Tech Week: Overview & Benefits

Tech Weeks are the annual events that bring the brightest and the most passionate individuals in the technology sector and is helping make the countries the next global technological hub. It provides a platform for startups, as well as established tech companies, to showcase their latest projects. 

Tech Week aims to shine the light on the incredible talent that exists in the country and bring it in the global spotlight. It can help ideas turn into reality by helping ventures find the funding they need. It’s also an opportunity for the end consumers to get their hands on the latest gadgets and apps, designed by local talent. 

Here’s how Tech Week are helping the technology sector:

  • Help emerging startups get recognition and attract funding to turn their ideas and prototypes into fully functioning products. 
  • Start the conversation about the problems facing the many societies and how technology can solve them, making life better for the average person. 
  • Create new outlooks for consumers about technology, in general, and the innovative solutions for everyday problems.
  • Help startups get press and social media exposure.
  • Give visitors the chance to try out exclusive gadgets, mobile apps, and games, designed and created by hardworking entrepreneurs. 
  • Help the market get to the global stage. 

How Does The Tech Week Event Look Like?

The Best of CES 2020

Women in Tech Week

Women are driving exponential growth in the tech industry on the continent. It’s a platform for such charismatic women to showcase their ideas and projects, and collaborate with other women like them. 

Tech Week events enriches female entrepreneurship, helping them get exposure. It connects creators with buyers, resulting in an ecosystem that drives growth. It’s high time the world saw what women are capable of in technological fields. 

With Women in Tech Week, women can impact the local industry, as well as the global market. 

  • First and largest tech festival for women
  • Exposing tech brands to leaders and experts
  • Helping uplift women in the region
  • Launch new gadgets, apps, and games
  • Connect with new opportunities within the tech industry and beyond
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals to solve the problems faced by Asian & African countries
  • Develop leadership skills

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