How to Restore Kindle Fire from Backup

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet has apps for photos and web browsing. Amazon heads all the services on the device. It allows you to download applications from its app store, download books from Kindle, and also you can buy physical goods from its main website.

The Amazon Fire tablet has several features; among them is the automatic daily backups that can be restored anytime in case you have to reset the tablet to factory defaults or because of any damage to the tablet.

What is the Backup and Restore feature?

Back up and Restore is a feature; when enabled, it saves the system details in encrypted form in the cloud.

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet’s impressive backup feature saves the device’s settings and the Silk browser bookmarks, installed applications, search history, e-mails, Wi-Fi configuration, etc., to the cloud. This will enable you to quickly restore all your data from the backup whenever necessary instead of starting all over again.

Once the backup restore option is enabled, the device will automatically back up daily during standby.

The Fire tablet allows 5GB of free memory space to store your data, so you do not have to look for a different storage plan.

How to enable Backup Restore

  • Step#1– On the home screen, select the Settings option, then tap Device Options.
  • Step#2– Now, tap Backup and Restore
  • Step#3– For the Device Backup option, toggle it to turn it on.

While the backup option is enabled, Amazon saves the data for up to a year unless it is disabled.

How to Backup personal videos and photos

The daily automatically stored data does not backup photos, documents, videos, or multimedia on the Kindle Fire tablet.

You can have your important files and photos saved to the Amazon cloud by following these simple steps.

Step#1– From the home screen, select the Settings option. Then, select the Apps and Games option.

Step#2- Now, select the Amazon Application Settings, then select Photos.

You can select photos, videos, or both, on Amazon Drive.

How to backup, up if you do not have an Amazon Drive subscription

With simple steps, you can access Amazon Drive on your Kindle Fire using your Amazon account:

Step#1– From the main screen, tap Settings.

Step#2– Now, choose My Account and select Register.

Step#3– Now, fill in your Amazon account credentials, then select Continue.

Step#4– Select the Start Here option if you do not have an Amazon account. A set of on-screen instructions will help you complete the setup.

Now, you have the Drive on your Amazon Fire tablet. Let us now back up multimedia.

Step#1– Tap and open Settings and select Apps and Notification option.

Step#2– Now, tap the Amazon App Settings option and select Photos.

Step#3– Select the Auto-Save option. This will automatically store multimedia on your Amazon Drive.

How to change Settings to Factory reset

Sometimes when a device faces issues like screen freeze, boot loop, loss of data, etc., it is best to change the device settings to factory reset. Also, when giving away the device or selling it to someone else, don’t forget to delete your personal Amazon account information.

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are hi-tech devices; however, some glitches and other software issues can be seriously annoying. In such a case, a factory reset seems to be the best option.

A Factory reset will completely wipe off your device memory, such as applications, device settings, photos, books, movies, games, etc.

Hence, Amazon warns its users that they may lose their applications, game progress, and account passwords during the factory reset process.

You will not have to repurchase all these items using the Backup and Restore option. Here’s how to do this:

Step#1– Open Settings from the home screen of your Fire tablet and select Device options.

Step#2– In the device options window, locate and select Restore factory defaults.

Step#3– A pop-up window will ask if you are sure you want to Reset the data loss. If you are confident, select Reset.

If you want to erase the SD card, you can agree to the next prompt.

What is ‘111222777’?

Parents use this 111222777 code in their passcode field for a quick reset.

Kindle Fire tablets allow this code to reset all parental controls on some models. In addition, it can allow the user to perform a complete factory reset using this code. This wipes all the data from your tablet.

Why will my Kindle Fire not turn on with a full battery

Due to some malware or any other disfunction in the system software, your tablet may not turn on even after being ultimately charged. You can access the system software through the Recovery Mode to restart the tablet with the factory reset. Here is how you can do it:

Step#1– Press and hold the power and the Volume down buttons together until the recovery screen appears.

Step#2– Use the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select.

Select Wipe/Factory Reset and press the power button for confirmation.

Step#3– Use the volume button to select Yes- delete all user data and then press the power button again.

Your tablet will take a few minutes and automatically restart with a factory reset.

How to move content from the old Kindle Fire to the new one

With the release of a new Kindle Fire tablet model, you can always look to upgrade and change your existing tablet. But what about all your content? How do you move it to the new fire tablet?

Follow these simple steps to move your content to the new tablet smoothly.

#1- Delete unwanted data

On your existing Fire tablet, delete the data you don’t need to carry to the new Fire device. This includes the book you have read, watched movies, duplicate and similar photos, etc. Deleting unwanted content will ease and quicken the transfer process.

The deleted items will remain in the cloud. You can download them on your new Fire device later if you wish.

Applications linked to your Amazon or cloud account can be deleted too. But, of course, you can always download them on the new device and log in to your account.

To delete, Tap and long-press the app’s icon. Then, select the option Delete from the device in the open pop-up window.

#2- Sync the existing Kindle Fire to cloud

The Kindle fire’s auto-backup feature automatically backs up the bookmarks on its Kindle Reader app and the Audible app. This can be possible when the Wi-Fi connection is on.

As explained above, other applications, such as games and the photo gallery, must be backed up to Amazon Drive separately.

To sync your Amazon Kindle fire, pull down the notification bar and tap the Sync icon.

#3- Back up or transfer files to the PC

The computer backup technique is more secure for large files and other work-related applications. First, connect your Kindle Fire to the PC using a USB cable.

Once connected, open a separate folder for your backup. Copy only those items that you wish to save.

Please note not to cut, copy and paste files. This can result in the loss of data. Instead, always copy or move the folder to the destination folder.

#3- Register the new Fire tablet

Once the new Kindle Fire is ultimately charged, start up the device and register it to your Amazon account.

#4-Re-download key apps

You need to log in through your Google or Facebook account for some applications. To re-download apps, follow these steps.

Step#1– Find and select- The apps and Games option on the new device and click the cloud link to view the apps stored in the cloud.

Step#2– To download them, long-press the app icon that you wish to download and select Download on the pop-up menu.

It is important to let one app completely download before starting the next one.

#5- Re-download books and music from the cloud

Download the Kindle reader or the Amazon music app using the same steps mentioned above. If the apps are already available, link your cloud account to continue with your favorite books, audiobooks, and music.

#6- Restore from the computer

Connect the new device to the PC using a USB cable and re-download the necessary files.

After you have completed re-downloading all your content, detach the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet from the PC and check if you have what you need.


The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is one of the most popular devices with great functions and usability. By following the above helpful methods and tips, you can successfully enable backup and restore your device for any future use.