Omg! The Best Things To Do With Alexa Ever!

You definitely heard the name “Alexa.” You know the name you consider whenever you want to converse with Amazon’s virtual assistant? The Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including the Amazon Echo – a smart speaker formed by Amazon – is definitely a great potential source of digital evidence due to their pervasive use and their constant way of doing things, representing a black box of human existence and life.

In fact, Amazon Echo plays a central role for Alexa, which is a cloud-based intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) designed by Amazon Lab126. It is a gateway to all voice controls submitted to Alexa.

This Amazon’s assistant is a woman’s voice that speaks to you in a communicative way, available to help you with your everyday tasks. Amazon Alexa app has been incorporated into several products or services and is even reaching third-party apps, such as GE lamps and the Sonos One speaker.

While “Alexa” is becoming synonymous with products like Echo Show, you can’t easily get out and buy “Alexa.” Even though you can buy an iPhone with “Siri” on it, but you can’t even buy a “Siri” on it. You need to have a device that also has a built-in voice assistant.

Don’t get so serious, because we’re taking you up-close and personal with this “Wonder Voice”. We took a deep dive into the sea we call, ‘Alexa skill’ and found some amazing skills for Alexa that you can try. You can ask Alexa about different things, but if you like to “Go Crazy with the Lady”, here are some funny things to ask Alexa.

How do you get Alexa to swear?

When you saw the Alexa answer like a human, it felt strange, was it? From playing our favorite songs to booking a taxi, Alexa’s ‘ superwoman ‘ can do almost anything if asked. Since this is a fairly new concept, it never ceases to astound us. And making Alexa swear is probably one of the hardest things on the planet.

But did you know this weirdest thing that Alexa can swear? This bizarre Alexa command is going to shivers down your spine. Alexa has multi-stage filters-the the last one is on the output, and it’s going to bleep a word out. She can say swear words as long as she doesn’t realize these shouldn’t be spoken. Stating something like “Alexa, John says far queue” will kind of make her swear (though it’s not that good).

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Alexa told the guy that he was “s**thead” when he asked it to play some music tracks for him. This guy Michael Slade, 29, was disappointed to hear his Amazon Echo Dot considered rude and harsh, exactly the day after he cancelled his Prime membership.

You can keep yourself accountable for getting a filthy mouth with a swear jar (handy apps for Alexa). After referencing a swear jar, start adding a swear by saying, “Add a swear.” Bring too many swears, not a big issue, just say, “Deduct a swear.”.

What games can you play with Alexa?

The next time you’re frustrated and need some stress relief and mental stimulation; take a glance at your Amazon Alexa for some fun and entertainment. There are many games you can enjoy on Alexa that you’re starting to wonder how people even own different gaming systems. From brain-melting questions to immersive narrative games, Alexa’s probably got a long list of things you can ask her then you can ever imagine.

Remember: Alexa’s not just about doing serious and official things – like scheduling, operating your home automation, and providing reminders. It’s third-party skills make it a party life with card tricks, Easter eggs, and lame puns. It could enable you to play music and games. Yeah, your Amazon device has a boatload of Alexa games — all from Tic Tac Toe to Beat the Dealer — which have the capability to occupy you for several hours.

Also, do you know there are lots of immersive storytelling games, as well as lots of child-friendly options too? Ward off exhaustion and boredom by challenging your relatives to these groundbreaking and often funny Alexa games.

The Magic Door

You probably know this one, don’t you? An immersive adventure game, The Magic Door, will allow you to explore the gloomy forest areas and remote islands in no time. It’s like a new version of the story of your own journey.


You can hear the song tunes in your mind. Refresh your memory of new pub quiz hints each day by playing Jeopardy! And you can play the very same categories which emerged in the most recent episode.

Hide And Seek

Open the ability of Hiding and Seek, then try hiding somewhere within the room, while Alexa tends to make three predictions about where you’re hiding. Yeah, tech is mature and smart enough to take part in classic children’s games right now.

Official Harry Potter Quiz

Don’t let all of your experience about Hogwarts go to waste. Play the Harry Potter Questionnaire with audiobook-based questions and answers.

Song Quiz

It’s another very famous skill. Song Quiz urges you to think about the title and musician of songs from the 1960s to today. So how well do you remember some of the Top 40 tracks?


Bingo is a masterpiece of timelessness. To perform with your Alexa speaker, say, “Alexa, active Bingo.” Each number called by Alexa will be replicated and visible within the Alexa app. To move towards the next number, say “Next” or “Call the next number.” And if someone ends up winning, say “Bingo!” and the game will be over.

Tic Tac Toe

If the normal game of Tic Tac Toe against a PC is far too simple for you, try playing the game with Alexa. If you still don’t draw the board yourself, you need to think of the game in your mind.

Say “Alexa, ask Tic Tac Toe for a game” to start the game or you can also say that “Alexa, ask Tic Tac Toe to start a new game with the center.” Alexa’s going to talk about Alexa’s step, and you’re going to have to talk about your next move. Say, for instance, “Upper left” or “middle.”

The Wayne Investigation

Another pick a your-own-adventure game for Alexa is known as The Wayne Investigation. In this game currently, the objective is to explore the demise of Bruce Wayne’s folks, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Each of your choices influences your capacity to tackle the riddle and solve the mystery. The Wayne Investigation likewise contains some content that may not be appropriate for all ages.

What does Alexa do for free?

Now, here’s something we want you to know. Spotify Free users can access to listen to their favourite music on so many smart speakers, such as Amazon, Sonos, and Bose. That’s absolutely correct — free users in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. will be allowed, for the very first time, to ask Alexa to perform Current top Hits, their Discover Weekly, or a customized playlist on their Amazon Echo or Fire TV.

If you subscribed for a Frontier High-Speed Internet package that includes a free Amazon Echo Dot, congrats! This tiny, hands-free, speech-controlled device has thousands of capabilities and characteristics. Only say “Alexa open” and your Echo Dot will:

  • Play music
  • Regulate Home automation Devices
  • Make Call
  • Handle TV
  • Submit and Receive Texts and much more.

What are the best Alexa skills?

Unlock the capability of your Amazon Echo, Echo Plus with this rundown of top Alexa Skills and commands. The best Alexa abilities assist you with benefiting from Amazon’s own assistant, which is incorporated with Amazon Echo smart speakers just as a large group of other brilliant and smart home devices. Unlock the capability of your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Plus with this rundown of top Alexa Skills and commands. The best Alexa abilities assist you with benefiting from Amazon’s own assistant, which is incorporated with Echo smart speakers just as a large group of other brilliant and smart home devices.

While Amazon has constructed great features into Alexa, the genuine key to making it really personal is through Alexa’s skills. Right now, there are more than 100,000 Alexa skills accessible, which let you do everything from control smart home gadgets, request pizza, play question and answer contests, tune in to the news and climate and even start your vehicle. After searching through thousands of skills, here is the rundown of some of the best Alexa capabilities that will assist you to get the most from Amazon’s assistant.

  • Channel your inner Yoda
  • Play PAC-MAN Stories
  • Dictate an SMS message with your voice
  • Fuel Finder
  • Storytelling
  • Get a weather report
  • Talk to Alexa in different languages
  • Make a donation
  • Get recipe ideas
  • Call another Alexa-enabled device


So, you’ve probably learned a few things about Alexa you didn’t know before. Whether it is about playing music, scheduling, booking, setting reminders or doing the funny stuff we mentioned above, there’s one thing no one can deny – A.I. is the modern world of technology.

First, we saw it in the form of personal assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, and then we saw it in smart devices and smart speakers like Echo and Google Home. What will be next? We can only assume that. Alexa isn’t the only way to wake up words, though. Those who have family and friends with that name, or would prefer to use a different voice command; the Alexa App offers other alternatives, such as “Computer,” “Echo” or “Amazon.”

The new Amazon Echo Dot provides significantly improved sound, making it even easier for Alexa’s entry-level speaker. The third-generation Echo Dot looks good and sounds wonderful. With dramatically improved audio, it’s now a much easier smart speaker than the Google Home Mini, and it can substitute a larger Echo for less choosy people.

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