How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to one device

With the advent of Smart TVs, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc., Bluetooth devices have found more popularity recently. Bluetooth technology has grown from our phones to our cars, television, speakers, etc. Therefore, it is only wise to keep up with this technology to ease our daily life.

In this article, we look at the connectivity options that Bluetooth audio devices offer if you want to connect multiple of these speakers to one device.

But before we do that, let us know some basics about Bluetooth and more.

What is a Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radiofrequency to share data over a short distance. You can use Bluetooth on laptops, mobile phones, keyboards, speakers, cars, etc. It is a low-energy-consuming, wireless way to share information.

If you are having a party, music from one Bluetooth speaker is hardly enough. Connecting multiple speakers will create a mini home stereo system; what better way to enjoy your party?

The Bluetooth multipoint technology allows your device to pair with other Bluetooth speakers. Let us see how you can pair multiple Bluetooth devices.

How to establish multiple Bluetooth speaker connections?

Previously, Bluetooth function was limited to being paired to only one device or one-to-one device pairing.

Once any two devices are paired, you can share pictures, ringtones, messages, etc., between the paired devices. This had limitations like a shorter range, around ten to thirty meters, a slow speed, and a Bluetooth connection.

With technology constantly advancing and evolving, it is possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one smartphone.

Here are multiple ways to connect two speakers or more with one device.

#1- Samsung Dual Audio feature

Samsung has one of the best Android devices; they have updated and upgraded their features to suit the ever-changing technology.

All the new Samsung Galaxy phones, for example, Samsung S8 or S+, have Samsung’s Dual Audio feature, enabling the user to connect two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously. Bluetooth 5 is not required for this.

Different models of Samsung have different option layouts, but most have this option in Bluetooth Settings.

Let us see how to connect two Bluetooth speakers to your Samsung phone using Dual Audio mode.

Step#1– Drag the taskbar or tap Settings on the app’s screen.

Tap Connections and select Bluetooth.

Step#2- On the Bluetooth menu, extraordinary Advance.

On some phones, you must tap the three dots on the corner of the screen to launch the menu.

Turn on Dual audio. Two speakers connect with this option.

Step#3- Pair your phone with both speakers/ headphones or Bluetooth headphones. Play music and enjoy it on two speakers simultaneously.

The first device will be logged out if you add a third device.

#2- Apple’s Homepod Stereo Pair

Apple has the same feature as Samsung’s Dual Audio- Homepod Stereo Pair, which pairs up to two devices. The iPhone in use needs to have IOS 11.4 at least.

The Home app could be used to set up this feature on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac.

The Stereo Pair feature requires the iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac to pair with two Homepod speakers, and both the Homepod speakers are needed to be in the same room. You will have the option to use the speakers as a stereo pair.

With the help of the Stereo Pair function, you can play music through more than one speaker.

Follow these steps to connect two Homepod speakers.

Step#1– Open the Home app and verify the Homepods in the same room.

Step#2– Tap the Home app. Now double-click Homepod.

Step#3– Select Settings and then tap Create Stereo pair.

Step#4– Select the second Homepod you wish to pair and double-click it.

#3- Use an app- Amp Me

The App store and the Google Play store have many apps that perform the same function of playing music on multiple devices simultaneously.

The Amp Me app allows users to amplify their music by connecting multiple devices to play the same music simultaneously.

The Amp Me app is better than the others as it works with many compatible devices, irrespective of the speaker brands. At the same time, apps like Bose Connect, Ultimate Ears, etc., require Bluetooth speakers for their company devices.

Amp Me syncs the device and the Bluetooth speakers to stream audio from various apps such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and other libraries. Here a user can act as a host to create and share his library of music from the music apps with his family or friends.

#4- Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5.0 speakers are a better version of their predecessors. In addition, Bluetooth 5 has upgraded range and speed, connection quality, power consumption, etc.

Most Bluetooth speakers that come to the market nowadays have the upgraded Bluetooth 5, which can connect multiple speakers and play the same music simultaneously.

The range has increased to over thirty-six meters which is considerably better than the previous one.

It would be best if you connected the two connected speakers/ headphones to the laptop or a smartphone, and you can enjoy the stereo sound effect.

#5- Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears are a brand of blue tooth devices that are completely wireless, waterproof, and most portable speakers with excellent audio performance. Hyperboom, Megaboom3, and Wonderboom2 are their star products.

Ultimate Ears allow you to connect with multiple Bluetooth speakers, such as UE boom speakers, Boom2, Megaboom speakers, Megaboom 3, and Boom3 speakers simultaneously.

The app also comes with features such as a Party mode- where you can connect to your friend’s speakers and enjoy the same music everywhere.

To connect multiple Ultimate Ears speakers to one device, press the Bluetooth and volume-up buttons. You will hear a tone indicating a Bluetooth connection.

To connect the second and third speakers, press the Bluetooth button twice and repeat the pairing procedure.

This way, Ultimate Ears allows you to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, up to 150.

The downside of Ultimate Ears is that it lacks low bass, is not Wi-Fi compatible, and does not support voice assistance.

#6- Bose connect app

Bose is undoubtedly the best speaker brand out there. The Bose Connect app enhances the full potential of your Bose Bluetooth devices. It allows you to connect two speakers to one device and enjoy both stereo and party modes.

In stereo mode, the speaker’s right and left channels deliver sound. In Party mode, you need to turn on the connect app, then turn on the party mode to establish Bluetooth connectivity.

Bose Connect app can be used with Bose’s Bluetooth headphones to connect two headphones, one headphone, a Bose speaker, or two Bose speakers to the connected device.

#7- JBL speakers

JBL produces wireless speaker systems. Its products can be used by any mobile, as long as you connect through your Bluetooth and have the inbuilt battery charged.

JBL Bluetooth speakers come with JBL Connect, Connect+, or Partyboost features, slowing you to piggyback off each other.

You must connect a device to one speaker, turn the second speaker on, and press the JBL Connect, Connect+, or Partyboost buttons.

The app allows you to connect your device with multiple JBL speakers, up to 100 JBL devices, with excellent sound quality.

#8- Amazon Echo and Google Home

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home use the same technology, even though they are separate companies. As a result, both devices can connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers.

Amazon Echo

The Alexa app has a built-in multi-room speaker function that allows it to set up wireless speakers like Echo, Echo dot, etc.

To connect Amazon Echo to multiple speakers,

Step#1-Open the Alexa app on your mobile. Select Devices from the home page.

Step#2– Now tap the + sign on the top right corner of the screen and tap Add device.

Step#3– Choose the desired device that is ready to use.

Google Home

Google Home devices can pair with their kind or a third-party Bluetooth speaker. In addition, you can get multi-room audio if you have multiple Google Home devices.

Let us see how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to Google Home.

Step#1– Open the Google Home app and select Devices in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step#2– Now, select the speaker you want to connect, click Settings, then, Default music speakers.

Step#3– Now, select the new Bluetooth speaker.


Because of their excellent performance and portable features, Bluetooth devices are top-rated today. When you can connect multiple speakers to your smartphone or tablet, things can get a lot more entertaining.

The above-explained applications are ways to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one device and enjoy the stereo sound quality.