How to Add a Signature in Google Docs

how to add a signature in google docs

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an easy way to add digital signatures to your document, contract, or perhaps legal or formal letters. With everything digitized these days, a digital signature will save you from an incredible hassle. Instead of printing … Read more

How to Adjust Streaming Quality on Chromecast?

adjust streaming quality chromecast

Google Chromecast is one of the most popular devices for streaming content. However, with many apps and features, few devices on the market offer the same experience as the Chromecast at the exact cost. Unfortunately, some users may experience lag as their Chromecast streams media. … Read more

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4

how to use laptop as monitor for ps4

So you just brought your PS4 – the console you’ve been dreaming of. Unfortunately, you may have spent your entire budget on the gaming console alone, without a monitor to connect your PS4 with. Luckily, you can still play PS4 games on your laptop. How … Read more

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys

how to clean laptop keyboard without removing keys

The keyboard of your laptop can accumulate food crumbs and debris underneath the keys. If you use your computer frequently, the chances are that you munch on snacks right near the keyboard.  It is not unusual for you to use your laptop’s keyboard with greasy, … Read more

How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station

how to connect 3 monitors to a laptop docking station

Whether you’re thinking of adding multiple external monitors to your laptop or workstation, using a docking station is always a preferred method to do so.  A docking station gives you the simplest and easiest method to connect several external monitors to your laptop.  However, before … Read more

How to Connect Switch to Laptop

how to connect switch to laptop

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a crazy streaming fan, Nintendo Switch will never crush your gameplaying experience. But to play your favorite games or videos consistently on Nintendo, you need to connect Nintendo Switch to your laptop correctly. This article will provide a … Read more

How to Connect to Internet Without Ethernet Port

how to connect to internet without ethernet port

Laptops are getting smaller and sleeker every year to increase portability and usage. Many laptops now don’t come with space-occupying ports and features, such as a CD ROM. This often also includes the ethernet port. Before Wi-fi became common, most people connected to the internet … Read more

How to Create Folders in Gmail App

how to create folders in gmail app

Do you have dozens of unread emails in your Gmail app that you want to de-clutter with just a few clicks? Have you skipped an essential email amidst unimportant emails clutter? Since you are here, it means you are facing the above problems. This article … Read more

How to Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram

how to delete multiple pictures on instagram

Have you ever wondered how to mass delete on Instagram? Do you want to delete multiple Instagram photos in one quick go? Instagram is a hub of a variety of digital media activities. It’s an excellent photo-sharing app that lets you share your day’s details … Read more