Best Apps to See Who Stalks Your Instagram

Although it started as a typical social media app with basic features, the Instagram app has dramatically evolved over the years. Today, it has become a hub for anyone who wants to share their life online, market their products, or even start a new business.

However, when it comes to tracking the external activity on your Instagram account, the app offers nothing more than basic info.

Have you wondered who stalks my Instagram app profile? Or are you a business owner who wants to see who views your Instagram profile to plan your marketing strategy? In such situations, getting the correct information through the app can get quite tricky.

Luckily, many Instagram app trackers can check who viewed your profile and see who followed or unfollowed you or views your Instagram stories.

If you’re excited to get this information, read through this article for the ultimate list of apps that help see who viewed your Instagram app profile.

Why Doesn’t The Instagram App Let Me See Who Viewed My Profile?

Before we get to the list of apps to check who viewed your Instagram profile, you’ll need to know why these apps are essential. Let’s face it, the sole reason for becoming active on a social media platform is to gain exposure among your preferred audience.

That’s why, at some phase of your Instagram app operation, you must’ve wondered who stalks my Instagram profile? Unfortunately, you won’t get this information from the Instagram app itself.

You see, one of the main aspects Instagram takes pride in is respecting user privacy. That’s why, although you can check how many people viewed your Instagram profile, liked your posts, or saw your stories, you won’t be able to see specific names.

Why? Simply because while the Instagram app will give you all the metrics about your account, it won’t spill the beans on the audience who views your Instagram profile.

This means if you want the juicy scoop on who’s your secret admirer or who regularly views your stories, you’ll need to go for popular Instagram stalker apps. That’s why it is crucial to select the right option from this list of apps to check your Instagram stalkers and followers for free.

Here’s a list of the most popular apps where you can check who stalks my Instagram profile without compromising your sensitive information.

Best Stalker Apps For Instagram Account

If you search for Instagram stalker apps online, you will get a long list of potential options to go for. But remember, not all of these options are legit and safe to use, making a choice quite confusing for beginners.

If you want to download apps to check who viewed your Instagram profile, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve handpicked the apps that offer the best tracking services with impeccable security and customer support at an affordable price range. This way, you can choose the app you like from the list without being concerned about falling into a scam.

Follower Insight for Instagram App

If you’re constantly wondering who viewed my Instagram profile, then Follower Insight for Instagram is one of the best Instagram stalker apps for you. It is entirely free to download and provides timely notifications whenever someone reaches your profile or watches your stories and posts.

Another appealing aspect of Follower Insight on Instagram is its daily engagement reports. For example, if you’re running your own business and want to check who viewed your recent ad, you can do so by referring to this report.

The report includes details about everyone who viewed your profile, posts, videos, and stories. Besides that, it also gives you an insight into your current followers and their activities.

Similarly, the app will notify you whenever you have a new follower or if someone unfollowed you. The best part is, the app does not suck up any extra battery power from your phone and does not use your information for online malpractice.

Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can use  Follower Analyzer for Instagram. It is one of the best and most accessible apps to check who views your Instagram profile.

You can start by downloading the app for free from Google PlayStore or Apple Store and investigating your Instagram app followers and views. Apart from sending regular notifications about your followers’ activities on your profile, the app also analyzes the overall engagement of your audience.

This way, you can check who viewed it or showed interested in your content for every post or story you put up on your Instagram profile. As a content creator or business marketer, this can help you formulate a profitable strategy to attract the right audience to your page.

Similarly, if you’re uncomfortable with someone constantly stalking your Instagram profile, you can block them from your account and get the peace of mind your need.

Profile Plus App for Instagram Account

If you’re constantly wondering who viewed my Instagram profile and showed interest in my photos and videos, Profile Plus is the ideal app for you. Apart from Instagram, Profile Plus is compatible with a wide range of social media platforms so that you can get insights on multiple accounts through one portal.

While Profile Plus offers follower tracking and stalker reviews like other tracking apps, it has some additional features. For example, you can check who has blocked you on Instagram or does not follow you back.

Another exciting feature of Profile Plus is that it lets you pin your target followers. This way, you will get complete activity reports about these followers regarding your profile so you can target specialized engagement for them.

Furthermore, Profile Plus does a great job of analyzing your Instagram profile. All you have to do is click on the research button and get a detailed report about the total user engagement, views, followers list, and other important information about your account. Moreover, the report is easy to read and productive for everyone, from business owners to mini influencers.

Visitors Pro App for Instagram

Visitors Pro is one of the best Instagram profile tracking apps for iOS users. You can download the app from the Apple Store for free and get the answers you need about your Instagram account views and followers.

Once you download the app and enter the necessary information, it syncs to your Instagram account and collects the information it needs to produce engagement reports. However, Visitors Pro does not save or analyze any sensitive data from your account, such as direct messages or blocked contacts.

What we love about Visitor’s Pro is its quick follower calculations. All you have to do is click on the trigger and let the app generate a detailed estimate for you.

This includes all the information about who viewed your profile, photos, stories, and videos, along with the time and date. You can easily use this information to pinpoint a stalker among your followers or find out who is interested in your profile.

Instagram Follower Analysis App

For those who are always concerned about who viewed my Instagram profile, Instagram Follower Analysis is one of the most popular apps to use. As soon as you download the app on your phone, you can connect it to your Instagram account and get the information you need.

Whether you want to get details about the activities of particular followers on your profile or find out who spends the most time on your page, Instagram Follower Analysis lets you in on all the hidden data.

The best part about this app is its automatic notification system. If you leave the app running in the background on your smartphone, it will alert you whenever someone views your posts, stories, or visits your profile.

Besides that, the app does not save any of your information or use it for online malpractice in any way. Also, it is entirely free to use, so you can get started without worrying about subscription charges.

The only downside is that the app is not available for Andriod users currently.

Social View App for Instagram Account

Social View App is an efficient application to get all your Instagram account metrics for free. Not only can you use it to see who views your profile, but you can also track the activities of your followers, check your unfollowers, and get reports on total user engagement.

You can start by downloading the app on your smartphone from the Apple Store and let it run silently in the background. There are no subscription charges or hidden charges for using the app, so you can get the information you need without paying a dime.

Moreover, the Social View App has an expertly formulated privacy policy. This means the app won’t bother you with unnecessary ads by viewing your activity or save your information against your consent.

Apart from generating regular follower reports, you can complete statements about specific followers to know who stalks you on Instagram.

SocialPlus App for Instagram Account

Have you ever wondered who views my Instagram stories and posts apart from my friends and family? Yes, having a stranger view all your photos and videos can feel quite creepy. However, you can use the Social Plus app to check who views my Instagram regularly.

As soon as you download your smartphone app and connect it to your Instagram account, it will produce a comprehensive follower analysis. You can skim through this report to see who views your stories and posts often.

Apart from that, the report also includes information about who follows or unfollows you or watches your stories and videos on repeat. You can use this information to discover a creepy stalker or see if your posts attracted new followers.

An appealing aspect of SocialPlus is that it is entirely bug-free and safe to use. This means you won’t be compromising your sensitive information to quench your curiosity. Similarly, SocialPlus offers a clean and user-friendly interface so you can find your way around in no time.

InReports Analyzer for Instagram Follower

InReports is the most popular analyzer for the Instagram follower, posts, and stories. Currently, this app has hundreds of users who use it to track Instagram stalkers. If you’re concerned about who views my Instagram, you can download this app on your iOS or Android smartphone and start investigating.

The app has an engaging interface and a clear information presentation. This way, you can track the data you need about your Instagram profile without any hassle.

You will see the basic information about your Instagram account on the first page, including the number of followers, posts, likes, and comments. However, once you get to the second page, you will see all the hidden metrics about your Instagram account, which the social media app does not reveal.

Besides checking who viewed my Instagram account, you can see who follows or unfollows you or regularly watches your videos and posts. Similarly, other pages on this tracking app arrange your followers according to their likes and story views.

Also, the app will show you the ghost followers who rarely view your profile. This way, if you’re a business owner, you can look for ways to engage these followers and attract them to your page.


That concludes our list of the best Instagram stalker apps for those wondering who views my Instagram. All of the options listed above differ in their features, data arrangement, and user interface.

However, each of these options has a few aspects in common. First of all, they are free to use and require no subscription or hidden charges once you become a member. Secondly, they are highly secure and do not save or use your information in any way.

Finally, each of these apps works excellent if you are concerned about who views my Instagram profile regularly. According to your preferences, you can choose the ideal Instagram follower tracker from the list and increase your online presence in no time.