How to fix Fitbit Alta HR Won’t Sync Issue

The Fitbit Alta HR is a sleek wristband tracker that keeps a log of its users’ calorie burn, steps, and heart rate and alerts them for calls, messages, and calendars. The Fitbit tracking device is designed to be worn day and night to track, save and update the users’ data. It needs to be in sync with the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

The Fitbit software heavily depends on Bluetooth to sync with the connected Android phone, iPhone, or computer. But what if the Fitbit Alta HR will not sync with your smartphone? In this article, we help you with all the solutions to help you out of this situation.

But before we proceed, let us understand a few basics.

What happens when you Sync your Fitbit to your Phone?

Syncing is the data transfer from your Fitbit tracker to your Fitbit app via Bluetooth. This causes your phone’s dashboard to stay updated and also transfers other data back to the tracker. Syncing assures that both the device and the Fitbit device are coordinated.

Whenever you log onto an app, it will perform the sync. Periodic sync can be activated by enabling the All-day sync option. However, keep in mind that using this option may cause quick battery loss for your phone and the tracker.

Causes of Fitbit Alta HR syncing issues

There could be several causes for this malfunction:

  • The tracker becomes disassociated from the phone. As a result, the Fitbit device must be at a closer distance from the paired device.
  • When many devices are using Bluetooth, the software may not work correctly. Disconnect other Bluetooth devices when using the Fitbit Alta HR.
  • There may be an issue with the phone’s Bluetooth causing this error.
  • Fitbit’s operating system may have a glitch.

Due to these reasons, Fitbit will fail to transfer data to the app or vice-versa, and there will be a break in regular updates.

How to fix Fitbit Alta HR sync error

Why and how the Fitbit Alta HR fails to sync is difficult to ascertain; however, some solutions can help fix the fitness tracker sync issue.

It should be noted that these fixes are also viable for all models of Fitbit trackers.

Fix#1- Reboot tracker

Any technical issue can be quickly sorted out with a reboot. A reboot not only refreshes the system but also configures the files. A simple reboot can solve a wide range of issues.

Here are the steps to perform a restart:

Step#1- Plug the charging cable into a USB port connected to any computer or UL- Certified wall charger.

Step#2– Connect the reverse end of the charging cable to the tracker. Make sure that the pins of the charging cable must lock securely with the port.

The tracker vibration indicates a secured connection. In addition, a battery icon will appear on the tracker’s display, indicating that it has started charging.

Step#3- Once the device has begun charging, find the button on the charging cable and press it three times continuously.

You will find the button at the charging cable’s end that has been plugged into the computer.

The Fitbit logo will be visible, and the tracker will vibrate, indicating that the Fitbit device has restarted.

A restart will not cause any data loss such as alarm, date, time, etc.

Step#4– Once the restart procedure is complete, unplug the Fitbit device.

Check if the sync issue has been resolved.

Fix#2- Manually Sync the device

If the restart of the Fitbit device did not solve the sync fail issue, you should try manually syncing the Fitbit device with the Android phone, iPhone, or computer.

To force a sync, tap the member card icon and then tap and select the name of the Fitbit device.

Now, tap Sync Now.

Check if now your Fitbit band is in sync with the app.

Fix#3- Check Bluetooth Settings

Make sure the Bluetooth service on your phone is turned on.

Step#1– Open the Bluetooth settings on your mobile phone. From the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu, select your Fitbit device.

Step#2– Select the Fitbit device and select the option Forget this device.

Step#3– Now, set it up as a new device again.

If the error were Bluetooth related, this fix would solve it.

Fix#4- Sync Fitbit device to one device

Try keeping your Fitbit device in sync with only one paired device.

If it has been paired with more than one phone or tablet, this could cause conflict when the tracker has to connect with two separate devices.

Fix#5- Turn off the wi-fi

When facing sync issues, try turning off the wi-fi on your phone or laptop.

Sometimes, when both Bluetooth and wi-fi are working together, this may cause these technologies to clash and not work efficiently.

Turn off the wi-fi and check if this solves the Fitbit tracking device’s sync issue.

Fix#6- Close the app completely

Close the Fitbit app on your smartphone completely. Next, swipe the icon to the right or the left, depending on your phone; you can close the running app.

Now, launch the Fitbit app on your device again and check if the app can sync with the Fitbit wristband.

Fix#7- Remove the device and log in again

After following the above solutions, if the problem persists, log in to your Fitbit account via a browser on your computer and re-login to your Fitbit account. Here’s how to do it.

Step#1– Launch the Fitbit app. To remove the Alta HR from your Fitbit account, select your tracker. After this, select the trash icon available at the top of the screen.

Step#2– Now, select Unpair.

Add the device back again to your Fitbit account and check if the problem is fixed.

Fix#8- Grant Fitbit app permission

You must give access to the Fitbit app for scanning Bluetooth devices.

Step#1- On your phone, open the Settings menu and select the Apps and Notification option.

Step#2– On the next window, tap on Permission Manager and choose Location.

Step#3– In the next screen, select Fitbit. Make sure this option is selected: Allow all the time.

You will also be required to turn on the phone’s location services; this will help in scanning Bluetooth devices.

To do so, drag down the notification bar on your phone’s home screen and turn on the location option through its toggle button.

Fix#9- Force Stop the App

To deal with this sync issue, you may force-stop the Fitbit app.

Step#1– On your linked phone, open the Settings menu and select the Apps and Notification option.

Step#2– On the Apps and Notification page, select See all apps option.

Step#3– From the list, locate and select Fitbit, and on the next page, select the option Force Stop.

Fix#10- Update Fitbit

If your Fitbit is still unable to connect with the app, you can try to update your Fitbit device through the Fitbit app.

If your device has not been updated, this could be a reason for the Fitbit unable to sync error. Updating the device to its firmware will provide it with new features, bug fixes, and enhanced functionality.

Ensure your wristband is charged and kept close to the paired phone or computer.

Step#1– Open the Fitbit app on your computer. On the home page, click your profile picture and select your Fitbit device.

Step#2– Tap the pink update banner on the screen to see if you have any updates.

Step#3– Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

What to do if the update fails?

In case your Fitbit device fails to update, check the following reasons.

#1- Ensure that the Fitbit device’s battery is charged over fifty percent.

#2- Ensure you have a good internet connection. An unstable internet network may cause an update failure.

#3-Turn your device off and switch it back again; a quick restart may fix the issue.

#4- Try updating the device again, either through the app or the official web page.

Fix#11- Reinstall the Fitbit app

If you have tried the above-explained fixes and if they did not work for you, then you must try uninstalling and reinstalling the Fitbit app.

Re-installing the app can fix bugs and other errors, and it can also update the device.

Step#1– Open the apps screen and select the Setting cogwheel icon on your smartphone.

Step#2- Select the Apps and Network option from the list.

Step#3– Now, select the option, See all apps.

Step#4– From the list, locate and select Fitbit. In the next screen, select the option, Uninstall.

Now, the app will be uninstalled from your phone. So it is time to reinstall the app again.

Step#5– From the Apps store, download the Fitbit Alta HR app again.

Fix#12- Reset Fitbit

Resetting your Fitbit device should be the last resort. Try this when all the other fixes were unable to help you.

By resetting, all data will return to its default factory setting.

You may sync your data from your online Fitbit account after a reset.

Depending on your Fitbit model, you may need a needle or a paperclip to restart, but poking it into the tiny hole in the Fitbit device.

As for other Fitbit models, they will have the reset option in the device’s settings.


The Fitbit Alta HR tracker has already become a part of the active lifestyle. Ideally, your Fitbit and your smartphone should sync automatically. Unfortunately, the unable to sync error significantly reduces the capacity of your Fitbit wristband.

The Alta HR syncing issues can be pretty frustrating. However, the above-explained fixes are sure to help you out.

If the problem persists and you cannot sync Fitbit through Bluetooth service, try contacting customer care and see if they can help you.