Best Gaming Monitor with Speakers: 7 Picks for Casual Gamers

Generally, it’s hard to find a gaming monitor with speakers, but it’s not something unheard of. Among all other accessories, speakers are a necessity in a gamer’s den. But what if you don’t have enough space to keep a set of speakers with other parts of your gaming computer?

That’s when you should shift your focus towards buying the best gaming monitor with in-built speakers. Along with saving space, these monitors also give you the functionality of two components, bringing convenience to gaming. 

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However, the overwhelmingly-large number of gaming monitors in the market can easily confuse even hardcore gamers. Thus, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best gaming monitor with speakers for daily use. 

List of Best Gaming Monitor with Speakers

Acer G276HL Kbmidx

Being one of the best manufacturers in the market, Acer has always exceeded expectations. The Acer monitor is an excellent choice for gamers who want to enjoy high-res visuals with a built-in sound source. 

The monitor comes with 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio – best for enjoying all your games in full detail. Plus, the zero-frame design takes away the thick frames that are a nuisance in older monitors. As a result, it frees up screen space, letting you view the visuals from edge to edge. 

Regardless of what you’re watching or doing, you can adjust the on-screen brightness to your preference. Make the colors brighter for night-time viewing or keep them dimmer to suit the aesthetic. Acer’s eColor Management offers image optimization that lets you enjoy every scene to the fullest. 

Additionally, the gaming monitor features Acer’s Flicker-less technology, which prevents screen flickering during extended use. It also has a blue light filter that keeps your eyes safe from straining blue light. Thanks to the ComfyView technology, the background reflections won’t bother you while gaming. 

Hardcore gamers tend to look for monitors with a high refresh rate, and this gaming monitor lives up to the mark with a 75Hz refresh rate.

The Acer monitor has a whopping 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio with a quick response. Thus, you can view the most intense blacks and whites on-screen in the utmost definition.

Even while gaming, you can be environment-conscious as the monitor has an Energy Star 6.0 certification. Along with consuming less power, it’s also mercury-free, being safe for regular use. Now for the most crucial part: the monitor has two 2-watt speakers to enhance your gaming experience. 


Has a zero-frame design
The high contrast ratio for finer details
Optimized image performance 
Blue light shield to reduce eye strain.
Prevents flickering and background reflection


Low sound production

BenQ 27 Inch IPS Panel Monitor

At first glance, you can quickly tell that the 27-inch BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor is a treat to the eyes. It has an edge-to-edge panel with slim bezels that give the monitor an elegant and functional profile. While the 27-inch screen offers wide viewing angles, the design itself has a low footprint. 

As a gamer, you’ll most probably spend hours in front of the monitor every day. Lucky for you, this BenQ monitor has a flicker-free build. Thus, it keeps you safe from headaches, disturbed sleep patterns, eye strains, and blurred vision. 

Most importantly, it has two built-in speakers with impeccable audio quality. You can hear even the tiniest sound during gameplay, from a player’s approaching footsteps to the rustling leaves. 

At the back of the monitor is a hidden compartment that houses the cables. Instead of cluttering your gaming area, the wires fold neatly into this section. As for the image quality, the monitor boasts an FHD 1080P IPS panel with 17-inch screen size. 

Owing to the 250 nits of brightness, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 1920 x 1080 resolution, you’ll see everything even if your gaming table gets a lot of bright natural light.

Plus, the 27-inch screen has wide viewing angles. So, you can see images on the screen from multiple viewing angles, even in fast-paced games. Since the monitor has a response time of 5 milliseconds, your games won’t lag anymore. 

To keep your eyes protected from strain and fatigue, the monitor is equipped with Adaptive technology. It adjusts the brightness according to your comfort and shields you from blue light. Thus, the view is easy on the eyes, while the built-in speakers delight the ears.


Has Patented Eye Care technology
Thin bezels for a larger screen size
27-inch IPS display with high color accuracy
An invisible compartment at the back to keep cables


Doesn’t allow adjustments in HDR mode

Sceptre 24″ Curved 75Hz Gaming LED Monitor

When talking about a Sceptre gaming monitor, one has to start with the image quality and faster response time. The 24-inch monitor has a 1800R curve design, one of the best for comprehensive viewing, that offers an immersive visual experience.

For high-end gaming, it has HDMI, PC, and VGA ports. Thus, the monitor has everything you need to stay plugged in for long hours.

Plus, it has a refresh rate of 75Hz. Owing to the higher refresh rate, you can play modern titles without facing lagging. Besides, it lets images change quickly and more smoothly than conventional monitors. You can bid farewell to screen tearing and enjoy a smooth gaming experience. 

Along with being gamer-friendly, the monitor is also suitable for regular users. It has an anti-flicker technology that offers a crisp picture and prevents backlighting. 

Quite interestingly, the 24-inch monitor has a tilting design. It can tilt five degrees forward and 15 degrees backward to find the best viewing angle for gameplay. Besides, it has a Blue light Shift Mode that provides eye-care even with extended use. 

Due to the sharper contrasts and more transparent whites, the LED shows you a wide array of colors. Although the manufacturers market it as an Edgeless monitor, it’s far from being the best representation of an edge-free design. However, it’s VESA wall mountable, letting you select the appropriate viewing position for your gaming comfort. 

The built-in speakers are suited for gaming and regular work. They offer robust audio while imparting a space-saving design to the monitor. 


An affordable option for mid-tier gamers
The screen tilts for finding the appropriate viewing angle.
Support for AMD FreeSync
Rich pixel density


Ghosts a bit in fast-paced games

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD 32 Inch Monitor 

While talking about popular companies like Acer and Dell, gamers often ignore some lesser-known brands that are comparably impressive. The ViewSonic monitor has a Form & Function modern design, with a 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. Thanks to the IPS panel, and 2k viewing quality, you won’t be disappointed in terms of display. 

Even with a higher resolution and larger image, the monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio that you’d find in most gaming monitors. Possibly, the most exciting feature of this monitor is ViewSonic’s ViewMode feature. You can select different presets, including Web, Mono, Movie, Game, and Text, to adjust the on-screen colors and brightness. 

Besides adjusting standard viewing settings, this technology also caters to your contrast and color temperature preferences. Depending on your screen applications, you can change the settings and use your gaming computer for work too. 

The gaming monitor has a large screen that lets you see clearly from all viewing angles. Meanwhile, the SuperClear IPS panel allows all viewing angles to give you the same stunning visual quality. 

Like most other gaming monitors, this one also features flicker-free technology and blue-light shielding. Due to both these technologies, you can enjoy all-day gaming without eye strain or blurry vision. 

Moreover, the monitor also impresses in terms of connectivity. You can connect it to your laptop, Mac, or Windows computers. Pus, the VGA inputs, and HDMI ports keep you hooked for convenient gaming. 

Want to open the game window, chatbox, and the browser all at once? Well, this monitor lets you do that quickly. It has a slim bezel design that leaves ample space on the screen for multi-step and multi-app computing. 

Although the built-in speakers are satisfactory, they might show volume fluctuations if you’ve plugged in a gaming console using the HDMI.


Resolution comparable to high-end monitors
Ready-made presets for different screen applications
SuperClear IPS panel
Suitable for multi-step computing


60Hz refresh rate is lower than the competition
Volume fluctuations when connected with an HDMI

Fiodio Curved 100Hz LED Gaming Monitor

Although not as popular as other high-end gaming monitors, this Fiodio model is among the best monitors for gaming. The most notable feature of this monitor is the 1200R curvature. It curves the screen according to the curvature of your eyes, making the viewing aspects more immersive. 

Plus, it has a 2560×1080 resolution, much higher than some other monitors on this list. However, that’s not the only impressive thing about this monitor’s gaming capabilities.

It also has a 100Hz refresh rate. Owing to the faster refresh rate, you no longer have to face screen freezing or lagging. Even when gaming for long hours, you’ll get a smooth viewing experience. That gives you an advantage over other players who might be playing on low-end monitors. 

Being VESA-compatible, the monitor comes with two installation methods. You can attach it to a wall or on the mounting arm. In any case, the installation only takes a while. 

Furthermore, the tiltable design with F-5° R-15° tilting – five inches to the front and 15 inches to the back – allows you to play and watch movies at comfortable angles. 

Despite having a higher resolution and sharper display, the monitor does not flicker. It has a stable backlight design to prevent flickering, offering a clear image quality. 

More importantly, the built-in speakers save space on your gaming desk and let you enjoy robust audio in any game you’re playing. 


Stable backlighting prevents flickering
Has a high refresh rate
Two installation methods
Has a tiltable design for comfortable viewing angles


The height is limited (12 inches)

Sceptre E248W-19203R LED Monitor

The Sceptre E248W-19203R LED Monitor has a 24-inch ultra-slim profile, handy for people who have limited space on their gaming station. If your choice is aesthetic-centric, this gaming monitor’s contemporary metallic design will surely appeal to you.

The slim bezels, coupled with a thin chassis and a 16:9 aspect ratio, monitor a sleek look. Even better, it has two HDMI ports that can be converted to DVI and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 for a revolutionary viewing experience. Plus, the VESA wall mount-readiness of this monitor allows you to install it whichever way you want. 

However, the most notable feature is the 2 x 2W 8 Ohm built-in speakers. You can enjoy all background and foreground sounds in your favorite games. The built-in speakers are also suitable for conference calls and listening to music. 

The monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate, one of the best on our list. Thus, the images change quickly on the screen, offering a smooth transition, free of screen tearing.

Finally, the Adaptive-Sync technology bridges the gap between the refresh rate and the graphic card, preventing stuttering and image tearing. Thus, it’s a handy feature to have on a gaming monitor with speakers. 

Even with so many exciting features, the Spectre gaming monitor is priced economically, falling in most gamers’ budgets.


VESA wall mount
Has Adaptive-Sync technology
A thin chassis
Suitable for dual monitor setup


The monitor doesn’t have anti-flickering technology

Dell S2319H S Series Monitor

The 23-inch Dell S2319H S Series Monitor is one of the best options for gamers who’re short on space but want the best viewing quality. First off, the ultra-thin bezels mean that you can enjoy a full-screen size without any distraction. 

Secondly, the monitor is made to fit most gaming stations. Since it has a modern-chic design, it will complement your gaming setup. While the glossy back radiates modernity, the slim design is an ode to this gaming monitor’s style-inspired build. 

Being TÜV Certified, this one is easy on the eyes with a flicker-free screen. Plus, the ComfortView allows you to view the monitor screen for hours without facing eye fatigue or headaches. 

The screen itself is a delight to look at with a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and rich colors. Meanwhile, the broad viewing aspects let you get the same image quality no matter the direction you’re looking at the screen from. 

It also has multiple presets that you can choose to adjust the screen settings. Depending on the day’s time, brightness in the room, or the task you’re doing, you can find a preset that works perfectly with the ambiance. 

If you want to customize the monitor settings, even more, you can use Dell’s Dell Display Manager app – downloadable from their website – to adjust how your monitor looks. 

Finally, the built-in speakers are some of the best you’ll find on a budget-friendly gaming monitor. The sound quality is pretty satisfactory, while the audio is clear. To get the best results, turn on the MAXX audio setting – a Dell-exclusive feature – to make the sound fuller. 


Built-in speakers with MAXX audio
Presets to adjust monitor screen as per the ambiance
TUV Certified for anti-flickering
Thinner bezels make the screen spacious.


The monitor is wobbly in its stand.

Best Gaming Monitor with Speakers: Buyer’s Guide

Regardless of what you’re doing on your computer, the monitor adds luster to the task since it’s in control of the display. You won’t enjoy anything with a lousy image and slow refresh rates, whether it’s gaming or photo editing. 

However, gaming monitors aren’t just about the display anymore – there’s so much more to decide. Do you want a 4k, 1080p, or 1440p resolution? Would you settle for bare old HD? How does a monitor with a faster response rate compared to a model with slower speeds? What have refresh rates got to do with this? 

Besides these basic things, you also have to focus on other features, including flicker-free technology, G Sync, Blue light shield, etc. Even if it isn’t your first time buying a gaming monitor, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while making the decision. 

In this section, we’ll help you find the best gaming monitor with speakers that you can use to full advantage during gaming marathons. Remember that some features like G Sync may only matter to hardcore gamers while others, like resolution and response time, should be considered by beginners. Let’s get started. 


Millions of dots merge to form an image on an LCD. These dots are called pixels, and they’re further made of three tinier components. Each of the three sub-pixels represents a primary color. 

When you read numbers like 2560 x, 1440 x, or 1920 x, you’re reading the screen’s size measured in pixels. Usually, there are two numbers, one for the width and the other for length. 

As a rule of thumb, the more pixels there are in a square inch of the screen, the smoother and more precise the image will be. Keeping that in mind, a monitor with a higher screen resolution will show you a better picture. Some common monitor resolutions include:

  • 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • 1280 x 720 (HD)

Modern monitors have higher resolutions that are termed as 2k, 4k, and 5k. As their names indicate, the screen resolutions go higher than two thousand pixels. 

Although it seems as if having a monitor with a higher resolution is the solution to all your display problems, there are two things to consider. Firstly, a high-res gaming monitor only works well with a powerful graphics card. 

If the monitor has more pixels on the screen, the graphics card must alter them in time. For instance, if you have a 4k monitor but an outdated GPU that can’t handle 8.3 million pixels at once, your viewing experience will be disappointing. In this case, the higher resolution becomes an issue. 

Secondly, you have to consider your computer’s font-scaling ability before investing in a high-res monitor. For example, Windows works best with a pixel density of 90-110 pixels per inch. Thus, monitors with a higher pixel density will make everything look much smaller on the screen. 

Monitor Panel

When you’re looking for a gaming monitor with built-in speakers, you’ll come across a specific feature called the panel. What is it, and how can you choose the right one? Today, manufacturers are using three types of boards for gaming monitors:

  • IPS Panel
  • VA Panel
  • TN Panel

Let’s start with the TN panel, which you’ll find in most gaming monitors. It has the fastest performance with low response times and high refresh rates. With a low input lag, the panel offers little motion blur. As for the display, it’s the worst among the three-panel choices. 

Therefore, it’s not hard to see why the TN panel is the cheapest and is most commonly used in the game monitors. 

The VA panel has the longest response time of the three and high refresh rates. As compared to the TN panel, you’ll get a better viewing angle from every direction. The colors are also right, and this panel has the best contrast and image depth. Compared to TN, the prices for the VA panel are higher. 

Lastly, the IPS panel is the most expensive option and is present in plenty of monitors. Compared to the TN panel, this panel’s refresh rates are hardly suitable for gaming with a slower response time. 

However, it will give you the best viewing angle to satisfy your visual needs. Among the three, the IPS panel has the best colors. That’s why it’s the best choice for monitors made for professional use. 

Refresh Rate and Response Time 

When looking for the best gaming monitor with built-in speakers, you shouldn’t ignore the response time and refresh rate. As a gamer, the refresh rate will matter a lot for you. Ideally, you should opt for monitors with a 144hz refresh rate to get a 5ms response time. 

144Hz refresh rate isn’t the highest you’ll find – some monitors go up to 280Hz, and a 360Hz monitor is about to be released – but it fits the gaming standard. 

However, if your budget doesn’t cover monitors with a high refresh rate, you can go for a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate. It’s not as great as a 144Hz refresh rate but will do the job. Also, most 4k monitors only allow a 60Hz refresh rate. 

While considering the response time, you’ll also come across the term ‘input lag.’ It refers to the duration it takes for the monitor to detect the output from the GPU. When you push a keyboard button or click something with your mouse, the graphics card recognizes it. Then, the monitor further detects this output. 

Gamers shouldn’t go for monitors with a slow response time or high input lag. Since input lag isn’t mentioned in a monitor’s specs list, you can determine it by looking at the refresh rate. If the refresh rate is higher, the input lag is generally lower. 

G Sync or Free Sync?

In gaming monitors, ‘Sync’ refers to the display technology. While NVIDIA’s technology is G-Sync, that of AMD GPU is FreeSync. 

The G-Sync technology synchronizes the display rates to your computer’s GPU and eliminates stutter, input lag, and screen tearing. The AMD Free Sync does pretty much the same thing but at a lower price. 

Another difference between the two display technologies is that G-Sync needs a DisplayPort, whereas FreeSync is compatible with DisplayPort and HDMI. 

The easiest way to choose between G-Sync and Free Sync is to look at your hardware. If you have an NVIDIA GPU, it’s pretty clear which display technology you should opt for. Both technologies are comparable in terms of performance, and the only bias comes from personal preference. 


Gaming monitors with built-in speakers are an excellent way to save space in your gaming station. While choosing the right monitor for gaming with built-in speakers, you must consider the size of your room. 

If you have a smaller room, the 2.1 stereo speakers should be sufficient for you. However, for larger spaces, opt for 5.1 stereo speakers since they offer a much better sound. 

Although built-in speakers are suitable for people with space constraints, they’ll never be as great as stereo speakers. No gaming monitor with speakers will live up to the audio standard set by stereo speakers. Thus, the choice falls upon your personal preference and convenience.

Screen Size

Most professional gamers agree that the best screen size for gaming is 27 inches. While it may seem like a 32-inch screen will offer a better view, the screen size is often too big for the gaming desk. You’ll also have to move your head around a lot when viewing on a 32-inch screen because of peripheral vision. 

Aspect Ratio

Most gaming monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the best for standard screen resolutions. The aspect ratio determines the shape of the image you see on the screen, with 16 being the width and 9 being the height. 


Which is the Best Monitor With Built-in Speakers for Dual-Monitor Gaming?

In a dual-monitor setup, the primary screen can be used for gaming while the secondary screen serves other purposes, such as browsing or watching gaming tutorials. To set up a dual display, your system’s GPU must support the configuration. 

Plus, there must be an additional port for video output if you want to set up an extra display for multitasking. As for the monitors, you can connect gaming monitors with built-in speakers from different companies or even use an HDTV for a dual-display setup. The screen size or resolution being different doesn’t matter either.

Do Gaming Monitors Have Speakers?

Generally, gaming monitors do not have built-in speakers because speakers only add more weight and price to the build. However, it’s not hard to find a monitor with a built-in audio source these days. Remember: these speakers won’t be as great as the ones that are specifically engineered for gaming.

Should I Get a Monitor With Built-in Speakers?

If you’re an audiophile or play adventure games – in which audio sensing is essential to combat forces – you should get a separate set of speakers. However, if you’re a low-tier gamer or don’t play audio-centered games much, opt for a monitor with built-in speakers.

What Monitors Do Professional Gamers Use?

Professional gamers tend to use monitors with a high-res display, a suitable screen size, and an impeccable response time. Since fast-paced gaming is all about beating the competition and keeping up with the interface, a good response time is essential. In terms of audio, professional gamers almost always go for external speakers.


Choosing the best monitor with built-in speakers isn’t exactly child’s play, but we’ve made it easier for you in this guide. We’ve discussed everything you need to consider to find the best option for your gaming needs, from screen size to response time. 

Plus, we’ve found seven gaming monitors that you can invest in today. Let us know which monitor will be the one for you. 

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