How to Connect to Internet Without Ethernet Port

Laptops are getting smaller and sleeker every year to increase portability and usage. Many laptops now don’t come with space-occupying ports and features, such as a CD ROM. This often also includes the ethernet port.

Before Wi-fi became common, most people connected to the internet through wired networks with an ethernet cable. However, there are still some scenarios where you might need to connect to the internet via ethernet.

This article will help you find ways to connect to the internet on your laptop without an ethernet port.

What is Ethernet Port?

An ethernet port is a particular port on computers and network equipment where the ethernet cable plugs in. It connects the ethernet LAN to the wired network, a private network or local network that provides access to the internet.

Wi-fi routers always have ethernet ports built-in in case one wants to make a wired connection. Even if your laptop doesn’t have one, you can look at the modem or router to see it. It’s different from the standard USB ports.

It’s square-shaped, and the ethernet plug that goes into the port has a clip that helps hold it in place. You may have to press the pin slightly to insert the plug into the port.

Do You Need Ethernet Port for Wi fi?

Wi-fi’s very definition and use eliminate the need for cable connectivity, which essentially eliminates the need for an ethernet port. You can connect to a Wi fi network wirelessly without the need for an ethernet port.

This is the reason why most modern laptops are coming without one. These rely on a wireless connection. So yes, you don’t need an ethernet port to connect to Wi fi.

Why Use Ethernet Port?

With Wifi connections everywhere, wired ethernet may seem like an old-school way. However, in certain situations, a wired connection can come in very handy. It may even help improve your connection.

Here are some reasons why you may need an ethernet cable and port:

Weak Wifi

We all are too familiar with painfully slow wi fo connections. It’s frustrating, and you cannot get your work done. Connecting with an ethernet cable to the modem/router directly can improve internet connection speed. It’s an old method that many people often use when having trouble with their wireless speed.

More Protection

They are connecting via a cable, maybe a little more secure than connecting with Wifi. People still use ethernet cables to connect their computers to the network for more robust security in many companies.

Weak Signal Range

There are always parts of your home where the Wifi signal is weak. That can be resolved by simply connecting to the router with an ethernet cable. You could connect using a long cable temporarily to get strong signals and get your work done.

How To Connect Ethernet Cable Without Ethernet Port?

Now, let’s talk about the main problem at hand. What if your laptop doesn’t have a port for ethernet and you want to connect with the ethernet cable. The best solution for that is a gigabit ethernet adapter.

A gigabit ethernet adapter connects with an ethernet cable to a laptop using the USB ports present on your laptop. Every PC or Mac has at least one USB port. The adapter can be USB 1.0, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0, USB 3.1.

You need to figure out which USB ports your computer has and then pick an adapter that supports that particular type of USB connection. These adapters are not expensive at all.

To make the ethernet connection, plug the adapter into the appropriate USB port. And insert the ethernet pin into the outlet on the other side of the adapter.

Your computer will automatically recognize the ethernet adapter and install any drivers if necessary. There’s no need to install anything on your part.

For Mac, you can buy an ethernet to thunderbolt adapter to connect an ethernet cable with your Macbook.

Benefits of Ethernet Adapter

  • These are pretty small and portable devices, so you can keep them in your laptop bag or pocket to use whenever necessary.
  • The USB-C type and USB 3.0 connections allow for more data transfers and don’t lose the signal quality.
  • A simple plug-and-play operation doesn’t require the installation of drivers or anything like that.
  • A quality ethernet connection adapter can handle gigabit speeds efficiently.

What If Ethernet Adapter Doesn’t Work?

First of all, make sure you don’t buy an exceptionally cheaply made adapter. Invest in a quality one that promises efficiency and ideally has a warranty too.

If you cannot connect an ethernet cable successfully after plugging in the adapter, the chances are that your USB port on the laptop is faulty. Try connecting it to another one on the same PC or another PC to check whether it works.

If it doesn’t work on any of the ports, you probably received a faulty adapter.

Wrap Up

While you don’t necessarily need an ethernet connection to connect to the internet, sometimes it may make sense to connect with a cable. If your laptop lacks this possibility, that’s not an issue. You can use an adapter to make the connection using a cable.

Make sure that you buy an adapter that’s compatible with the USB ports on your laptop.