How to Change Alexa’s Voice on Echo Device

With Alexa, Amazon made a breakthrough in voice technology and made it affordable enough to enter houses worldwide. The Alexa app is a built-in feature for various Amazon speakers and displays and third-party devices. So now that you are here, you must know that you can change Alexa’s voice, but do you know exactly how to do it?

In this article, we talk about all you need to know about changing the voice of Alexa in simple steps.

But before we dive into that, let us quickly scroll through the basics.

What is the Alexa app?

Amazon Alexa, or just Alexa, is a virtual assistant that receives and interprets voice commands and provides answers to its user.

It is straightforward to use and operate and is widely used in almost every household worldwide. Amazon released Alexa in 2013 through Amazon Echo smart speaker and Echo Dot. Now Alexa is compatible with smartphones and other devices.

Who is the voice behind Alexa?

It is fantastic to know that the voice behind Alexa is not that of a human; it is artificially designed through the Natural Language process. Once a command is given to an Alexa device, your command is recorded and sent to the Alexa Voice Service (AVS), where the command is analyzed, and an appropriate response is sent back to your device in a manner of response. All of this is done within milliseconds.

What can Alexa do?

Alexa’s virtual service is an example of artificial intelligence (AI). It can perform an array of functions like making phone calls, playing music on demand, setting alarms, hands-free google searches, answering questions with opinions and advice, relaying weather reports, the latest tech news, and sports scores, as well as helping control smart home and other smart devices through smartphones and smart speakers.

If you are bored with Alexa’s voice and want to change the voice modulation, it is possible through the Alexa app or an Echo device. Here, you can change Alexa’s voice, accent, and even language altogether. In addition, Amazon Alexa skills can help you make Alexa whisper or use Alexa celebrity voices.

How to change Alexa’s voice?

You can change Alexa’s voice or English accent in different ways. Below we discuss all the possible methods and techniques along with the simple steps required to do so.

Change your Virtual Assistant’s Gender

You can change Alexa’s tone between a male or female through the app. Here are the steps to do so:

Step#1– Select an Echo device on your app and select Settings.

Step#2- Now, go to device settings and tap on Alexa’s voice.

Step#3- Choose the original female voice or the new male version.

How to change Alexa’s voice with Voice Commands

You can change the voice on one device at once, irrespective of how many Echo devices or smart speakers you use.

To change Alexa’s voice through oral command, use an Alexa device and follow these steps.

Step#1– Speak the command ‘Alexa, change your voice’ on Echo devices.

Step#2– If you have multiple devices you will be prompted to select one device for which you wish to change Alexa voice.

Step#3- Alexa will change it and speak in a new voice, asking if you like it.

Step#4– If you like it, say ‘Yes‘.

How to change Alexa’s accent or language on the Alexa app

English might not be the primary language in many countries. Alexa’s language and accent availability may differ from country to country. Some features might not be available in the specific terminology that you choose.

Follow these steps to change the language or accent for Alexa.

Step#1– Use your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android device to access the Alexa app.

Open the Alexa app, then select the More option at the bottom of the screen.

Step#2– From the list, select the Settings option.

Step#3– In the Settings menu, select Device Settings and select your Alexa device.

Step#4– Locate Languages, select the desired language, and add an accent of your choice from the list.

Several English accents are available to choose from, like Indian, Canadian, UK, and Australian. You can either change Alexa’s language or accent at a time.

Step#5– Once you select language or accent, select OK. Follow the on-screen instructions, or pop up’s if any. Once done, select the OK option. Your Alexa will speak in the language or accent you selected in a few minutes.

How to change Alexa’s voice to Samuel L Jackson’s voice

Alexa also has a feature where celebrity voices can replace Alexa’s. For example, You can change Alexa’s voice to Samuel L Jackson.

Command your echo speaker and say, ‘Alexa introduce me to Samuel L Jackson’. Alexa will confirm if you want to purchase the new skill from Amazon. This can be done through your Amazon account.

After waiting, speak ‘Hey, Samuel’ as your new wake word. It should be noted that the wake word ‘Hey, Samuel’ cannot be used for first-generation Echo speakers. You also cannot use a celebrity voice while shopping, for remainders, etc.

Other celebrity voice options are available, such as Melissa McCarthy, Gordon Ramsey, Morgan Freeman, etc.

To get a celebrity’s voice on Alexa, make sure you have the Alexa app downloaded on your handy device and paired with your Echo device.

You can get Alexa to speak in the celebrity voice of Samuel L Jackson by following these steps.

Step#1– Open the Alexa app. Go to the bottom of the screen and select More.

Step#2– From the list of options, select Skills and Games.

Step#3– Select the search icon and type the celebrity name in the text box, for example, Samuel L Jackson.

Step#4– Finally, select the Enable option.

Now, you will hear Alexa in Samuel L Jackson’s voice, with ‘Hey, Samuel’ as the new wake word for your Amazon Echo devices.

How to make Alexa whisper

It is better to put your devices on silent when someone is asleep, especially a baby. If you did not know, you could have Alexa whisper her responses. This can be made possible by commanding Alexa through the smart speakers or the app and receiving responses in hush whispers.

How to activate whisper mode in Alexa

Step#1– By oral command, you can say,’ Alexa, enable whisper mode,’ and the whisper mode will be activated in a few seconds. Or,

Step#2– Open the Alexa app on your device and select More from the bottom of the screen,

Step#3– From the list, tap Settings.

Step#4– Tap Voice Responses.

Step#5– Now, click on the toggle button beside the Whisper mode to make it work.

You can slide the toggle back off to your default settings.

Can Alexa speak slower?

This feature can only be activated through voice commands on smartphones and Echo devices.

For Alexa to speak in a slow voice, give the command: ‘Alexa, talk slower.’

Similarly, to make Alexa talk faster, give a command: ‘Alexa, talk faster’.

‘Alexa go back to your default voice‘. This is the voice command to get Alexa to return to its default speech speed.


Amazon is constantly twerking Alexa’s features, like Alexa’s voice and other skills. However, many fun and exciting ways to use and interact with Alexa exist.

Its fun voice responses and promptness in answering questions keep kids hooked to the device. Adults and kids enjoy Alexa equally to hear nursery rhymes and learn languages. A world of knowledge is out there waiting to be harnessed through Amazon’s Alexa, all in different voices.