PS4 Controller Not Charging? Here’s an Easy Fix

Elite gamers know that PS4 is an impressive tech, but issues like the PS4 controller not charging could spoil all the fun. Today, we will take a detailed look at the charging problem for your PS4 controller. We will see the potential fix for hardware problems, the easy solution, and the common hardware errors many users face.

There could be a case of factory defaults, a damaged port, a malfunctioning controller, or even a faulty charging cable that could be causing all the issues. The key is to look for the right solutions.

There could be several causes for why your PS4 controller is not charging. These might be slight physical issues, such as dust or cable damage, or a software issue that requires a reset or upgrade of the console. However, even a substantial error can result in the PS4 controller not charging.

Some Reasons: Why PS4 Controller is not Charging

When a PS4 controller ceases to charge, a few possibilities exist. For example, there could be an issue with the charging port or cord, an issue with the PS4 that inhibits it from supplying power via USB, or an issue with the PS4 controller’s rechargeable batteries.

Here’s a quick list of the issues you might be experiencing:

Problems with the charging port:

The USB ports may be blocked by wreckage or physically damaged because they easily collect dust. A cleanup or simply changing the port is a possibility to fix for the PS4 controller won’t charge. You can also try replacing your charging port to fix the charging issue.

Issues with charging cables:

The micro USB ports at the end of the cable might be broken or must’ve worn out; the cable itself might be defective, and another case could be that the cable might not be crafted for this use case. For example, some USB cables are not intended for charging controllers.

The PS4 controller won’t charge issue could also be due to inhibition of power cycling, which could disrupt the USB cable charging. You can replace and use a different USB cable or a new one and see if this works. Also, check the USB slots of the cable and the machine.

Hardware Issue:

There can be hardware issues other than a USB cable or USB port issue, which can halt PS4 users from getting their controller charged. In addition, even though Sony has a good reputation in manufacturing controllers, one can’t rule out the possibilities like efficiently collecting dust, battery malfunction, plugging errors, etc. Any of these issues could lead to a malfunctioned controller.

Check for Console Bugs

A few console bugs may inhibit your controller from getting charged. You can try to restart the controller, reboot the console, or update the console software to the latest version.

Solutions to fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge.

Numerous user reports mention their PS4 controller not charging. The controller charging problem could be a result of various reasons. For your convenience, we have listed a few solutions to help you successfully charge your PS4 controller.

Connect the PS4 controller to your computer or another device:

Occasionally, controllers have trouble charging directly from the PS4, but checking the controller by connecting it with other devices — such as your Mac, PC, laptop, or Android — can help you know the issue.

If it’s not charging from another source, you understand it isn’t the PS4 that is the issue. So keep an eye on the light bar for a few seconds to ensure a connection is completed with another device.

Use The Reset Button/Reset Hole On The Backside Of Your Controller

To fix the PS4 controller won’t charge issue, try this method.

Remove all the saved devices from the list under “Devices” in the PS4 Settings menu. Then, on the controller, keep something pointy ready to fit into the small hole on the backside of the PS4 controller. A toothpick or bobby pin, for instance, could work. You can use a magnifying glass to check for minute particles stuck inside to ensure nothing is stuck.

Steps To Reset All The Settings For PS4 Controller

  1. Switch off your PS 4.
  2. Disconnect your PS4 controller.
  3. On the backside, look for the reset button. It’s a small hole just below the L2.
  4. Stick a pin for 5 seconds.

Finally, use the PlayStation button to re-sync the controller to the PS4 and see if the PS4 controller not charging issue is fixed.

Perform A Power Cycle On The PS4.

Switch off your PS4 console and PS4 controller, then remove the power cable from the wall outlet. Wait 5 minutes, then hold the power button for at least thirty seconds. This will drain all the energy from the PS4. Now, reconnect the PS4 and start the device.

If your PS4 controller is still not charging via. Charging cable, see if it is still covered by Sony or the retailer’s warranty/guarantee from where you have bought it.

If they have got you covered, then you may be able to get a replacement or swap out some of the hardware without actually paying for a spanking new PS4 controller.

Batteries May Be The Problem For Ps4 Controller Not Charging

It is typical for such batteries inside the PS4 controller to discharge and weaken over time. Your controller’s batteries can always be replaced. This has no bearing on the console’s service contract.

The Dualshock 4 controllers are the most popular among PlayStation 4 gamers. If you are having trouble charging your controller, follow the above steps.

You will need to purchase a suitable controller if they do not work; however, In particular instances of repairs or questions, you can always consult the PS4 technical support team.

Replace The Batteries

Although changing the battery on your controller isn’t that easy, you can do it on your own. If you don’t have a screwdriver, you might want to take it to a repair center instead. A plastic pry and an appropriate PS4 battery are also required.

Clean/Change The Charging Port

The charging port might be clogged with dust or grit. It would inhibit the charging of your PS4 controller. To remove the dirt, use compressed air, a microfiber cloth, a wooden toothpick, an electric exhaust fan, or a cue tip. Then try once more.

You must connect the primary power supply wire and charging USB cable in the correct slots and check whether your controller works fine. If cleaning isn’t working and power cycling can’t be initiated, then go for changing the charging port.

Examine the PS4 controller charging cable.

The USB charging cable could occasionally cause your PS4’s inability to charge. To determine whether your USB cable is malfunctioning, perform the below instructions.

  • You can use the same USB charging cable if you have additional controllers.
  • Using the same charging USB cable will assure you that there is no error in the USB cable.
  • If the other controller charges, your charging cable is not the cause of the issue. If the other controller doesn’t charge, your USB cord may be broken. Please proceed to the following action; replacing it.
  • To charge the PS4 controller, try using the genuine USB charging cord with your PS4 system.


Now that you have gone through all the above methods to fix the PS4 controller not charging, here are some frequently asked questions.

Why can’t you charge your ps4 controller?

Lack of energy or damage to the inside wiring could be the reason for your PS4 controller not charging. Regarding the charging issue, a broken USB cable or charging port, a technical malfunction, or a mismatch could be the issue. If the issue isn’t minor, and you see no solution, buy a new controller.

How to know if your PS4 controller is charging?

You should connect a USB cable and make sure that the USB cable and the USB port are dust-free for charging your controller. After ensuring everything is rightfully connected, look for the controller’s amber light to start to blink, and the PS4 Controller starts charging. Once the charging is complete, the light turns off. These colors will be visible in the controller’s light bar.

Does the Rechargeable battery stop working?

Any battery does have a certain lifespan that is based on its power. You can purchase new or recharge current batteries using a battery charging converter. As batteries age, their capacity to hold a charge for an extended period decreases.


Many users replace their charging cable when the issue is with the port; it’s understandable that the issue of the PS4 controller not charging creates a hassle, but with the proper knowledge, you can identify the charging issue correctly. You must replace the console if the solutions mentioned above don’t work.

We hope that now you have the solution to your problem and our article was helpful.