How to Resize an Image in Paint 3D?

Do you want to resize an image but don’t have access to third-party applications like Photoshop and Illustrator?

Unlike the older Paint app, the updated Windows 10 Paint 3D allows you to resize images with ease. You don’t need any fancy editing apps. A little basic know-how is all you need.

Through this post, you can learn how to resize an image in Paint 3D. Also, we’ll show you how you can resize an image on the Windows Photo App.

It’s all quite simple. You don’t need to be an editing wiz to learn these few essential photo editing tips.

How to Resize an Image in Paint 3D

Resizing an image in the Paint 3D app is quite simple. There are two ways you can go about the process. Let’s look at each method individually.

Method One

  • You can begin by opening Paint 3D. You can either type “Paint 3D” on the Windows search bar or scroll through the applications and click on “Paint 3D” when you see it.
  • Once the app has opened, click on “Menu” on the window’s top-left corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Insert.”
  • File Explorer will open up. You need to go to the location where your image is saved. 
  • When you find the image, select it and click “Open.” You can also double-click to open the image.
  • The image will open up in Paint 3D. Find and select “Canvas” on the header menu at the top of the page.
  • A window will pop open with the canvas settings. You’ll find under the “Resize Canvas” tab the width and height.
  • Before you start playing with the dimensions, there are two options that you need to know about:

Lock Aspect Ratio

This option prevents your image from distorting and stretching. It locks one of the dimensions. For instance, if you change the height, the width will automatically be adjusted.

Resize Image with Canvas

When you enable this option, the image size will also change along with the canvas’s size. Generally speaking, the canvas size is the image size. If you upload a PNG image without a background, then Paint 3D will automatically portray a white background.

  • When resizing your image, it’s best to check both these options.
  • You can resize the image using Pixels or Percent. Underneath the “Resize image with canvas” option, you’ll see a small box. Click on the arrow to choose your option. 
  • You’ll also find options to rotate or flip your image/canvas.
  • Once you’ve adjusted the settings, you can press enter.
  • Click on “Menu” on the top left of your screen and then select “Save.” You’ll want to save it in the form of an image.

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Method Two

This method is similar to the one mentioned earlier. Only it’s a shorter way. In the earlier method, you had to first open Paint 3D and then insert it to resize it.

In this method, you can merge these two steps into one. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open the folder where your image is located. Select and right-click on the image. 
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Edit with Paint 3D”.

When the image opens with Paint 3D, you can follow the steps mentioned earlier to resize your image. 

How to Resize an Image on the Windows 10 Photo App

There’s another way you can resize an image without installing a third-party application. If you have Windows 10, then you can easily resize an appearance in the Photo App.

Here’s how you go about the process:

  • Start by going to the location where your image is saved. Double click on the image to the Photo app opens up.
  • On the header menu on top, you’ll see a pencil and brush icon with an arrow beside it. Click on the arrow.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Resize.”
  • A pop-up window will open, select “Define custom dimensions.”
  • You’ll get another window that will let you change the dimensions and the image quality. Be sure to select “Maintain aspect ratio” to prevent your image from distorting.
  • Once you’ve selected your desired dimensions, click on “Save resize copy.”


By now, you should know how to resize an image on Paint 3D. The whole process is quite simple and saves you from installing new software to make minor edits.

We hope this post helped you learn a little more about how to use Paint 3D.

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