Use GIMP to Improve Image Quality

gimp improve image quality

Photo editing software has made the job so much easier for businesses, students, and of course, social media enthusiasts. Manipulating images and quality enhancement can change your outlook, so it’s a must-have for everyone. No one likes to share a blurred selfie, after all. However, … Read more

How are Laptop Screens Measured?

how are laptop screens measured

You need to know the laptop screen size, whether you wish to get a laptop case/bag, replace your current screen, and even make a general comparison between two devices. Though it’s relatively simple and only takes a few seconds, many people do not know how … Read more

What to Do with Old Computers that Still Work

what to do with old computers that still work

Sometimes, while working on our high-speed machines, one might realize how technology has rapidly changed over the years. Remember the first time you put your hands on a computer when you were a kid? However, with continuous evolution, your old PC would be nowhere near … Read more

Keyboard for Visually Impaired; What, Why, and How?

Keyboard for Visually Impaired

The digital world has taken off its heels since the last century. Computer skills have become an absolute necessity as work everywhere continues to evolve more and more digitalized. It is hard to name an area that is still independent of the dazzling effects of … Read more

What are the Differences between NVR and DVR in CCTV?


NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are two popular types of video camera surveillance systems used by businesses today. Both have the same function of recording videos. However, they use different technologies to accomplish this purpose. Both have their pros and cons, … Read more