Best Operating System For Gaming

Which is the best OS for gaming? Is it the ubiquitous Windows 10? Or any other standard operating systems: Windows 7, Linux, or the Mac operating system? Keep reading to find out.

Whether you are a regular gamer or a beginner in the gaming world, your experience entirely depends on what operating system you use.

Therefore, most gamers are always on the lookout for the best OS to make their experience better. Unfortunately, not many systems are completely optimized or provide enough support for gaming.

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The Best OS for Gaming in 2021

The best OS for gaming in 2021 is undoubtedly Windows 10, by a long shot. The latest version of Windows 10 has everything you need to play games, stream live gaming or check out the best games available.

Not only does Windows have the most number of games, but because of its flexible options and performance, it is the number one choice for professional gamers.

There is two other OS for gaming that we shall also discuss: macOS and Linux. This guide will help you select the best operating system for your laptop and enjoy your most favorite games.

With the influx of better games and gaming consoles, gamers need the best system for gaming to play them. The best gaming OS provides enough support and is user-friendly too.

We shall first discuss each operating system, its origin, gaming performance, and how it has made it to the list of best-operating systems on computers.


Microsoft Windows has maintained reigning power over all major operating systems for computers.

It was first developed in 1985, the year after Mac operating system was released. Almost instantaneously, Windows captured 90% of the worlds’ market of operating systems.

Each operating system by Microsoft Windows has its complexity and user interface. Let’s see how they are different from each other and which one offers superior gaming performance.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version by Windows. It is a more refined and user-friendly version as compared to the most famous Windows 8.

Overall performance and Compatibility

When it was first launched, Windows 10 users faced many glitches. There was no major performance upgrade from Windows 8. However, Microsoft regularly updated the software to make the Windows operating system efficient and more compatible.

Windows 10 can perform well at every benchmark test. It means Windows 10 provides smooth and consistent graphics for any game you want to play on it, enhancing the user’s experience.

Similarly, no other operating system can use Direct X12. By using Direct X12, games can work directly with your video and audio hardware. As a result, your fun can use multimedia stimulation to enhance the gaming experience.

Not only this, you can find plenty of software to play old games too. As more and more games start using the Direct X12 interface, Windows 10 will maintain its position as the best operating system for gaming.

Number of Games Available

You can play around 20,000 streaming games on your Windows 10 operating system. Remember, there are no games pre-installed. You can download as many games as you like from the Windows store or off the internet.

Whether you are looking to play strategy games, battlegrounds games, indie games, or the good old racing games, the operating system of Windows 10 provides optimum support, top-of-the-line graphics, and a user-friendly interface.

Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 for your gaming, don’t be too quick to shift to the newer version. Let’s see why Windows 7 is still a well-known operating system for gaming.

Performance and Compatibility

The best operating system for gaming is one that focuses on bringing the best graphics for gamers. Even though Windows 7 is not compatible with Direct X12, it can provide consistent high framerates and audio-video experience for gamers.

This is because not all games need the X12 upgrade for enhanced performance. Moreover, by using additional software, you can play any old games without glitches.

Windows 7 has been around for a longer time compared to Windows 10. This ensures that any driver-related issues or incompatibility with hardware has been fixed.

On the contrary, many gamers feel that Windows 7 is slow, which makes gaming less stimulating.

Number of Games Available

Similar to Windows 10, there are more than 20,000 games that you can play on your Windows 7 operating system. Due to slow performance, it may not be the best Windows for fun, but it still offers more than other operating systems.

Since you can play the same number of games as Windows 10, if you are not looking for high speed and state-of-the-art simulation, Windows 7 is a perfect choice.


Die-hard gamers don’t consider Linux as their first choice for gaming. Why is that so? This is because the software and drivers that you need to play the latest games are not available on this operating software.

But Linux was not designed for gaming nor optimized its operating system to facilitate the gaming audience.

Linux operating system has designed the most popular system that most of us use, the Android. Its forte lies in being secure, efficient, and trouble-free. It is undoubtedly the fastest and well-equipped system for business entities.

Additionally, it is free to install on multiple devices and work on any computer or laptop, unlike Windows and macOS.

Performance and Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, Linux operating system protects your PC from viruses and is ideal for users who are careful about their security and privacy.

However, even the most famous Linux distribution “Ubuntu” is far slower compared to what an avid gamer requires when it comes to gaming.

That being said, the performance of gaming on Linux distributions has improved drastically. You can also play many Windows-only games on Linux now, thanks to the STEAM PROTON PROJECT.

All you need to do is select the option on Steam, and Linux will use third-party software to play the games.

Their performance is, however, a different story altogether. The gaming quality is slower and graphics considerably inferior because Linux relies on using external drivers and software. Linux may have designed the best operating system for your smartphones and Roku devices, but it is not a gamer’s heaven.

Number of Games Available

You can play numerous in-built games on Linux, but they are not of the same quality as Windows. Around 4,000 games are available on Stream that is directly compatible with Linux.

This makes Linux operating system the last choice for enthusiastic gamers.


Mac users get compact hardware coupled with efficient software that is entirely virus-free. But game developers are usually not focusing on macOS. This leaves an adverse impact on gamers who own an Apple laptop.

Performance and Compatibility

Mac operating system focuses on software efficiency rather than on hardware compatibility. Most Apple devices are powered with hardware that is not optimized to run the best and latest games. Simply put, an Apple desktop or laptop was not built keeping in mind the needs of gamers.

Number of Games Available

You will find more than 7000 games for Apple on Stream. You can also play Windows-only games on your Mac operating system through the WINE system, but don’t expect the same graphics as Windows.

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When gamers talk about PC gaming, they are looking for diversity. An operating system that provides its users with flexibility, variation, and most games will stand out. This is precisely why Windows 10 is the most popular operating system.

Leave a reply if you feel that there is any other operating system for gaming better than Windows 10. We also want to know which games are best played on your computers and consoles.

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