Best Laminator for Teachers 2023

Teachers often have heaps of sheets and paper lying over their desks, homes, and even cars!

A good laminator is a trusted companion of a teacher. You know, you need to find a way to compile those scattered documents that you can never find in time of need. A personal laminator machine is ideal for teachers who want to better organize their documents and papers.

A personal laminator is handy when you want to protect and preserve your papers from any damage. Laminated documents last for years and make your documents so easy to compile. Here you will find a list of the best laminators for teachers and how you can make your job a little easier and sorted!

However, before that, let’s know what type of laminators are available in the market and how you can choose one.

Types of Laminators

Primarily, a laminator is supposed to put a plastic coating on your documents to protect your files from any external damage. In addition, it seals off every corner of the document, so it stays in its place without crimping, and you can keep your laminated documents safe and new for a lifetime.

There are two types of laminators, hot or cold. Both of these laminators serve the same purpose, just differently. Therefore, it is best to know how each works before buying one.

Cold Laminator

A cold laminator is exceptionally convenient; it has a cold plastic coating roll inside, applying pressure onto your files. Moreover, it does not apply any heat to your files and keeps them crinkle-free for a long time.

Cold laminators are also very easy-to-use, you need a steady hand, and the machine does the job for you. In addition, because the cold laminators offer such a thin layer of plastic coating to your files, posters, and documents, the colors remain vibrant.

Heat Laminators

On the contrary, heat laminators use heat to laminate. In addition, heat laminators use temperatures from 180 to 300 degrees to keep your documents looking crisp. The heat fuses the plastic coating on your files for laminating.

Heat laminators are also one of the most commonly used laminators. However, the temperature can get pretty high, so be careful when touching a new laminated document.

One downside of hot laminators could be that they do not work well with inks or prints that melt at high temperatures. However, some thermal laminators have temperature control to command the heat settings.

Finally, let’s get into the compilation of the best laminators for teachers that can elevate your documenting skills in no time!

Top Best Laminator for Teachers

In this list, you will find a laminator-galore. We cover all of our top picks of the best laminators for teachers from hold to cold. In addition, you can find budget-friendly and high-quality laminators, some even include special features, so there is one for every teacher and every document.

Amazonbasics Thermal Laminator

This Amazonbasics 9-inch thermal laminator machine is one of the best laminators for teachers. It is lightweight so that you can keep it in your desk drawer or at a small table.

In addition, it can comfortably laminate 9-inch comprehensive documents with thermal lamination, unlike other laminators.

In addition, it provides sturdy lamination with 3-mil or 5-mil thick laminating pouch. Adding to that, the two heat setting gives you a perfect setting balance for photos, cards, and even thinner papers.

Another perk of this laminator is its jam release lever which clears out any jam with ease. In addition, it only takes four minutes to warm up, and the ready LED indicator light makes it easier for you to know when it’s ready.


  • lightweight
  • heat settings
  • quick warm-up time


  • no paper cutter
  • not best for thick papers

Crenova Thermal Laminator

This is the best portable thermal laminator for teachers, and it is so easy to carry and travel-friendly. So, you easily commute with this laminator from home to school when you need it.

In addition to that, this four-in-one thermal laminator also provides easy lamination for up to 9-inch comprehensive documents.

It is one of the quickest laminators. It heats up at a mind-boggling 250mm/min speed, making laminating documents faster, easier, and more valuable. Moreover, it comes with a corner rounder so you can cut those dangerous edges that poke out of laminated sheets.

The fast ABS levels stop jams immediately, giving you a cleaner cut, so you end up with a perfect laminated sheet every time.


  • Corner rounder
  • ABS jam release lever


  • A bit pricy

Scotch Thermal Laminator

If you are a busy teacher, this laminator is one of the best from the scotch brand laminator series. The scotch thermal laminator has an auto-shutoff feature that works perfectly for teachers who get super caught up and multi-task a lot.

In addition, it comes with two heat settings for five mil and three mils thick lamination. It is best suited for thinner papers, business cards, and photos. Teachers can print documents, research and study material for students, and do a whole lot more.

Moreover, the LED sensor shows you when it is warmed up. The hidden cord gives it a cleaner, sleek look. In addition, the scotch thermal laminator roller system allows you to print anything crease-free.

Finally, the never jam technology makes it functional and quick for laminating sheets in bulk and makes it a fine scotch brand laminator.


  • Auto-shutoff
  • Quick lamination


  • It takes time to heat up
  • Only laminates up to 3mm papers

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125

This is a premium quality laminator, and it is both budget-friendly and portable. In addition, it only weighs 2.65 pounds, so you can carry it along quickly.

It can easily laminate three mil sheets and documents with thermal lamination with a clear durable finish. Usually, suppose you are an elementary school teacher. In that case, you need to write on many documents, and the roller system is dry erase proof, so don’t worry about writing down some notes or dates on these laminating sheets.

It is a compact thermal laminator and comes with 100 lamination pouches, not to mention it is incredibly light on your pockets.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 100 laminating pouches


  • Laminates up to 3mm thick papers

UALAU Laminator

This thermal laminator machine is one of a kind. It is 9 inches wide (entry width) and is perfect for producing sturdy 3 mil and 5 mil pouches.

In addition, it also has a paper trimmer and corner rounder, so say goodbye to sharp and uneven edges. It is a long-lasting laminator and can run for 30-minutes straight, and the ABS button shuts it automatically.

It is ready to use in just 3-5 minute warm-up time and dashes 250mm/min. In addition, the two-roller system allows you to produce crinkle-free sheets at ease. This is one of the best amazon laminators and certainly the best laminators for teachers.


  • Paper trimmer
  • Corner rounder
  • Portable


  • Laminates items up to 9 inches wide

Bonsen Thermal Laminator

Suppose you are looking for a no-noise thermal laminator perfect for classrooms. In that case, this Bonsen thermal laminator machine gives you a whopping 13-inches wide width so that you can laminate documents to posters for just about everything.

It is swift and laminates at about 12 inches per minute speed, which means if you have lots on your hands, this laminator will be your best friend. In addition, it is also suitable for A3, A4, and A6 paper sheets, which are very common in a classroom.

Moreover, the automatic temperature control lets you choose between hot or cold settings and is compatible for 3, 5, and 6 mils.

It will be a great addition to your classroom, and you can use it to laminate documents, photos, flashcards, and other material. Moreover, the ABS anti-jam switch gives you a jam release and laminates comfortably without any hindrance.


  • Two-roller design
  • ABS anti-jam button


  • A3 paper compatible

Swingline Laminator

This sleek Swingline laminator machine gives you a 9-inch wide laminating width and up to 5 mils of thickness. In addition, it is quick to heat and only takes about 4 minutes of warm-up time.

The prompt jam release gives you a clean laminating pouch every time, and it also comes with five laminating pouches. This laminating machine is lightweight and does not require any complex settings to work; the simple hot or cold switch lets you choose between temperatures.


  • 9” wide
  • Supports up to 5mm thickness


  • Fixed AC cord

Merece A4 Laminator

When looking for a reliable laminating machine that also protects all your documents, it can be a little challenging to make the right choice. However, this Merece A4 laminator is one of the best laminators for teachers.

It is among the top-rated laminators and fits A4, A5, and A6 sheets with a 9 inches wide space. In addition, the hot or cold setting is designed to produce the best 3 to 5 mil laminating pouches, and it comes with 30 pieces of laminating pouches.

The two-roller system laminates smoothly and with ease; you can now protect all your documents without any trouble. The compact design and two temperature choices make it the best laminator on this list.


  • Laminates up to A4 sheets
  • Two-roller system


  • No Auto-shutoff

GBC Thermal Laminator Machine

If you are looking for the fastest way to get your sheets laminated, GBC thermal laminator is just perfect for you.

It takes only 1-minute warm-up time, and it is ready to use. In addition, it comes at both 9 inches and 12 inches widths, so you can choose whatever size you prefer. It also covers 19 inches per minute while laminating pouches, which is extremely fast and efficient.

In addition, it comes with 30 laminating pouches and a 3-year warranty which makes it the best teacher laminator. You can laminate legal print documents, flashcards, documents, and all kinds of laminating supplies in this machine. The 9-inch entry width produces premium quality 3 to 5 mil pouches.

The quick jam release technology releases any jam with a touch of a button, so you never get stuck. All these qualities make this laminator the best laminator for teachers.

The temperature variation also makes it easier to use the heat settings. For example, you can easily avoid using hot temperatures on ink and documents prone to melting in high temperatures.


  • Fastest pre-heat system
  • Sleek and portable


  • A bit pricy

Apache AL18P Laminator

This is what you call a professional laminator; the Apache AL18P is the best laminator for a teacher and is best for any workplace.

A little heavy duty but for sure a beast when it comes to the best laminators for teachers, the sleek body is made of steel, and the professional heating system and grade motor takes it up a notch when it comes to a regular laminating machine.

If you are a teacher sharing a workplace, this laminator is useful. It provides a 17.5-inch wide entry width, which is way more than other laminators.

In addition, one of the best features of this laminator machine is the temperature control that lets you control the temperature in this thermal laminator with a simple switch. Moreover, it has four silicone rollers that are perfect for thick and thin papers, and it also comes with 20 packs of 3 to 5 mil laminator pouches.

These features make it a professional laminating machine and the best laminator for teachers.


  • Grade Motor
  • 17.5” wide entry width


  • Heavyweight (steel body)

Fellows Jupiter 2 125 Laminator

It is a sleek-modern laminator with an even unique Auto sense system designed to judge pouch thickness and self-adjust its laminating settings. It does everything for you, and it is incredibly user-friendly.

When you talk about speed, it is one of the fastest laminating machines with a speed of 47 inches per minute, and it will make laminating quick and fun for all teachers. In addition, unlike any other thermal laminator, it can produce up to 10 mil thick lamination pouches both in hot and cold settings.

In addition, it has a unique feature of a six-roller system with Advanced pouch tracking. So, even if you misfeed some papers, it will automatically detect them and reverse them. This is among the best laminators with everything, thus making it the best for teachers.

Now that the list is finally concluded, here you will find some laminating tips before you buy a laminator.


  • Self-adjusting lamination settings
  • 47” per minute, fast and accurate
  • Six roller system


  • costly

Tips to Buy Laminators

Pouch thickness

It is essential to look for a laminator that provides three mils to 5 mil film thickness. You can find Pouch laminators usually in the 3 – 10 mil range. If you do not want thin laminator pouches, always check the specs first.


Cost is always a point to consider when buying the best laminators. Suppose you want it for personal use, then invest in a budget-friendly laminator like the scotch laminator. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty laminator that many people can use, choose Fellowes Jupiter 2 125.

Entry Width

If you are looking for a versatile laminator that can laminate posters, A4 size documents, and small cards and photos, you need to buy a laminator with at least 9 inches wide width. Roller laminators are also great for this purpose, and you will find even more extensive ranges than 9” in many of them.

Lamination speed

Any teacher’s worst nightmare would be a slow laminator that takes ages to laminate. Laminators usually laminate 12 inches per minute, so you would have to be a little patient if you settle for a basic laminator.

However, some heavy-duty laminators also offer 15 inches per minute and 19 inches per minute, so opt for them if you do not want to slow down your classroom.

Some of the other perks you can look for in a laminator are

  • Corner rounder
  • Paper trimmer
  • Temperature settings
  • Quick jam release


So, this completes all the details of the best laminator machines you will find in the market for teachers. From amazon basics to other name tags, there are many good options in this list for you to make your choice.

Being a classroom teacher is a busy yet tiring job, and it is not easy to always be on top of all the schedules and paperwork. So, the best laminators are the ones that do the job perfectly and lessen your workload as a teacher.