Fix: Twitch Not Working on Xbox One!

Gamers around the globe have embraced the idea of being constantly online and playing those multiplayer games on a scale unimaginable just a few years ago. The Xbox One console took huge strides toward becoming a phoenix for that push toward online services. And when we talk about internet services, chat, and streaming, every other gamer installs the Twitch app on their system.

But for some reason, if your Twitch app on the Xbox One Console refuses to run, it can be a headache to identify and resolve. So, after mulling it over, we thought, ‘why not frame a guide for our gaming brethren? We will cover issues ranging from the app to advanced settings on your Xbox and from online safety issues to two-factor authentication. So, how about we get to the main topic without further ado? Here goes:

Twitch app Can’t Broadcast Gameplay?

If you are not one of those users who is a content consumer rather than a creator, you probably will not care about broadcasting or streaming your gameplay sessions. But Twitch is all about collaborative users who consume and even contribute to the content on the platform.

A few of the issues that might be causing the issue, along with their possible resolution, are listed below:

Disabled Broadcasting option

To begin Broadcasting, you first need to enable the related option in the Settings menu. To ensure so:

  • Go to Profile > Privacy Settings
  • Select Custom
  • Enable Broadcast Gameplay

Child Profiles Signed in?

After a long hard day, we all love to get to our games as fast as possible. Xbox Live automatically connects to the Internet connection when you fire up your console, your shiny new HDR game title is just a few button clicks away, and load-ups are also relatively quick on the Xbox One. So, you launch your game, start your stream and, err… the broadcast does not work!

By default, the broadcast is disabled on all minor or child accounts. Keeping this tiny thing in mind every time you start up your Xbox One console, ensure that you are on an adult account with the appropriate rights to broadcast gameplay and have your permission set. Towards this, also ensure that you check your adult privacy settings.

Are You Banned?

Twitch can sometimes be tricky when censoring content and even tracking content reputations. Even some of the biggest content creators in the world have faced issues around their existing Twitch accounts, which have caused restrictions for those affected users. So beware, and maintain a good standing on your Xbox Live account to avoid Twitch errors. Check your account page for any notifications in case banning might be causing issues with your access. After all, how difficult could it be to maintain a good Xbox Live reputation?

General Troubleshooting: Xbox Connection

Twitch is the biggest game streaming platform but it can also come with errors and bugs.

But before you fix Twitch, first and foremost, you must ensure that the Xbox connection exists in the best state. Specific standard troubleshooting and following good practices can help restore your network connection to work in the best of health.

Ensure Optimal Network Settings and…

  1. Ensure You are Wired or on a 5 GHz WiFi

A wired connection has the lowest latency and supports the maximum available bandwidth. 5 GHz or the latest 6GHz wireless connection offers the closest Wired experience and ensures hiccup-free functionality.

  1. Check Xbox One Console Network Settings

To check the status of your Xbox console connection, go to the Xbox app menu by hitting the main Xbox button on your controller. Then go to the primary user tab and then Settings. Here, find the Network Settings and check the status of your connection.

Reinstall the Twitch App

Sometimes, if everything else seems too complicated or challenging to fix, Uninstall and do a fresh reinstall to resolve it.

To reinstall the twitch app, uninstall it by navigating to the App or Game list, finding the Twitch app logo, clicking the hamburger menu on your controller, selecting manage the app, and then selecting uninstall.

Afterward, open the Microsoft Store, search for Twitch, and reinstall the app. This will give you the vanilla Twitch app and ensure that all app-related data is reset and fixed for good.

Reset Your Twitch Stream Key

Your Twitch Stream key is the unique server identifier for you, the user. The Stream keys ensure a secured connection to the servers. Sometimes, if you reset your stream key, it can resolve glitches in your connection. To reset your stream key:

  • Go to your Twitch app dashboard.
  • Open Stream after clicking on Settings.
  • Associated with the Primary Stream Key, click on the Reset button.

This should reset the stream key and hopefully give you a hiccup-free Twitch experience.

Fix Error Code 2FF31423

Sometimes, if the Twitch app data is corrupted on your Xbox One, it could cause the error code 2FF31423. Some of the reasons you might be getting this error code:

  • Corrupted Twitch app data
  • Disabled Two-factor authentication
  • Disallowed Gameplay streaming in Settings

You can either check to ensure the Settings are alright or reinstall the app, as explained earlier.

Clear and Use an Alternate MAC address

Tricky problems require a Plan B, a Plan C, and whatnot! For example, for a solution, a flawless Twitch broadcast might be a simple MAC address reset for your Xbox One console.

MAC Address Reset on Xbox One

  • Open the Xbox One Guide Menu by hitting the Xbox button.
  • Go to Settings via the gear icon.
  • Go to Advanced Network Settings.
  • Select the Alternate MAC address option and click Clear.
  • Restart your Xbox One to apply the MAC reset.

Try to broadcast gameplay again and see if the problem is fixed.

Hard Reset your Xbox One Console

If none of the above solutions worked, the final one overcompensates for any error: hard reset of your Xbox console. A hard reset will reset everything and leave your Xbox in factory settings. You will need to reinstall all your Games and Apps, but your Twitch Stream should be working now. Right? Right??

In the end.

I hope the above solutions can help you with the Twitch app not working on your Xbox One console.

Even if a reinstall of the Twitch app wasn’t successful in helping you out of your misery, the misery of hard resetting your Xbox One console awaits. But remember to opt for a hard reset only as a last resort.

We do not promote a hard reset, as your Xbox Console will be as good as a new device, and you will lose all your game content stored on the device. And there’s no doubt that you will need to download all the games again on the console, which would be sad for a gamer.

If your issue persists after trying the above solutions, you might need to contact the Twitch support team or the Microsoft Xbox One support team.

If any of these solutions could help you, go ahead and let us know in the comments section which one worked for you so that other gamers can use your experience.