Best Mouse for Xim Apex 2023

If you are here, then it only means one thing! You are a hard-core gamer who wants to use your keyboard and mouse with Xim Apex on your gaming console. Want to learn about the most suitable mouse for Xim Apex? Read along!

Xim Apex provides cross-compatibility of your gaming consoles with a mouse and keyboard for gamers from PC to play on consoles without controllers.

Do you want to know the best part of Xim Apex? You can connect your keyboard and mouse on Xbox One, PS3, PlayStation 4 Xbox, and Xbox 360.

You must now be wondering which mouse will perform faster with the Xim Apex. Don’t worry; we have got it all covered for you! We have discussed everything in detail and reviewed the compatible mouse for Xim Apex.

Best Mouse for Shooters

Here, we have compiled a list of the best compatible mouse for Xim apex. Our primary focus is on the mechanism, programmable buttons, USB hub or wireless, and other gaming features. 

Razer Deathadder V2 – Best for FPS Games With Xim Apex

With a stunning matte-black finish and RGB LED lighting around the logo and wheel, the Razer Deathadder V2 is one of the best choices for hard-core FPS game lovers. It has got everything you wish for, such as a responsive optical sensor, left and right buttons, and a seamless scroll wheel.

It is incredibly flexible, starting with the attaching wire, allowing you to achieve more movement with a lesser motion or drag around the table. 

The top of the mouse is angular to ensure a natural hand position. Luckily, you can play games for hours without feeling any wrist fatigue or discomfort. 

From a gaming viewpoint, the five DPI settings allow you to select different X- and Y-axis movement sensitivities. You can program the two CPI top buttons and the two side buttons to increase your gaming performance.

The DPI sensitivity selector buttons, present below the scroll wheel, gel in smoothly with the structure design. You don’t need to worry about clicking them accidentally while moving the mouse. 

Another exciting feature is the color selection – you can choose from around 16.8 million colors to match the scroll wheel and logo shade with your gaming setup. It doesn’t stop here as you can also pick any of the five color effects: Static, Breath, Reactive, Audio Meter, and Spectrum Cycle. Isn’t it Cool? 


Top-notch 20,000 CPI sensor
Comfortable grip
Optical click sensors
Programmable buttons


Flimsy buttons
Not for small hands

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Best Mouse With Xim Apex

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a wireless mouse that works excellent with Xim Apex for shooting games on Xbox one PlayStation 4.

This one is a sleek and lightweight wireless mouse with programmable buttons and RGB lighting for the logo. The ergonomics of the mouse plays a vital role in keeping it light, weighing only 107g. The hollow scroll wheel with lifted click buttons removes a lot of weight from the mouse’s front end. 

Also, it fulfills all your need-for-speed requirements and excellent performance.

Due to the smaller size, the actuation distance between the top clicking buttons is relatively less. Many gamers consider the shortened time between the finger movement and clicking to run and shoot faster. 

You can operate it with both the left and right hands. You may get surprised because the position of the lower buttons is usually under the right thumb. Lucky for the left people, these buttons can magnetically detach and move to the other side.

It means you can have all the four buttons on either side, thus matching your ever-increasing requirement for more macros. 

The scroll wheel is coated with textured rubber to avoid unnecessary spinning. In addition to that, the switch unlocks the wheel bearing to enable smooth spinning instead of incremental clicking. 

Lastly, the ‘Spectrum” allows you to enjoy the glowing LED strip colors from 16.8 million colors. 


Comfortable design
Wireless functionality
Long battery life
Best performance 
Programmable buttons


Absence of charging dock

UtechSmart VENUS Pro – Best With Xim Apex for Multiplayer games

If you are looking for a budget-friendly MMO mouse for Xim Apex, then the UtechSmart VENUS Pro is the best choice for you to use with Xim Apex. As the name indicates, it’s a heavy-duty mouse with a beauty-and-the-beast outlook. However, it is designed only for right-handed people.

The standard 12-button layout is available on the left side under the thumb.

Despite its additional buttons, the mouse’s overall slating shape provides a comfortable grip to your hand. You may find it a bit higher than the rest; however, it isn’t a concerning problem.

You can play different multiplayer games such as Call of duty, Runescape, Block Desert, ad World of Warcraft, and many more. It is 5-inches long and 3-inches wide, which is a bigger surface-area for small hands. 

Highlighting its highly advanced features, it comes with a total of 18 programmable buttons. The cherry on the top is that you can program a maximum of five keyboard functions in the VENUS Pro buttons.

The 1000Hz polling rate along with 16,400 DPI sensor switches allow you to play efficiently in shooting games. The mouse comes with a premium quality Avago sensor and Omron switches for additional fast performance. 

One of the most exciting features of this MMO mouse is the customizable weight. Many gaming enthusiasts enjoy heavyweight mice to keep the unnecessary cursor movement minimal. It comes with eight weight pieces to either add or remove them to fit the weight requirement. 


18 programmable buttons
Support for 16 million RGB LED color
Customizable weight
18 months manufacturer’s warranty


Only for medium or more giant hands
For right-handed people

Logitech G502 HERO – Best Gaming Precision with Xim Apex

The Logitech G502 HERO is an all-rounder mouse with a classic design. The black matte finish with criss-cross glossy designing gives it an intense outlook. 

HERO in the name stands for High-Efficiency Rated Optical due to its ultra-fast 16,000 DPI sensor. 

Moreover, the scroll wheel is metallic, shiny, and operates quite smoothly. 

The G502 is narrower at the top and becomes broad at the end, giving it an oval-shaped look. The more comprehensive back portion provides extra support and balance to your palm to sit for your comfort. The lower side is coated with rubber to minimize hand slipping.

It comes with a total of 11 customizable buttons. You must be wondering how this mouse stage that many buttons can? These buttons are available on the left, right, middle, under-the-thumb, on the left front edge, and behind the scroll wheel. They are perfectly integrated inside the body, giving you easy access to all of them simultaneously. 

Depending on the gaming requirement, you can operate the tilt wheel in either a smooth or notched scroll. 


Best responsive sensor
Universal buttons for gaming requirements
Customizable weights
Smooth scroll wheel


Nominal side grips
Flickering DPI indicators

SteelSeries Rival 710 – Best With Xim Apex USB Hub

The SteelSeries Rival 710 has achieved a new level of incorporating the most advanced OLED display technology on the mouse’s front side. Imagine programming any customized text or picture on the OLED panel. 

It comes with a rugged matte black finish to improve the palm’s grip. 

You can disassemble the parts and swap them with alternative, more advanced components. You can also upgrade your mouse by replacing the cable, rear logo, backplate, and even sensors. Unfortunately, it is more significant because of the replaceable components, haptic engine, and OLED display. 

However, the size is balanced with its comfortable design to support your hand easily. 

The TrueMove3 optical sensor with a 12,000 CPI rating makes the Rival 710 one of the fastest and responsive models. 

You won’t find yourself juggling between numerous buttons on every corner. It comes with eight buttons, out of which only three are programmable. These customizable buttons are present on the left side and behind the scroll wheel. 

It comes with two types of cables: one-meter non-braided and two-meter non-braided cable. You can select any of the cable lengths according to the console position or distance. 

The haptic engine boosts the mouse’s performance for games like DOTA 2, League of Legends, Destiny 2, and Fortnite. 


Comfortable design
Firm hand grip
Best TrueMove 3 sensor


Not very useful OLED display
Haptic feedback


What is the advantage of XIM Apex?

Instead of using the actual gaming console controllers, Xim Apex translates FPS’s aiming mechanics to enable the mouse and keyboard to serve as a controller. 

The PC gamers enjoy this flexibility to use a mouse and keyboard with the gaming console. Since not all console games are available online, they consider it an alternative to enjoy console gaming.

Additionally, it enables you to auto-aim in shooting games with your keyboard and mouse.

Can You Get Banned for Using a XIm Apex?

To tell you the truth, it’s a complicated issue. You may or may not get banned – it depends on the game developer/company policy. It entirely depends on the discretion of the game or console developer to build compatibility for keyboard and mouse. 

Lucky for you, with Xim apex, the chances of getting detected are quite slim. Why? Because the smart translation technology mimics the controller on behalf of the keyboard and mouse to Xbox One or any other gaming console. So, it’s very likely that you may not get banned for using a gaming mouse with Xim apex.

There is only one situation where the use of Xim apex can be considered for a ban. It is the case of online tournaments where different global teams group up to play their matches online. To ensure fair competition, the players can collectively report Xim apex’s use on gaming community sites.

Does XIM Apex Have Input Lag?   

It’s not just a million-dollar question but a matter of concern for the majority of the gaming enthusiasts. The answer is that it varies from one game to another.

You may experience a significant input lag in moving your cursor or aiming the enemy in some games. On the other hand, some games run almost as smooth as with the console controller. 

You can experiment by changing the game settings or polling rate, but you can’t improve the inherent input lag. Unfortunately, it’s a hit and trial method to test different games and experience the command lag with Xim apex. 


With the advancements in technology, more smart features are added to the mouse for better functionality with high-performing optical sensors and customizable buttons. 

Selecting a compatible mouse for XIM Apex require a gamer to be thoughtful about the command programming. 

It’s important to have a futuristic approach to consider options like customizable mouse weight and upgradable components. 

After reading the above article, we hope you can select a better mouse for Xim Apex. Just make sure to keep your budget and other requirements in mind. Happy gaming!

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