PS4 Not Connecting To Wifi? Here’s an Easy Fix

You wouldn’t be able to use several of the PS4’s key functions, including multiplayer gaming, streaming videos, and adding new games if your PS4 doesn’t have a stable internet connection.

You’re far from alone if you recently updated your PS4’s operating system and now discover that your WiFi connection is not working correctly or having trouble connecting as it once did.

Many PS4 users have seen this internet connection issue in the past; it virtually always returns following a system upgrade. But don’t worry; we have you covered. You can check these options to help you through this internet connection situation. 

Reasons why the PS4 cannot access the internet connection

Your PS4 may not be able to connect to the internet for a variety of reasons, but these are some of the more frequent ones:

  1. The PlayStation Network is not accessible.
  2. Network connectivity was lost on your WiFi.
  3. You are trying to log in using an incorrect username or wi-fi password.
  4. Your Play Station’s DNS settings are incorrectly set up.
  5. The wireless router is farther away from your PS4, which is why there is an issue with the PS4 not connecting to wifi.

How to fix PS4 not connecting to wifi

The case of ‘PS4 not connecting to wifi’ can be outrageous, as the device experiencing intermittent signal loss will fail to connect to wifi and halt the PlayStation network.

We have listed some fixes so you can quickly figure out why your PS4 won’t connect to wi fi and how to fix the issue.

Verify the PlayStation Network’s condition

It won’t matter if the console can connect to WiFi internet when PSN is unavailable. Therefore, as a first step, determine its state. Unfortunately, gamers sometimes mistake PSN disruptions for network connectivity issues, leading to unnecessary stress.

Restart your router manually.

Restarting the wireless router and modem is recommended if your ps4 won’t connect to wifi. Before concluding that the PS4 is the issue, check to see if the console can connect to the WiFi network. Then, manually restart the modem and router, give it a few minutes to settle while the internet connection is refreshed, and check to see whether the PS4 can connect.

Verify the accuracy of your Wi-Fi password. 

Because the language in the error message is a little hard to figure out, it’s possible that the PS4 can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network connection because you’re providing the wrong password as input.

Use the same credentials to connect a new device (such as your laptop or cellphone) to the same Wi-Fi network, ideally one that has just made a good connection. Possibly, the password is incorrect if this other device can see the Wi-Fi network but cannot connect to someone using these credentials.

Based on your WiFi platform’s technology and configuration, there are many ways to find the correct password. If you are unsure of where to find or how to modify the WiFi password, consult the handbook for your modem or router (wired or wireless connection) or contact the service provider’s customer support.

Bring your PlayStation 4 up close to the wireless router

It’s not a probable reason that’s frequently taken into account when a gadget can’t connect to Wi-Fi. For example, one possible cause your PS4 won’t connect to the internet could be the physical distance between a wireless router and a PS4. Additionally, it’s vital to ensure no impediments, including reinforced doors or excessively concrete walls, disrupt the Wi-Fi signal.

If your PS4 won’t connect to the internet and you can’t move your PS4 or have already moved it, try using a wifi network extender.

Adjust the link code for the Wi-Fi network settings

Internet-connected gadgets frequently share the same limited radio frequency band by default. Your neighbors may also be utilizing the same frequency. To get a more robust connection, adjust the wireless router’s frequency to fix the PS4 won’t connect to wifi issue.

Try to place the connection where there is no chance of wifi causing intermittent signal loss. Keep up with the narrow radio frequency range. Eliminate the hardware issues, if any.

If you are still facing WiFi connectivity problems, contact the service provider’s customer support.

Verify the process of the wireless connection created between PS4 and wifi

The issue may be with your PS4 if other gadgets can connect to the internet, but your PS4 can’t. The issue could be with the wired or wireless connection, or improper internet settings could be the issue.

If you are using Ethernet to connect to the internet, try switching out the LAN cable to see if it solves the problem. If the Ethernet port on the network has burst, you might also try plugging the ethernet cable into another Ethernet port on the PS4.

 If there is interference with the signal, try moving the PS4 nearer to the Wi-Fi connection. Then, you can check your wifi speed and ensure that the Wifi network is optimal and that there is no corrupted software in the system.

Here are some ways to tackle the network settings issue

Phone your ISP

Ensure your other devices are connected to WiFi with the internet working properly. In case they do not have a stable connection, Wi-Fi is probably the culprit. Check with your ISP and inquire if there’s an issue.

Additionally, try connecting your PS4 to the 5GHz frequency wireless network; the 2.4GHz networks sometimes cause network troubles with devices like the PS4.

Modify your SSID name

Try renaming the network’s SSID on your router’s configuration web page if changing the network type doesn’t resolve the connection issues. Additionally, you might want to switch the security configuration to WPA-PSL TKIP 256 Bit instead of WPA-PSK AES 256.

Consider a Wi-Fi extension

Your available Wi-Fi signal may be to blame in some circumstances. It could be a time to try out a Wi-Fi extender if you’ve previously shifted your PS4 somewhat near the Wi-Fi router.

Set your router’s public IP address

Try to contact your ISP. Request them to modify your current setup to a public IP if you are sure the issue is not on your end.

Modify the PS4’s DNS settings

The DNS settings on the PS4 may cause Wi-Fi connectivity issues. See if changing the DNS address helps you out with this issue.

For both primary DNS as well as secondary DNS.

Switch off the media server

Many customers’ problems connecting to WiFi are resolved when the media server is turned off, despite the odd-sounding solution. So you might want to give it a shot too.

The Procedure: 

1) Navigate to Settings in the PS4 panel.

2) Go to the Network option and select it.

3) Disconnect the media server by going to Media Server Connection.

Doing this with proper device settings and Wi-Fi settings may work.

Factory Reset PS4

If nothing works, resetting the PS4 to its factory default settings is the last resort. Restarting the console is the suggested line of action if you get to this stage and can’t make a connection.

The last few tips for intermittent signal loss may not work because of invalid settings like the console’s DNS settings, a glitch in the console’s operating system, or an error in DNS addresses. There can be many issues where you must implement default factory settings.


There can be multiple reasons for your PS network connection issues. For instance, the Wi-fi speed can be low because more internet-connected devices get juice from a single Wi-Fi.

There could also be damage to equipment that needs to be tested if nothing works. You can try a different ethernet port, ethernet cord/ LAN cable, or power cable if your ps4 won’t connect to wi-fi. Check if you are not entering an invalid username and are typing the correct Wi-fi password while connecting to your home wifi. It’d be a help if you have the same password for your networks.

Also, run a quick PlayStation check first. Many users target more extensive solutions when they need a small one, which leads to unnecessary confusion.