How to Turn off Xbox One Controller Vibration

Xbox One: An overview

Xbox One is a gaming console launched as a complete entertainment platform. As usual, its biggest competitor is the Sony Playstation, PS 4.

You get a more immersive experience in Xbox One than before, owing to its classy controller, better processing, and improved overall system.

Upon its launch, it received rave reviews and continues to amaze people. Users especially liked the ability to play cross-platform and exclusive games.

Xbox One was also followed by Xbox One S, an upgrade on the original. It is 40 percent more compact than the first model and is compatible with 4K video. It also has an updated controller, which can be connected to other Bluetooth devices.

Pros of Xbox One

1) Cloud Services

There’s no limit to how much you can game! With this console, you get unlimited cloud storage, and you can also pair your account with OneDrive for free.

2) Share recordings

Who doesn’t like to flaunt their skills? With Xbox One, you can record video clips or take screenshots and share them with your friends.

3) Kinect Sensor

This feature seems to be straight out of a game. Kinect is a depth-sensing camera. Through it, you can also give voice commands to your Xbox One.

4) Immersive gaming

It offers a 4K gaming experience and features like a vibration in crucial moments. This vibration gives a more enthralling feel to high-octane moments in your game.

The reason for adding the vibration feature to Xbox One controller

Usually, when gaming, we want the experience to be as immersive as possible. So we want a bigger screen, bass-heavy speakers, and the perfect room lighting to take your game to the next level.

Microsoft added vibrations to the Xbox One controller to make sure the console gives immersive gameplay. This adds more tension to the drama while providing a physical feel of crucial in-game moments.

We’ve all felt those added experiences through our controller when the ball hits the post-intense FIFA games. However, not everyone is a fan of the Xbox controller vibration feature. Some find it distracting and annoying. They feel that the vibration in Xbox takes their attention away from the crucial moments.

The good news is that you can easily disable the vibration settings in Xbox. Earlier, it was a cumbersome process. You had to manually go to each game’s settings and turn it off. Luckily, now we have an option to disable controller vibration for all or any game in one place.

Turn off vibration in Xbox One Controller

There are two ways you can turn off the Xbox One controller vibration. They are explained in the tutorial below:

Method 1: Using Xbox One

Here you can use your console to turn off the vibration. Follow these steps to do that:

1) Connect the Xbox One to your TV

2) Turn it on

3) Once you’ve connected it, press the Xbox button on the controller (The button with X icon)

4) When the menu loads, scroll down and select Settings

5) Under Settings, search for “Devices & accessories”. This will have a controller icon next to it.

6) Click on accessories and find the controller that you want to turn the vibration off for

7) Now, click on Configure. When the options are loaded, you will see ‘Turn on vibration’ with a checkbox next to it

8) Uncheck the box to turn off the vibration feature for your Xbox One controller

Note that you can also make this configuration as default. When you save it as default settings, it will make your Xbox One turn off vibration on its own. So you won’t have to open the menu every time!

So, the next time you are playing games, you won’t face any interruptions and can give your best to each mission.

Method 2: Using Windows 10 PC

Another way to turn off your Xbox One controller vibrations is through your Windows 10 PC. Since Windows and Xbox are both products of the same company, it’s easy to sync them.

Here’s how you can configure that:

1) Turn on your Windows 10 device.

2) Visit the Microsoft store, search for the Xbox Accessories app in the menu and download it. If you already have the app, great; you will need to launch it (it has the Xbox icon on it)

3) Plug your Xbox One controller into the PC. There are two ways to do that: Plug it in via a USB cable or use the controller’s wireless adapter.

4) When you plug it in, you will see your controller in the app. Select ‘Configure’.

5) Most users will see default settings if they haven’t changed them.

6) Similar to other methods, scroll down to search the ‘Turn on vibration’ option.

7) Uncheck the box to turn off the Xbox One controller vibration.

8) Connect your Xbox to the TV and start playing.

You can save the settings on your PC as well. The same will apply when you play games on your Xbox One console.

Final thoughts

The methods above show that it’s easy to turn off your vibration settings. We hope this Xbox tutorial was easy for you to follow, and that you managed to change controller settings easily.

Xbox One remains one of the best consoles out there. It is an icon of the gaming industry and is fun with the vibration feature on and off. So, now that you know how to change the settings, you can be in control of your gaming experience.

How do you like your games? With or without vibration? Let us know in the comments section.