7 Best Thermal Curtains – Expert Reviews

As winter is here for most of us, it’s time to amp up that room temperature with the best thermal curtains for enhanced heating. Moreover, thermal curtains are handy because they help to save on your electricity bills. You won’t need a heater to keep your room warm. These are passive heaters that last long with minimal maintenance.

Because thermal curtains have a layer of acrylic foam, they provide the best insulation and protect from harmful UV rays and reduce outside noise. Therefore, they help in both room darkening and sound dampening.

Since these specialized curtains are useful in more than one way, they prove incredibly cost-effective in the longer run. Not only do you save on electricity bills, but the best thermal curtains consist of long-lasting fabric. Generally, polymer users prefer polymer curtains as they are environment friendly and easy to maintain.

Top Thermal Curtains

So, suppose you haven’t already purchased your thermal curtains and are looking for a good deal. In that case, we will look at some of the best thermal curtains that guarantee reliability, durability, and top-quality performance all the time. So follow us to get yourself a quality deal to come stylish thermal curtains.

Melodieux Moroccan Thermal Curtains

First up, we have the Melodieux Moroccan Fashion Room Thermal Curtains. These curtains are not just great in quality, but they let you make a style statement of your own. These blackout curtains are ideal for room darkening because of the dark color scheme. These are available in three colors, i.e., Blue, Grey, and Black.

The white pop design gives a beautiful contrast to the curtains. It has a triple weave fabric, allowing it to block up to 90% light and UV rays. Also, its chemical-free and provides top-quality soundproofing as well. The design guarantees a thermal insulated blackout and complete privacy.

The curtains come with matching tie-backs, and you also get an eight bronze top grommet with 1 to 1.5-inch pipe fitting capability. It’s machine washable, so cleaning doesn’t remain a problem. Moreover, you can also tumble dry at low speed.


Aesthetically appealing design
Exceptional protection against UV rays
Tripple weave fabric, sound-proof and chemical-free
Can be tumble dried at low speeds
Color options


Expensive for some people

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtains

The AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains are among the best thermal insulated blackout curtains because of their dual operation. It consists of 100 polyester with that blocks out sunlight, harmful rays and provides quality soundproofing. Because of its triple weave fabric, it also ensures total privacy.

Quality heatproofing is guaranteed with these insulated curtains. They are ideal for all weather keeping out heat and cold. The color scheme is quite dark, giving a graceful look to your windows and the room. For instance, its black color can provide a bold look to your living room.

One nice thing about the design is that there is no stiff lining. Hence, there is a smooth and soft feel to the curtains. It’s machine washable. For best performance and polyester protection, do not tumble dry the product.

The packaging contains two panels having a length of 7 feet. It also includes a curtain rod, a couple of Velcro ties, but there are no curtain rings.


Budget-friendly option
Machine washable
100% polyester, good for blocking out sunlight
Tripple weave fabric offers UV protection and sound-proofing


Curtain rings are not included
Only dark color options are available
Not meant for tumble drying

Nicetown Thermal Blackout Curtains

With various colors, elegant designs, and top-quality performance, the Nicetown Thermal Blackout curtains will be the perfect privacy curtains for your bedroom. There is a wide range of specialized curtains by Nicetown, so the quality is guaranteed.

Each package has a couple of drapes having a variety of lengths from 45″ to 120″. Hence, they are ideal for the living area and your bedroom. They can block up to 99% of light, with UV light protection and soundproofing. More importantly, they are long-lasting and don’t fade quickly.

These thermal insulated curtains are excellent for saving energy costs as well. There is quality heat proofing. So it keeps the inside cool. Its gracious single-color design gives a stylish look to your home.

The curtains come with silver grommets allowing it to easily slide on the rod while keeping a graceful appearance all the way. Its light fabric has a soft feel, which is easy to clean. You can wash it with warm water under 86 degrees F. Make sure not to use sharp scratching tools or any bleach.


Excellent UV-ray protection
Variety in length
Soft and easy-to-clean fabric
Single-color design
Color variations available


Can’t be cleaned with bleach
Two drapes in one pack

HLC.me Lattice Print Thermal Curtains

If you are looking for something luxurious that speaks quality, the HLC.me Lattice Print Thermal Curtains are just the right curtains for you. These are insulated blackout curtains made of 100% polyester with a thick yet incredibly light and soft, triple weave Moroccan fabric. Its lattice print lets you create a style statement for your home.

Because of high-quality light and heatproofing, these curtains go very well in bedrooms and kids’ rooms, etc. They can help save up to 30% of electricity costs and are ideal for heat and cold throughout the year. These are top-notch blackout curtains ensuring total privacy.

Moreover, it’s machine washable and effortless to clean stains and dust build-up. Make sure to use cold water with a mild detergent. On top of that, it’s dryer friendly, which is a plus point, as most blackout curtains are not dry compatible.

It dampens sound, providing complete isolation so you can have peace and harmony inside your home. Moreover, it guarantees performance and comes with a 100% money-back warranty. The packaging contains two thermal curtains having a length of 7 feet.


Money-back guarantee
Energy-saving option
Machine washable
100% polyester with triple weave fabric


Thick fabric is hard to wash
No length variations

Yakamok Ombre Thermal Curtains

Stylish, luxurious, and futuristic, Yakamok Ombre Thermal Curtains are among the best in our collection. Whether it’s about looks or performance, these curtains tick most boxes, making them such a buyable product. They can certainly add more value to your home.

From the first impression, the gradient color pattern is compelling enough. Each panel has a 52″ x 84″ size, so it perfectly fits anywhere in your house. Moreover, there is a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from, so you can pick according to the need and color schemes. The panels also have eight metal grommets.

These blackout curtains have a shading rate of 80 to 99%. The light shading rate is about 85% to 90%, so it blocks most of the light, ensuring privacy. Its thick and light padding suppresses the outside noise allowing you to sleep comfortably inside your home.

You can wash the curtains in a machine, and it’s also tumble-dryable. Moreover, there is no chemical coating, so it’s an environmentally friendly product. Iron on a low temperature and reinstall on your windows to enjoy the best of these thermal blackout curtains.


Sound-proofing and UV protection
Size and color variations
Machine washable fabric
Chemical-free material


Shade variations may not suit some rooms

Eclipse Meridian Insulated Curtains

Eclipse Meridian features a wide range of insulated and blackout curtains. The single panel darkening curtains are a combo of thermal insulation and light blockage. If you are looking for curtains with blackout, this can be an economical option.

In terms of durability and performance, these curtains are comparable to the best. In addition to insulation, they are specialized blackout curtains that can block 90 to 99% sunlight and UV rays. Therefore, it’s an ideal product that can fit anywhere inside your home.

It’s entirely made of polyester having a patterned fabric. You can choose from five darkish shades, so it gives you numerous options. Thermaback technology allows it to block heat, making it an energy-efficient product that can last throughout the year. Moreover, it also suppresses unwanted noise from the neighborhood.

Each panel comes with grommets to let you easily slide the curtains. Therefore, installation is not a problem. It’s easy to clean in a machine. For best results, do not use bleach. A gentle fabric cleaner would do. Moreover, you can tumble dry and also use a warm iron.


Cheapest curtains available online
99% protection against sunlight
Machine washable fabric
Available in different sizes


Limited color options
Rods and rings not included

BGment Blackout Curtains with Thermal Insulation

Last but not least, the BGment Blackout Curtains are another example of exceptional thermal curtains for your home and office. It consists of two panels with a triple weaved design. The curtains consist of polyester and microfiber for best durability and performance.

With 13 dark shades to choose from, these curtains can fit anywhere inside your home. The weave technology allows it to block 95% of the sunlight, UV rays, and noise. It’s a perfect option if you want to complete bedroom privacy.

Since these blackout curtains block heat, they prove to be energy efficient as well. Moreover, they work well throughout the year to maintain a pleasant temperature inside. Also, it’s effortless to mount thanks to its metal grommets that fit a 1.6inch diameter rod.

To clean the curtains, you can use a machine. For prolonged durability, never use bleach for cleaning. Moreover, it is best to iron at low temperatures. If you’re looking for an economical deal, BGment curtains are one of the best options.


As many as 13 shades
Budget-friendly; fits most pockets
95% sunlight and UV protection
Polyester and microfiber increases durability


Microfiber may have chemicals
UV protection, not as good as other alternatives

Thermal Curtains and Black Out Curtains – What’s the difference?

If you have used blackout curtains, you must be aware of how dark it can get inside. However, please don’t confuse it with a thermal blackout because it doesn’t necessarily block heat. Generally, blackout curtains have a tightly woven structure, which repels light and harmful UV rays.

Moreover, blackout curtains are generally dark in color. Darker shades allow better light trapping of light. Since these curtains blackout the interior, they are ideal for room darkening in your sleeping area or the living room.

On the other hand, thermal curtains may be light-colored too. They have acrylic lining and a double-layered structure to trap air. Also, they may be thicker than blackout curtains to trap more air. There can be a mix of different materials such as a polymer, microfiber, etc. that improves trap heat.

Some of these curtains undergo chemical treatment as well. However, it improves insulation but reduces fabric life to some extent.

In a nutshell, thermal curtains are specialized to prevent heat, so they are suitable for temperature control and management. Blackout curtains are useful in darkening the home interior. However, both types of curtains share a common trait, which is the dampening of outside noise.

Can Thermal Curtains Keep Cold Out?

Thermal curtains are useful in all weather. Therefore, they are equally valuable for winters in keeping cold out of the house. These curtains have a double-layered design, which ensures that heat is adequately trapped on either side of the curtains. Hence, there will be much difference on either side because of insulation technology.

Generally, they are heavy enough to block air even when the windows or doors stay open. Commonly the triple weave structure traps maximum air, so it helps to keep the cold away if you want to eke out the full performance.

Do Thermal Curtains Work?

Thermal curtains are heat blockers. If you’re wondering whether these curtains work, the answer is YES. The structure and layered design trap the heat from the outside. Also, they consist of polyester, which is an excellent insulator. Therefore, thermal insulation is guaranteed every time.

If you buy the right curtains, they will undoubtedly help you in heat and cold. Insulated curtains come with various features, so it’s a good idea to learn about the essential elements. Therefore, here are some useful aspects when buying thermal curtains.


The color selection depends upon how dark you want your room to be. If you wish to full curtain blackout for your TV room, make sure to go for black or dark grey colors. Moreover, if you want damped light in a place like your living room, lighter colors such as white or yellow will work best.

Curtain Fabric

The main ingredient in thermal curtain fabric is polyester. Some of these fabrics are 100 polyesters. Some curtains also feature microfiber technology to enhance fabric strength. Again, never buy a curtain that has chemical layers because they may not last too long.

Moreover, you can also find cotton curtains. However, these curtains aren’t much of a help when it comes to UV rays protection.

Fabric Cleaning

Generally, the best curtain fabrics are compatible with machine cleaning. If your curtain manufacturer prohibits you from using the machine, it’s a sign that the material is too delicate for an insulation curtain. Moreover, some curtains are compatible with tumble drying, while others are not.

Generally, you can clean with a mild detergent. It’s not a great idea to use bleach because it damages the fabric.

Sound Proofing

If you want to cut out the outside noise, you will need noise snubbers. But, these curtains can help reduce or dampen the noise even if you open the windows. Because of such extensively padded polyester, they are no longer just insulated curtains. They help to keep unwanted noise such as traffic, crickets’ chirping, and several other sounds.


These curtains come with a slippery surface. Therefore, it keeps cats and dogs from scratching against them. Cats often nibble at curtains, but that’s not the case with these insulated blackout curtains simply because of their material.

So, focus on the mentioned features to get the best deal. You will keep your room from heat and cold and save money on regular maintenance, which is often necessary with traditional curtains. Here is a quick summary of what to focus on:

  • Select the color scheme according to your house interior and the amount of darkness intended.
  • Look for the thick fabric to get maximum heat insulation.
  • Never use bleach for cleaning and avoid chemically treated curtains.
  • Most thermal curtains are soundproof, so always check for this feature.


So, when you change the curtains next time, you know what will suit your windows. Thermal curtains are not just good insulators, but they make sure that your room has enough soundproofing too. Moreover, since they help the room darkening, you can create your ambiance inside your room.

Therefore, the thermal blackout works wonders in numerous ways, helping keep the electricity bill to the lowest while providing the best results every time.

If you choose to follow us, you can easily buy one of the best-insulated blackout curtains in the market. The listed products are some of the finest ones, so you will not regret buying from them.

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