Best Fortnite Settings On Xbox

Fortnite by Epic games is the most popular survival game online; around a hundred players fight in combat to survive and be the last man standing. This multiplayer allows gamers to create their dream Fortnite world in collaboration with friends. Fortnite is an engaging, addictive, and highly competitive game.

Fortnite, released by the gaming giants Epic games, is available for players on browsers, computers, mobile, Xbox One, Xbox 4,5, and Xbox cloud gaming. Apart from all Xbox series, Fortnite is also available on Nintendo Switch.

To get the best out of your Fortnite game on Xbox One and PS4, amp up some settings on your Xbox one Fortnite Settings to have the best gaming experience. Changing Fortnite settings will improve movement, response, and reaction time; this makes a lot of difference, letting you get an edge ahead of your competition.

Here is a complete guide to unlock the ultimate features on your Xbox, PC, PS4, and 5, along with controller settings. Then, read on to improve the way you play Fortnite on Xbox.

Epic game developers are constantly upgrading, fixing bugs, and improving the quality of the game. Follow the fixes in this article to increase FPS, improve your screen graphics, and fix drops.

Best Xbox Fortnite Settings

When you plan to change the Fortnite settings on your Xbox, you want to improve stability, gain a higher frame rate, and improve the overall gaming experience.

You can modify the below-explained best settings by accessing the Settings tab under the Settings menu, which is in the form of a cogwheel icon. Although these are the best settings, it is optional to use the values of the same setting; you can change them as per your preference.

Video settings for Fortnite

Here are some best Fortnite video settings you can change for better performance.

#1- Brightness– If required. The brightness of the screen matters, especially when you spend so much time in front of the screen. Since Fortnite comes with bright graphics, there is no need to increase it further.

#2- User Interface– If required. There is no need to change the UI. However, it depends on the individual’s preference, and you can change it if you want to.

#3- Color Blind- If required. Use the color blind mode if needed.

#4- Safe Zone– Default. The Xbox settings for Fortnite will automatically configure to maximum screen space. If required, you can manually change it.

#5- Motion blur– Off. Motion Blur will not affect your FPS-Frames per Second on Xbox One. However, motion blur could be disgusting and irritating for many users. It’s better to keep it disabled.

#6- Show FPS- On. On your gaming console, the FPS is capped at 60, and the console keeps it that way. With this feature, you can track your screen’s FPS and gaming performance.

#7- Power saving mode- Personal preference

In-Game settings for Fortnite

Movement settings

#1- Matchmaking region- Select the option with the lowest ping. This will ensure that you get players from a region with the lowest ping. Low ping means a better online gaming experience without frame drops or lag. You may sometimes want to ignore the low ping if you see a region where matchmaking is fast to get you in the game early.

#2- Toggle Sprint- Off. You don’t want to toggle between sprint on or off. Hold to sprint is the best option, as you will know precisely when you want to sprint. If you leave this option on, you may end up sprinting where it wasn’t necessary or walking with average speed when sprinting was required.

#3- Sprint by default– On. This configuration will let you sprint while moving. Now, your L3 button is free, saving you time and the need to press the button to make a run. However, when you are aiming, the sprint is canceled, and you usually walk.

#4- Sprint cancels reloading- Off. It is better to swap guns to stop reloading. This is a better option as sprint cancels reloading will leave you with an empty magazine.

#5- Auto open doors- On. The Auto-open doors option allows you to pass through a door instead of opening doors manually. When you keep the auto-open doors option disabled, you will have to manually open a door whenever you want to go through a door.

#6- Tap to search/interact- On. It is essential to keep this option on because when you turn it off, you will have to press and hold the interact button while interacting with an object. Leaving it on will let you interact with an object with a single press and keep your fingers free from other tasks.

combat settings

#7- Hold to swap pickup- Off. Turning on the tap search option and turning off the Hold to swap pickup will save you time while playing Fortnite, as this option may lead you to pick up any weapon lying on the ground accidentally.

#8- Toggle targeting– Off. Keeping toggle targeting off will let you deploy ADS quickly and shoot down enemies fast.

#9-Mark danger when targeting– On. Mark danger when targeting will help you quickly mark danger. Usually, when you keep a target, it is marked as a location; however, when you enable this feature, marking a location with ADS on will mark the target as a danger.

#10- Auto Pickup weapons- Off. By shutting off the auto pick-up weapons option, you will save much time while picking weapons. Usually, auto-pick-up weapons will pick up any weapon that is in front of you. Now, when you find a gun that you want to use, you will have to dismount the gun that was auto-picked u. This will consume a lot of time and may prove deadly if an enemy is around.

#11- Auto sort consumables to the right– On. The auto-sort consumables option will automatically hold the consumable items on the right side of the inventory. This makes it easier to go through the inventory. However, it takes a few days to get used to the auto-sort consumables setting.

Building settings

#12- Reset building choice– On. With the reset building choice option on, you will get a wall as the first building option when you switch to build mode. Now, when you keep this off, you will get the last building choice that you used. This may cause sudden panic if an enemy is around and you are trying to guard yourself against it. For safer gameplay, I suggest turning this option on.

#13- Aim assist- Aim Assist is very useful for console players, as opposed to the players using a mouse and keyboard who find this very difficult to play with. By default, aiming in consoles is very hard, and perfect aiming requires a lot of practice.

#14- Edit mode aim assist– Off. Turning on the Edit mode aim assist setting may interrupt you while building. It has been observed that you can get through edits quickly when the edit aim assist is off.

#15- Turbo building– On. While holding the build button, this feature helps you rapidly create buildings automatically in your desired direction. I suggest keeping this feature on to make buildings quickly. Once you get the hang of it, turbo building doubles the speed of building. If this feature is turned off, you will have to place each building block manually with a click on the build button each time.

#16- Confirm edit on release– On. To confirm an edit while building, all you will need to do is release the edit button if you have to confirm edit on release enabled. Turning this feature off will double the editing time. Just like Turbo building will help you with the quick building.

#17- Turbo Delete in creative mode– On. This feature is the opposite of the Turb delete mode. When you are in Creative Mode, holding down the Delete button will quickly delete your building blocks. Again, this feature is a real-time-saver.

Replay Settings

#1- Record replays– Off. This feature automatically records and stores replays of a match once it ends. This may cause performance deterioration and also holds up quite a good amount of memory. We suggest turning it off. Or, you can keep this feature off if you wish to record the replays of your gameplay.

#2- Record large team replays– Off. Just like the above feature, this records gameplays of significant matches. These matches could be a 50 v 50 match or a 20 v 20 match. Whatever the case unless you want to keep the performance of your gaming uptight and save hard disk space, keep this feature disabled.

#3- Record creative mode replays– Up to you. The creative mode in Fortnite doesn’t require much performance boost for the gameplay. So, you can keep this turned on if you worry performance. If you worry there is space, we suggest turning this off. Also, if you broadcast your content on streaming platforms, turning on this feature will help you with super cool thumbnails. So, it is totally up to you to keep this on or off.

Best Fortnite Controller settings

Every player has their preference for the controller while playing their favorite games on their console. Some like the small PS controller, while others would favor the diagonal stick placement of the Xbox controller.

The Xbox and PlayStation have the best light, comfortable controllers, and battery life. In addition, customizing the controller settings will help you with better gameplay.

First and foremost, it is recommended to switch the button layout to Builder Pro. This particular layout offers players features to build faster and more accurately; below are the modified Fortnite controller settings.

Fortnite Controller sensitivity settings

The sensitivity settings are a matter of personal preference, yet it has been observed that a higher sensitivity option can improve the aim.

#1- Build mode sensitivity multiplier– 1.6x

#2- Edit mode sensitivity multiplier– 1.6x

#3- Advanced options– On

#4- Controller Auto run– On

#5- Build Immediately (Builder pro)– On. Building immediately settings clubbed with turbo building will take builds to great heights. Through this setting, you can attain the highest building efficiency.

Controller options

#6- Edit Hold Time- 0.100

#7- Vibration– Off. Turning off the vibration is a good option as vibration will disrupt your aim and consume the battery.

#8- Sensitivity settings– If required

#9- Aim Assist strength– 100 percent

#10- Move Stick Deadzone- 8 percent

#11- Look Stick Deadzone- 8 percent. This stick Deadzone Settings will determine the movement of the thumbstick. It is better if the values are kept on the lower side. This is a common practice among most Fortnite players.

#12- Foot Controller– On

#13- Foot Controller Deadzone– 1 percent

#14- Max Throttle– 1 percent

These Fortnite controller options are sure to enhance the experience while playing Fortnite.

Game User Interface settings

#1- HUD Scale– Keep it at a reduced setting to save space.

#2- Show Speculator count– Personal preference

#3- HUD options– Personal preference

Best Xbox One settings and Sensitivities

These Settings affect your interaction with your Fortnite world. These can get complicated, yet they are pretty important. You can change your Xbox Fortnite Advanced options to the values below to get the best gaming experience.

Advanced- Look at Sensitivity settings

#1- Look horizontal speed– 30 percent

#2- Look vertical speed– 18 percent

#3- Turning horizontal boost– 25 percent

#4- Turning vertical boost- 16 percent

#5- Turning boost ramp time- 0.02 seconds

#6- Instant boost when building- on

Advanced- Aim down sights (ads) sensitivity settings

#1- ADS look horizontal speed– 27 percent

#2- ADS look vertical speed– 25 percent

#3- ADS turning horizontal boost– 10 percent

#4- ADS turning vertical boost– 6 percent

#5- ADS turning boost ramp time– 0.20 seconds

#6- Look input curve– exponential

A lower sensitivity with a large mouse pad is a good choice while playing on a PC. Whereas, for an Xbox controller, this can make movements more quickly while aiming. It will take some time to get a hang of it.

#1- Aiming Down the sights– Keep it a little away from the maximum limit.

#2- Scoped sensibility– Keep this option on the lower side to make exact movements and not worry about the sensitivity causing overshooting.

#3- Build mode sensitivity– To increase the building speed, keep the setting higher than the standard sensitivity.

#4- Edit Mode sensitivity– This option will assist in building muscle memory, and keep the settings in sync with the build sensitivity mode.

Best Xbox One Fortnite Audio Settings

#1- Music– Keep this on the lower d=side so you can hear the in-game sounds too.

#2- Sound effect-100 percent

#3- Dialogue– Not important

#4- Voice chat- Personal preference

#5- Cinematics- Not important

#6- Visual sound effects– This can be a helpful option as it shows the area where the voice is coming from.

Best Fortnite Graphics Settings

Fortnite is a masterpiece of a game; the visuals and graphics are excellent. In addition, the game provides one of the best graphical settings to customize, which will help tailor Fortnite’s gaming experience to suit your liking.

These are some best Settings that will improve performance and help spot enemies from a distance without overloading the GPU.

Graphics quality

#1- Auto-Set quality– Auto set

#2- Quality presets– Low

#3- 3D resolution– 100 percent

A low 3D resolution will avoid blurriness.

#4- View distance– Near

This option is related to the terrain and not the player. Hence, keep it Near for a better view.

#5- Shadows– Off

This may look good, but it does not impact your game; better turn it off.

#6- Anti-Aliasing– Off

This can cause jagged textures, better turn it off.

#7- Textures– Low

Keep the settings between low and medium. A high setting may not change the FPS in Fortnite.

#8- Effects- Low

#9- Post-processing– Low

#10- Set the windows mode to full screen for the best performance.

#11- Resolution– Stick to the monitor’s resolution.

#12- Frame rate limit– disable or keep it at medium.

Advanced graphics settings

#1- Vsync– Off

It may cause frame capping; better to turn it off.

#2- Show FPS– On

This will assist you in keeping track of your in-game FPS. If you are using additional apps such as FRAPS or GeForce Experience, they will do the job for you, and you can turn this setting off.

#3- Rendering Mode– For best performance, use Performance Alpha mode.

#4- Allow Multi-Threading Rendering– On

#5- Use GPU crash debugging– Off

#6- Latent Markers– Off

This may create unnecessary icons on the HUD. It is better to turn it off.

#7- NVIDIA Reflex low tendency– On+ Boost

#8- Latency Flash– Off

This setting is not required as it is a testing feature.

#9- DLSS– Off


Fortnite is a highly engaging game by Epic games. The above explained are the best Fortnite settings to boost your abilities for the competitive Fortnite game. We hope these game settings will help you with your gaming. If you have questions, feel free to connect in the comments box.