly, its drawing mechanism is basic and has been specially designed, keeping in mind the needs of younger kids for a more enhanced approach.

Kids love to practice: Your kids will love to try their hands while practicing their homework and learning new things every single minute. It is even better that they won’t be wasting paper in the process as well. Not to mention the digital drawing is never been using on this device.

Awesome battery life: Its battery life is another noteworthy feature which promises to last up to12 month

Best for age: 3-7

This gadget is quite basic for your tiny tots, and if you are looking or expecting a gadget with more sophisticated or advanced features, then you have to look somewhere else.

Wacom Intuos S

How about creating a favorable learning time for your kid so that you can easily do your household chores as a parent?

Well, it will indeed be a delight to see your kid engrossed in constructive things while learning in the process as well. Well, this is where Wacom Intuos S offers its own benefits.

Being a non-screen tablet, you are required to plug it to your PC or Mac with a USB cable. Now, you will be able to see the things on your screen. There is also another option of wireless connection if you feel that you should go for the second option. However, it is slightly expensive.

Hotkeys: Gadgets such as these are specially manufactured to makes your drawing experience easy and to give a boost to the morale of children. Likewise, thanks to the four customizable hotkeys, your kids will find it easy to draw and make it engaging and interactive. The features in the form of zoom, changing layers, etc. can be done for a more artistic approach.

The surface is enticing: While using the surface of the tablet, you will feel tempted to draw.

Great drawing area: More area means more practical action you can indulge yourself under. Yes, thanks to its 6*3.7 inches, it gives the hidden spark amongst the faces of your kids while they do all the fun.

Portable and slim: Your kids can easily hold it, as it is slim.

Responsive Design: Your kids want to see the practical implementation of his finger points as to how easily he can put things in action. Yes, the overall action is a smooth exercise. The line weight is proportional to the pressure they apply.

Additionally, the pen doesn’t require your charge too. However, it is not compatible with Android/iPhone. That is the issue which you may have to contend with.

XP-PEN Artist 12 

Your teens will love the gadget as it is somewhat advanced, which may well create a bit of uneasiness for little ones, though. After all, nothing matters more than being a proud and responsible parent where they get the right kind of upbringing. Your teens do have a tendency and hunger to grasp things, and this gadget offers loads of options for them to get familiar with new things and indulge in different series of entertaining things.

Portable: It would be best if you connected to a computer for your teens, and then you are set to go. Yes, it is quite handy for your kids, which makes it easy for them to handle.

It is versatile: It is quite compatible with a series of well known and popular software and supports Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS.

Captivating: It offers 11.6 inches full HD display. It can reach 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which basically implies that you are going to get things accurate while drawing or painting. In order to start the operation, you need to connect to a computer, and you are all set to go.

Easily customizable: Drawing is an art, and creating the best of forms is now easily possible, thanks to its features, which have 6 hotkeys and a touch bar. It makes the whole list of functions right from zooming in and out and many more, which aids your efforts and gives a much needed and pleasant outcome in terms of the drawing. Therefore, as a user, you don’t want to miss it.

As you hold its pen, you will feel like you are actually using a traditional pencil. Thanks to its design as it has a built-in eraser at the top, among other features. It doesn’t make use of a battery, which further adds to its lightness, and it has a non-slip grip. Setting up of wire is a bit tiring thing as it becomes bulky, so you need to be aware of the same.

Mafiti 8.5 Inch

Does it happen that your kids start to cry profusely the moment you take their video games away? If yes, then you have just found a better substitute in the form of Mafiti. After all, Drawing tablets bring out a series of hidden creativity, and the same goes for your kids who would love to indulge in similar things right from the beginning.

Easy to erase: Erasing things has become easier with this drawing tablet as you have to press a button with one touch, and everything you have written or drawn vanishes. 

Sensitive liquid Crystal display: Based on the pressure you create while writing, you get lines of different thicknesses.

Simple to operate: It is a mess-free drawing tablet that helps you to erase more than 100,000 times. Thereafter, based on the operations of the battery, you can simply replace it too, and the whole exercise of doing is easy and quick. 

Can also be substituted for something constructive 

It can also be used as a display mechanism. Yes, you can make it a substitute in the form of kick-stand to exhibit various beautiful and motivating quotes or messages to friends, relatives, etc. The build-in stylus dock offers sufficient storage capacity for the stylus to be placed as well.

NewYes 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet

When you see your kids making use of creative technology, it enhances the fun quotient, and seeing them busy with the “new found entertainment” makes you feel good as well. You need to equally hand them a product which doesn’t lessen the interest or else you will be forced to look for a substitute. Likewise, as you get this drawing tablet for your kid, you won’t regret, as it has mind-blowing features which are under:-

Awesome design keeping in mind the needs of kids: NewYes 8.5-Inch LCD writing tablet is designed, keeping in mind the essence of kids, such as paying close attention to the overall looks, features, etc.

Enhances the overall creativity level: Yes, the drawing tablet enhances the thinking and creative power of your kids by making them confident and attentive in their approach.

For example, the kids tax their minds in working on random character graffiti, and it helps to open up and make them more confident of new learning mechanisms.

Based on how hard you exert pressure in terms of the traditional mechanism of pen and paper, you get lines of different depths.

LCD composing surface creates lines of different width, and it depends on your exertion while drawing or writing.

Operating is friendly: So, indulge in writing and erasing things with the touch of a button, which you can easily refer to as a friendly way to create an easy and quick approach of getting things done.

It is durable, so you can get an idea about the drawing tablet where you are shortly going to invest for your kid.

Richgv 11 Inches

If your kid often tries to pounce on your tablet and like to hold and play regularly, then you should never wait to get a drawing tablet, which is meant for kids. After all, kids or teens love to try different things. For example, if you give them a pencil and a paper and they can be seen scribbling on different pages. But wait, it costs you lots of paper wastage, and the user experience is certainly not that great as well. Additionally, your kid is deprived of different available inbuilt features of drawing tablet as well.

However, all of that will be a thing of the past, thanks to this one. The drawing tablet should be easily operated, as kids due to their raw age are comparably impatient and want things to be done instantly. That also means that navigating a drawing tablet has to be in its easy format as they want to face complex situations while drawing.

An engaging platform: Your kids are your life, and seeing them engaged in constructive and engaging gadgets makes you feel good too. Likewise, give them something which will surely allow them to love their parents.

Offers learning opportunities: Yes, it is designed in a manner that uplifts their skills by bringing out the level of creativity and awesomeness to the fore. You can teach them different things, which also act as a perfect platform to implement in their behavior and become a learning methodology. Yes, the art of random graffiti is one such constructive and vibrant mechanism.

Great display: Obviously, the LCD display helps you with an awesome experience.

Easy to operate and use: Talking about what you have written, you can prevent it from being erased, thanks to the feature of “one lock button,” which works in emergencies and prevents things from being erased in accidents.

Can be substituted as a medium to send messages

The drawing tablet is also be used in the form of a communication tool and sending messages across in terms of message board too.

Apple iPad mini

What is the most apparent characteristic which comes to mind concerning a “kid”? Well, it is no surprise that we tend to relate them with their naughtiness and, of course, cuteness too. Now, being naughty, we naturally want and expect drawing tablets to be rugged, protected, and of course, “light” to pockets, so that we don’t have to be remorseful of our decisions. Isn’t it?

Likewise, introduce your child to the drawing tablet without creating a messy situation in the process as well.

Portable and light: The tablet is extremely light, so it is quite handy for the kids as it only weighs 0.66 pounds (300 grams)

Sophisticated and powered: It ensures quite a performance of sorts, thanks to its advanced digital art apps, which work awesomely. It can also be regarded as a full-fledged drawing tablet too.

Great user experience: It utilizes the A12 Bionic chip, which ensures fast performance in all the activities by your kid. Yes, as compared to traditional tablets that take their own time to be ready for operations, none of that thing happens here, as you are set to draw instantly.

Awesome display: It has a 7.9-inch retina display, which can also be regarded to make use of vibrant colors. In short, it is quite captivating and attractive.

Compatibility: It is upgraded and has become quite a promising, responsive, smooth, and excellent way to be used as it is compatible with Apple Pencil.

Tip to Adhere: If technology is benefitting users, it also has a negative effect, whereas per the famous saying, “excess of anything is bad.” Similarly, don’t let your children use them for hours together as it will strain their eyes, and you never know before it starts to get an issue for you as a parent. So, you must keep a close watch for your kids where they also maintain a required distance from their eyes too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a tablet for drawing for your kids is not a simple task. It requires thorough research and understanding of how tablets work and then make the decision. Also, the variety of tablets available online for drawing can be confusing for non-tech parents. That’s why we will try to answer a few frequently asked questions below and help you make the best possible decision on buying a graphics tablet for drawing. Let’s go through them below.

What is the best drawing tablet for beginners?

All the tablets that we discussed are a good pick for beginners. Tablets can be used diversely by people who want to either time-pass or build a skill. For kids, you can pick any of the tablets above which match the requirements. However, if you are looking for graphics tablets for beginners, then you might have to do more research. We recommend checking out Intuos draw or the Intous S. Huion 1060Plus and Wacom Intous Pro. Both are excellent graphics tablets for the price you pay.

It is best to do the search yourself as it is beyond the scope of the article to list the graphics tablet for beginners.

What is the best drawing tablet in 2021?

If you are looking for only the best tablets, then you can check out the following.

  • XP-Pen Artist 15.6″ drawing tablet
  • Gaomon PD1560 15.6 Graphics tablet
  • Wacom Intuos Draw Pro
  • Huion H610 Pro Graphics tablet

You can also search online for more graphics tablets that are best to buy right now.

Can the Kindle Fire be used as a drawing tablet?

Kindle Fire can work as a drawing tablet but at a very basic level. Wit hit, you can draw simple diagrams. The Kindle Fire is not designed to work as a primary design tablet. However, there are many designers that are able to use it as a drawing tablet.

Should you go all-in and buy an expensive tablet?

Depends. If you are a parent trying to find a tablet for your kids, then it is best to stick to a budget tablet. By doing so, you invest a reasonable investment and learn if your kid is really interested in using a tablet. If they do, then it is awesome! If they don’t, then you surely saved some money.

You should only go all-in and buy an expensive tablet if you know what you are doing.

What things should you look for when buying a tablet?

There are many factors that you should look into when buying a tablet. They are listed below.

  • Screen size
  • Operating system used by the tablet/software
  • Budget
  • Battery life
  • Pen quality
  • Storage space
  • Processors

Does tablet screen quality matter the most?

The screen quality of a tablet is an integral part of any tablet. It should be of high-quality and offer high resolution so that you can focus on details. Without a good quality screen, you will not be able to improve your work. Also, it is easy to miss details on a poor or low-resolution screen. Many tablets boost specs but are not great. That’s why you should also learn about tablets before getting one.

What is the role of the pen in the kid’s learning experience?

Just like the screen of the tablet matters, the pen also matters. A kid needs a pen that he/she can hold and then use it with comfort. That’s why you should always look for tablets that fit the criteria. If a tablet doesn’t meet the requirements, then you should skip it. In short, a good screen and a good pen can go a long way for a great kid’s learning experience while using a tablet.


Finally, aforesaid are the best drawing tablets for kids. After all, technology in today’s age has the potential of turning things pleasant. Since such an invention can bring out the real or hidden skills of your kid and make them more confident, yes, these digital tablets have mesmerizing features and digitally use features to welcome your kid in the drawing arena. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, indeed. So, help your kids enjoy the moment at their raw age as they deserve it. But, it would be best if you were careful that they don’t get addicted to them. Yes, they shouldn’t start to cry the moment you take it away from them even when they have been using it for a long time.

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