How To Make a Stonecutter In Minecraft

Initially introduced in the Minecraft pocket edition, the stonecutter has since become a staple of Minecraft across multiple editions.

Although crafting from the stonecutter may seem difficult if you’re a beginner, it’s not. As you’ll see, using a stonecutter in Minecraft is much easier than using a traditional crafting table.

In this article, we’ll explain how to make a stonecutter in different versions of Minecraft. But first, it helps to know what stonecutters are and how to use them.

What Is a Stonecutter In Minecraft?

A stonecutter is a unique tool that can be used in place of a traditional crafting table. As the name suggests, it allows users to craft stone blocks into various stone decoration blocks as they need.

The Stone Cutter only uses one ingredient on its crafting grid as compared to the crafting table. Whether you use cobblestone, stone bricks, or smooth stone, you only need a single block and will make one stone block as output from your raw materials.

To find a complete list of inventory items you can craft using the stonecutter tool, follow the instructions on the Minecraft wiki.

Is It Better To Use a Stonecutter In Minecraft?

The stonecutter and crafting table can be used to craft stone-related blocks from different raw stone materials. So you might wonder, why bother using the stone cutter at all? Is it better than the crafting table?

To answer briefly, yes: the stonecutter is more time-efficient than the crafting table for making stone items. For example, you can directly create chiseled stone bricks with a stonecutter. This would otherwise take multiple steps to craft using crafting tables.

Additionally, the stonecutter is also more economical than crafting tables. Whereas you need six blocks of stone to make four blocks of stone stairs with the crafting table, the stonecutter yields six stone stairs from 6 stone blocks. This is a 50% increase in output.

The single box input and single box item also make the stonecutter easier to use than the crafting table, which has more than one box in a crafting grid.

Which Minecraft Version Supports The Stonecutter?

Initially, the Stonecutter was released with Minecraft pocket Edition v0.6.0 Alpha on January 30, 2013. It has since made its way to other platforms over time, including the Java/Bedrock Edition (PC/Mac), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The following is a list of each platform and edition that supports the Minecraft stonecutter along with the version it was added in:

  1. Java (PC/Mac): Version 1.14
  2. Pocket Edition: Version 0.1
  3. Windows 10: Version 0.1
  4. Education Edition: Version 0.1
  5. Xbox One: Version 1.2
  6. PS4: Version 1.91
  7. Nintendo Switch: Version 1.5.0

The following platforms do not support the stonecutter across all versions at the time:

  1. Xbox 360
  2. PS3
  3. Wii U

How Do I Get The Stonecutter In Minecraft Creative Mode?

To get the Minecraft stonecutter in creative mode, you need to find it in your creative inventory.

The following is a list of each platform and required Creative inventory menu option to get the stonecutter in Minecraft creative mode across each version:

  1. Java (PC/Mac): Menu > Decoration Blocks
  2. Pocket Edition: Menu > Decorations
  3. Windows 10 (0.14.1 -1.1.3): Menu > Decorations
  4. Windows 10 (1.2 -1.16.20): Menu > Items
  5. Education Edition (0.14.2 – 1.0.18): Menu > Decorations
  6. Education Edition (1.0.21 – 1.14.31): Menu > Items
  7. Xbox One: Menu > Items
  8. PS4 (1.91): Menu > Miscellaneous
  9. PS4 (1.14.0 -1.16.20): Menu > Items
  10. Nintendo Switch (1.5.0 -1.16.20): Menu > Decorations

As you cannot get the stone cutter in the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 editions, there are no menu options on each platform for the stonecutter.

Minecraft Commands For Spawning Stonecutter

If you wish to spawn a stonecutter, there are different commands you can use across each platform to make a stonecutter without crafting directly. You may find the command is the same for more than one platform.

Here are the commands you need for each version of Minecraft to make a stonecutter from nothing:

1. Minecraft Java/Bedrock Edition (PC/Mac):

Supported Versions: 1.14-1.16

Command: /give @p stonecutter 1

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

Supported Versions: 1.11.0-1.16.0

Command: /give @p stonecutter_block 1 0

3. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition:

Supported Versions: 1.11.0-1.16.0

Command: /give @p stonecutter_block 1 0

4. Minecraft Education Edition:

Supported Versions: 1.12.0-1.12.60

Command: /give @p stonecutter_block 1 0

5. Minecraft Xbox One Edition:

Supported Versions: 1.11.0-1.16.0

Command: /give @p stonecutter_block 1 0

6. Minecraft PS4 Edition:

Supported Versions: 1.14.0-1.16.0

Command: /give @p stonecutter_block 1 0

7. Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition:

Supported Versions: 1.14.0-1.16.0

Command: /give @p stonecutter_block 1 0

As long as you follow the commands above for each platform and supported version, you should be able to spawn the stonecutter.

How To Make Stonecutter Minecraft

If you’re not a fan of creative mode and would prefer to make a stonecutter yourself in survival the old-fashioned way, don’t worry. Crafting a stonecutter is just as easy as any other item with a recipe, as you will see.

The following steps detail how to make a craft a stonecutter, Minecraft survival mode style:

Step # 1

Open the crafting menu in Minecraft. If you’re not sure how to open the crafting menu, the controls required are different on each platform:

  • Java (PC/Mac): Right-click with mouse
  • Pocket Edition: Tap on Screen
  • Windows 10: Right-click with mouse
  • Education Edition: Right-click with mouse
  • Xbox One: Press LT Button
  • PS4: R2 button
  • Nintendo Switch: Press ZL button

Step # 2

With the crafting menu open, you now need to input the crafting recipe to make a stonecutter.

The following materials are required to craft a stonecutter:

  • 1 × Iron Ingot
  • 3 × Stone

Any stone block can be used to craft the stonecutter. Instead of stone, you can use cobblestone, polished granite, and polished andesite, for example.

Step # 3

Arrange the iron ingot and stones in the three × 3 crafting grid according to the stonecutter crafting recipe.

You need to place the one iron ingot in the middlebox of the top row of the crafting grid. The 3 stone blocks need to be placed in the middle row boxes directly below the iron ingot.

The order does not matter; you can place your polished granite or polished andesite block in any order below the iron ingot you wish.

Step # 4

If you prefer a visual depiction of the above step for the stonecutter Minecraft recipe, you can follow the notation below:




X is an empty box, one iron ingot in the top row, and S is each stone block in the bottom row.

Step # 5

If you follow the instructions in each step above, you should see the stonecutter appear in the box on the right of the crafting menu. Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to find.

Step # 6

Once you see the stonecutter tool spawn, click/tap on the place where you see it to place it in your inventory.

Step # 7 (Optional)

If you don’t want to make a stonecutter, you can always find a naturally generated stonecutter in Mason’s house inside villages.

You can mine the stonecutter from Mason’s house, but you need a pickaxe to do so – any pickaxe will do. Attempting to mine a stonecutter without a pickaxe will drop nothing.

How Do You Get An Old Stonecutter In Minecraft?

The old stonecutter is purely a decorative block but serves no other purpose. You cannot craft bricks, stairs, or any other stone items with it.

If you still wish to find the old stonecutter, you can do so in the Nintendo 3DS edition. It would help if you had pick blocking or third-party software to do so. You can move the stonecutter once you mine it.

Is There a Wood Cutter In Minecraft?

Unfortunately, a similar tool called the woodcutter does not exist in Minecraft as of yet. To craft wooden stairs and other wooden items, you need to follow the classic method using crafting tables and traditional crafting recipes.


Whether you’re building your favorite creations in Creative mode or making your base in Survival, you’ll always find a use for a Stonecutter in Minecraft.

The main advantage of the Stonecutter is that it saves time and resources when it comes to crafting. Before you make a stonecutter, make sure you check if your Minecraft version supports Stonecutters.

If you do not wish to make a stonecutter, you can generate it in Creative mode, spawn it with commands or find it in a village.

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