What Is The Best Format Factory Alternative?

Since FormatFactory is a window-friendly software, this article talks about the best FormatFactory alternatives that work on both; Windows and Mac.

With the ease that comes with cell phones, people have disconnected themselves from other large-screen devices. They prefer having it all on their phone, especially their favorite files that may include songs, pictures, videos, or movies. But how can these files be converted to different formats easily?  

What’s better than a free all-in-one software with a clean user interface to convert all your videos, audios, pictures, and other multimedia? Not only that but something that works on both Windows and Mac? 

Keep reading to get a better insight about the best Format Factory alternative.

What Is FormatFactory?

FormatFactory is a freeware, ad-supported computer software program that converts all sorts of multimedia to be played on other devices; audios, videos, images. It can rip CDs and DVDs in different formats along with creating .iso images.

Moreover, it can help combine different video files into one single file. FormatFactory can be used on PSP, iPhone, and Android devices.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider FormatFactory:

Free of Cost

You can download FormatFactory directly from the website for free. However, the advanced version can be purchased from the website.

Less Time Consuming

FormatFactory does not take a lot of time because of its advanced features. It supports all kinds of conversions, from audio to videos to pictures.

Supports Ripping

FormatFactory can also help in ripping DVDs and CDs along with converting them into video files.

Enables Editing

With FormatFactory, you can also edit your files. For instance, rotating or cropping the pictures, placing watermarks, merging, or splitting the files.

Does FormatFactory Always Work?

Well, with pros come cons too. Here is a list of reasons why one might consider choosing the best Format Factory alternative:

No Pausing Or Resuming

Once the file is converted, you can not go back. The original version is lost, and the process cannot be paused or resumed.

Windows Only

Format Factory is a Windows-only app and does not work well on Windows 8.1. So let’s have a look at the alternative to Format Factory. Moreover, Mac users can not use FormatFactory.

Unable To Support

In some cases, FormatFactory fails to support a file or cannot convert the file into the desired format. Moreover, FormatFactory does not support, edit, or convert some of the YouTube files into the given format.

One At A Time

FormatFactory does not support too many files at one time stored in the media directory of the device.

Excess To Information

FormatFactory does not show all the information of conversion files. It only displays the current information of the files.

Top Three Format Factory Alternatives

For the users who face the cons mentioned above, here is a list of the top three best Format Factory alternatives:

  • Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is the best converter alternative to Format Factory. It is free of cost.

It can convert any video and audio file from an existing format to several different formats. Most importantly, it is both; Windows and Mac friendly.

  • Handbrake

Handbrake is one of the best converter alternatives of Format Factory. It is free of cost. Handbrake can convert your videos into all formats that are modern and widely supported. 

Moreover, with Handbrake, you can convert your videos from different multimedia formats into DVD and Blu-ray sources along with resizing and cropping your videos. However, it does not enable editing and compiling of other videos into one.

  • Super

Super is one of the best converter alternatives of Format Factory. It is free of cost. Its advanced features are what make it one of the best converters. 

Super can convert your audio and videos from any existing format into several formats.

It also performs the duty of an encoder and decoder. It can perform all the functions of a FormatFactory converter.

Which Is The Best Format Factory Alternative?

Any Video Converter

Any is the best and easy-to-use Format Factory alternative. It is free of cost tool that works for both; windows and mac users. Usually, people go to experts for their data conversions, but Any offers the same quality services to its customers that are too free of cost. 

Any Video Converter can also help in editing audio, videos, images, or recording. This means that you can add watermarks, compile different videos into one, add video tags, or crop / rotate your files.

The software also enables its user to explore over 160 file formats, i.e., it can accept files or data in about 100 formats and give results in about 160 formats. 

Moreover, with Any Video Converter, you can also convert any downloaded file from the internet (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, or Instagram).

Any Video Converter prioritizes quality. It does not damage any of your files. Your videos or audios will not lose their quality. Hence making Any Video Converter the top Format Factory alternative.

Download link: https://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/


Format Factory is a free, ad-supported converter, but it does not work on Mac. It is the only Windows support software that is not compatible with Windows 8.1. The next three best alternatives for this problem are super, handbrake, and Any Video Converter.

However, Any Video Converter tops the list due to its advancements and features. It offers about 160 file formats and can do the job of a converter, an editor, and a compiler without compromising the files’ quality.