How to Connect Phone to PS3

Our phones are no longer just gadgets merely meant to stay in touch. Instead, each new phone comes equipped with new features, taking its functionality far beyond just calling, texting, playing games, or using other apps. Once you connect this device to a PS3, imagine the level of entertainment you can get.

However, often the most deterring factor for many is not knowing how to connect the phone to playstation3. Thankfully, it’s not that hard.

There are three ways to sync the two. You can use the:

  • USB cable
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

How to Connect Phone to PS3 – A Step-by-step Guide

We’ll go through all three means to sync both gadgets step-by-step. Let’s start with the first one; Connecting the phone to a PS3 via the USB cable:

Connect Phone to a PS3 Via USB Cable

  1. First, insert the USB cable into the charging slot of your phone.
  2. Take the other end of the USB cable and insert it into the USB port of your PlayStation 3.
  3. Turn on your console.
  4. Next, scroll to ‘pictures,’ ‘music,’ or ‘video’ on your PS3 home screen.
  5. Select a category from above, using the left side of your controller.
  6. You will see a title for your phone. It should read something like this: “USB (Device name). Select that again using the ‘X” button on the Right Analog-stick.
  7. Now you can browse/stream the video, audio files, and pictures on your system.

Connect to the PS3 System Using WiFi

Since connecting through the WiFi is easy, it is also the most recommended option. Just follow these steps:

  1. First, switch on the WiFi connectivity on your phone and PS3.
  2. Make sure both the devices are connected to the same network. This is important if you have multiple WiFi network adapters at home.
  3. Next, go to the menu (on your phone) and select the ‘AllShare’ app.
  4. Now power on your PS3 console and let it load.
  5. Select ‘Settings’, then navigate to ‘Internet settings’.
  6. Now scroll down to the ‘Media Source Connection’ and click if it is unchecked.
  7. The connection is established. You can now stream/watch videos, play games, or listen to music from your phone on PlayStation’s cross-media bar. (XMB)

Connection Via Bluetooth

Another great thing about the PlayStation 3 is that it also has Bluetooth functionality. That opens the doors to a whole new opportunity you can explore. With Bluetooth, you can expand your gaming network and up your game by listening to many gamers’ tips and tricks.

Moreover, it is quick and easy to connect this way. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn on your PS3.
  2. Go to the Cross-media bar.
  3. Navigate to the ‘settings’.
  4. Now go to the ‘Accessory Settings’ and select ‘Manage Bluetooth Devices’.
  5. Now go to ‘Register New Devices’ and press ‘Yes’.
  6. Go to the menu and select ‘Settings’ on your mobile phone.
  7. Navigate to ‘Wireless settings’.
  8. Now scroll to the ‘Bluetooth settings’
  9. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  10. Now pair both devices.
  11. Look for Bluetooth devices near you on the PS3 by selecting ‘Start Scanning’.
  12. Choose your phone’s Bluetooth and connect by entering the phone’s passcode.
  13. Once the connection is complete, you will see the message ‘Registration Complete” on your screen.
  14. Go back to the main menu on PS3 and select ‘Audio Device Settings’.
  15. Finally, choose your phone’s Bluetooth name and check ‘Ok’. This setting will allow you to talk to and hear the other players.

The Takeaway

The good thing about the android phone is that it is straightforward and quick to connect to the PS3. So, whether you want to stream videos, play games or view photos, etc., you can access all of it on the PS3.

Besides these ways of connecting, all modern gadgets such as Android phones, iOS, and various consoles have their independent marketplace, i.e., ‘App Store’. Such a marketplace offers multiple apps using the DLNA technology that assists in media sharing across all devices.

Some of the top-ranking apps are:

  • BubbleUPnP
  • iMediaShare – Photos & Music
  • MediaMonkey
  • DoubleTwist’s AirTwist