Merkury Wifi Camera Setup – Step by Step

Merkury Smart wifi camera is a good security camera with minimal features. However, it is an essential part of a decent smart home system as it has advanced built-in motion detection, built-in mic, night vision, and other important features.

This smart device connects to your home wi-fi network and uses the Geeni app. In addition, this smart alert device comes with facial recognition, providing your home with enhanced security and more control.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Merkury smart camera setup and its installation. 

Merkury Smart Camera – What is It?

The Merkury smart camera is the best solution for your home security needs. This smart camera comes with a USB cable, power adapter, user manual, and an included adhesive pad. 

The Merkury Smart camera app also has a GPS phone finder and a 2-way radio. You can also use it with a security camera, especially for your home. The 8x digital zoom lets you see everything in detail, even if you operate the app on a smaller screen. With a 0.2s shutter speed, the camera quickly captures every detail.

Moreover, the 1080p HD recording lets you store clear video footage. You can also connect your smart camera with voice assistants, including Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

Some features include night vision, motion detection, audio recording, cloud storage backup, and video recording, which are sufficient for most people.

Let us look into the details of the Merkury Smart Camera.

Average Video Quality

The Merkury Camera costs around $40. This smart camera offers an average video quality of 1080p resolution at this price, which provides super sharp clarity to the user.

In addition, this resolution is suitable for a 115º field view. This viewing angle provides the whole perspective of the room if you want to set up the camera directly in a corner.

It also features night vision with exceptional video quality, nearly resembling daytime video clarity. 

Excellent Device Compatibility

Merkury Innovations LLC has made advanced smart home options, including an excellent device lineup. The lineup comprises smart lighting, video doorbells, smart plus, entry sensors, and security cameras.

In addition, these products can connect through your home wi-fi to boost the smart home ecosystem. You can manage all your HD cameras through your mobile device.

Every device, such as the Merkury smart camera, works well with voice assistants. Thus, the devices have excellent compatibility.

Recording Storage

The mercury wi-fi camera does not have cloud storage. Thus, users must take a screenshot or download numerous short videos from the live video feed. 

For other storage needs, you’d require a micro SD card. However, the camera supports memory cards up to 128 GB.

This storage space lasts for months before it has to overwrite older footage. In addition, the smart camera uses about 1GB of storage per day. Therefore, buying a micro sd card is also sufficient for video storage.

Better Accessibility 

You can see your friends and family anytime, as the smart camera app lets you share the camera with other family members and friends.

Even if you’re far from home, you must click on the app to view your home on your smartphone’s screen.

Merkury Camera Installation

Like most home security cameras, the Merkury smart camera also connects to the home wifi network, allowing you to use it from your mobile device through the Geeni app.

Geeni is a Merkury Innovations LLC sibling brand that manages everything from your phone, PC, or tablet. This app has a simple layout that is easy to comprehend.

It makes watching live streaming, talking, and storing videos more convenient via Merkury Smart wi-fi. This app easily connects to your wifi network, and you can control various smart devices from the same app.

How to Set Up Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

Merkury camera setup and installation are pretty straightforward. First, you need a USB cable to connect your camera. It would be best if you also had a power adapter to plug it in.

Next, go to the Geeni app on iOS or Google Play. You can use the app to connect your security camera to the home wi-fi network. Then, change the settings and link the camera to your voice assistant. Also, insert a memory card if needed. 

Keep the camera on a flat surface to attach the adhesive pad. The bendable stand lets you point the camera’s lens to a specific point.

For example, you can point the lens towards the entrance of your home or your recently bought home theater system for advanced security. 

One of the drawbacks is that this security camera does not support a 5GHz wi-fi network. Therefore, you might have to adjust the phone’s setting to 2.4 GHz for the setup process. 

Merkury Smart Camera Setup on Mac and Windows

It requires an Android emulator to set up the Merkury home security camera on Windows and Mac.

One example of a such emulator is BlueStacks. You can follow the on-screen instructions of the emulator to complete its installation process. 

  1. Next, open the Google Play Store on the emulator’s home screen. Then, log in to the Google ID and look for the Merkury Smart Camera app.
  2. Once you find it in the Google Play Store, install the app to set up the camera via your PC.
  3. You’ll have to open the Geeni app and register with your phone number or email address. Then, enter the verification code and create a password for the app.
  4. Next, log in to the App. Then, plug your camera into the power source. 
  5. The indicator light will turn red when the camera starts up, but it will begin to blink when connected. If the indicator doesn’t blink, reset the camera. 
  6. Go to the Geeni app, and at the top corner of the main Devices screen, click on “Wi-fi Camera”
  7. Also, ensure that the indicator on the camera keeps blinking red as it indicates that your device is ready to connect to the wi-fi.
  8. Next, enter the wi-fi details. The Geeni app takes a few seconds to connect the camera to the home wi-fi. Once it connects, the indicator will turn solid blue, indicating that the connection is successful. 

Features of Merkury Smart Camera App for PC

There are various advanced features for the Merkury smart camera app for PC.

If you group devices, you can use your PC as a control center for your Merkury smart home innovations. You can also set the smart scenes for automated actions.

Setting up the Merkury Smart Camera App on your PC lets you schedule when to automatically switch the devices on or off for better energy usage.

In addition, it provides advanced control and better home security. 

Can You Use Merkury Smart Camera as a Webcam?

Many people use the Merkury home security camera as a webcam using free software on their PCs. The software must receive and understand encoded video streaming from the IP camera over the wi-fi and convert it into an integrated webcam for video conferencing. 

Merkury Customer Service & Support

Merkury Innovations has limited terms and conditions for customer service—their manual lists their phone number and an email form for assistance. However, for additional support, you’ll have to send emails. 

The manual also directs the users to Geeni app user support. According to critical user reviews, the Geeni app and Merkury resolve user issues and pay attention to customer feedback to fix any problems.

However, Merkury Innovations’ customer support isn’t very interactive, as their user manuals come with sufficient details and guidelines about respective smart home devices. 

Final Thoughts

The Merkury Smart Wifi Camera is a nifty home security device that offers pleasant specs at a reasonable price.

In addition, it has a straightforward setup that lets you link and groups your smart home devices within minutes. However, it may have occasional wi-fi problems, which may cause laggy video issues.