Top 8 Twitch Alternatives

What is Twitch?

Twitch is an America-based video live-streaming service. Their main arena is video game live streaming, broadcast, and commentary of e-sports, music broadcasting, creative content, and reality streaming.

It has become the leading destination for games live streaming and e-sports, with over 15 Million active daily views and over 2 Billion minutes of content watched. Twitch is undoubtedly the most popular online video-sharing and live-streaming platform.

YouTube is the world leader in video sharing, and Twitch comes closely behind, having strong backing as it is a subsidiary of The best part about Twitch is that it is free and has engaging content for all age groups.

Several sites provide the same internet content, but none are as popular as Twitch. So let us see at least 10 of the other Twitch alternatives.

Best Twitch Alternatives

Twitch is a fantastic video streaming platform that has maintained a niche in the sector. Some similar platforms are the best Twitch alternatives; let us take a look:

#1- YouTube Gaming

YouTube has a separate gaming section, a live video game streaming platform called YouTube Gaming. It targets e-sports and is the best alternative to Twitch out there.

YouTube Gaming offers a fantastic experience for streamers to broadcast video games and viewers to watch games. In addition, it allows viewers to chat with one another, have tournaments, and stay connected through a common passion.

The platform has different promo channels, live games, etc. The live gaming platform is one of the most popular streaming platforms for enthusiastic gamers to stream their gameplay. Thus, providing users with various broadcasts from their favorite streamers.

It offers impressive features such as Super chats and super chat donations that allow users to monetize when they go live. Of course, this comes in the best interest of the streamer. Their monetization program is what attracts streamers to YouTube Gaming.

The unique feature of squad stream allows certain streamers to play with others; up to four streamers can go live in a single window.

A disadvantage of YouTube Gaming over Twitch is that it does not have in-game overlays like Twitch Prime subscribers.

#2- Vimeo

Vimeo claims to be the only all-in-one video solution. They cover almost all video-sharing categories and interests, from tech tutorials, cooking videos, virtual events, sharing videos, and esports events to art streams, everything under one name. Moreover, they aim to provide high-definition video’s on all devices.

Unlike other sites, Vimeo is free with limited features; if you wish to be a severe creator, being a subscribed user brings many benefits.

Vimeo does earn revenue through subscriptions, transaction videos on demand, and live stream monetization. In addition, Vimeo provides subscribers with various tools for content creation, such as editing, enterprising software solution, and establishing contact.

Being a high-quality multi-functioning video streaming platform, Vimeo contends to be one of the Twitch alternatives.

#3- Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has effective integration with Facebook. It is available on their webpage, IOS and Android as well. The gaming platform is a serious competitor to Twitch and can also be among the best Twitch alternatives.

The invite feature of Facebook gaming is quite simple and enhances the live stream experience. Such unique features make Facebook gaming the best Twitch alternative.

Besides having an excellent game streaming service, Facebook Gaming supports tournament organizers in organizing events and enhancing the streaming experience. To enter, you must gain admin access to stream and participate in the tournaments.

Facebook Gaming allows users access to Facebook Stars- a particular currency that enables users to monetize their stream directly from fan donations and receive direct contributions to charities through their streams.

Like YouTube, Facebook’s games section has several mini-games that do not require the user to download any third-party software.

Facebook gaming is one of the most popular game streaming platforms, with many users where game streamers can create group chat windows to interact with viewers to discuss game strategies, discoveries, etc.

Facebook gaming does have a few downfalls; users still do not like the design of the user interface, but it could be better, and the constant ads are a hindrance to the gaming experience.

#4- Facebook watch

Facebook Watch is a free on-demand service owned and operated by the social media giant- Meta. This is one of the most capable Twitch alternatives out there.

The platform offers a wide range of options for viewers, from live cooking shows, live game video broadcasting, comedy, and talk shows, religious shows, radio shows, and to conference broadcasting.

Unlike other platforms, access to Facebook watch is easy if you already have a Facebook account. To start streaming on Facebook Watch, sign up to Facebook; once done, you can join directly.

The only disadvantage to this live-streaming website and app is many ads, which almost deters the experience.

#5- D-Live

D live is the world’s first-ever and largest streaming platform on blockchain and a great alternative to Twitch. Here users can broadcast and upload preferred content to share it worldwide. In addition, the streamers can earn rewards from their viewers and the TRON blockchain technology that utilizes the TRON addresses for withdrawals.

They have monetization options for both the creator and the viewer in terms of ‘lemons’ that viewers can use for in-app purchases.

D-live has a tight-knit community of passionate creators, majorly focusing on streaming games. In addition, it offers uninterrupted viewing of content; unlike YouTube and Facebook, D live is ad and commercials free. This particular feature attracts a large audience to the streaming page.

#6- You now

Younow is a free video broadcasting service that allows creators a streaming platform to stream their content and interact with video streams of other users in real-time.

You now are particularly popular among teenagers as it houses famous artists from the field of music, dance, cooking, etc. In addition, the platform allows streamers to form chat groups and discuss, chat, share advice, date, etc.

The app has a tailored feature set in to tailor content per your preference; this happens when you spend enough time on the app.

Younow is available on its website, on Android and IOS apps on mobile devices. With its sizeable loyal audience, Younow is one of the strongest alternatives to Twitch.

#7- Ustream

Ustream is much older than Twitch. It was made for the soldiers to connect to their families back home. It has evolved with content over time and has been a tough competition for Twitch. Even today, it attracts around 50 million new users monthly, making it the world’s largest video streaming platform.

Ustream offers live streams of e-sport events and creative content like technology, cooking, pets, news and talk shows, etc. It also provides features like live streaming, recording and uploading videos, and chatting between creators, viewers, and each other.

One of the significant aspects of Ustream is that it has Play Station 4 and X Box One embedded, and the users do not need a third-party app for this.

Unlike Twitch, this streaming software is no longer free; nevertheless, Ustream cannot be ignored if you are looking for an excellent Twitch alternative.

#8- Mirrativ

Mirrativ is an exclusive mobile live-streaming app with its main emphasis on the interaction between the user and the viewers.

Mirrativ allows users to stream anything on their smartphones, like games, apps, videos, and chats. They have interactive chats with various groups on any topic or issue. It allows users to connect with others and other players worldwide. Mirrativ also allows the content creator to record and stream video and audio files.

The app has an extensive catalog of games that can be easily shared privately with friends. In addition, you can live stream games on your smartphone using Mirrativ, which provides the streamer with a unique streaming experience.

#9- Video Hub

Video Hub was previously known as Metacafe, one of the oldest online video-sharing websites. The platform allows video streaming from different artists and content creators worldwide.

They gain popularity for publishing short videos and other videos that are licensed from FOX, BBC, etc. it has various features like live games and video game broadcasting where streamers can show off their gaming skills.

Video hub probably has the most variety of content compared to other sites. Apart from variety, the app does not require registration or subscription, which makes it a great alternative to Twitch.


Above mentioned Twitch alternatives have unique features of their own, but Twitch remains the master of the Video streaming domain.