How to Fix Apex Legends Packet Loss Issue

Do you spend your time playing online games? Are you a gamer who wants to make a mark in the E-sports industry? If so, you are in for a ride!

There are loads of online games that are currently popular. From first-person shooting to football like FIFA, there is immense diversity in the world of E-sports. Similarly, there’s one popular online game that has taken the world by storm.

Yes! We are referring to Apex Legends. Although the game is fabulous, has quality graphics, and a smooth user experience, gamers face many technical issues daily.

The most traumatizing issue out of all is packet loss. It would refer to the misalignment of data during transmission if we were to state it in one line. Want to learn more about it? Importantly, want to know the solutions? Read on and get all your answers!

Apex Legends – The Game

Apex Legends is one of the most renowned multiplayer battle royale games of all time for those of you who are unaware. In addition, it contains a team deathmatch, a fan favorite when it comes to multiplayer games.

On top of that, Apex Legends has some of the most pristine in-game graphics there are. It runs flawless 4K resolution, making the user experience memorable. Furthermore, the game also includes smooth, lightning-fast gameplay that does not lag easily.

The Problem

However, nothing can be perfect, no matter what. Likewise, some issues arise from time to time. Besides, the gaming community has nothing to do with these issues. Instead, they occur due to a deterioration in your internet connection or lack of adequate computer specifications.

Similarly, one of the most common and the most annoying dilemma for Apex Legends players is packet loss.

What is Packet Loss?

To understand the basic concept behind packet loss, you must know what the word packet refers to here. Packets, in computer terms, are fragments of data. Thus, a packet is an aggregate of bytes, the basic unit used to transmit data from the servers to the PC.

The game you are playing, the players you are in contact with, and the graphics and sounds you hear, are all data packets. These packets come in an array, meaning that the audio you hear will run smoothly if all the packets reach your PC from the server.

If packet loss occurs at any instance, the data transmission will be affected. As a result, you will face a quality drop in your Apex Legends gameplay. Moving on, Let’s take a look at how this network problem influences your gameplay.

Take a Look at How Packet Loss Affects Your Gameplay

If you are a regular gamer, you may experience a connectivity problem more often than not. These issues occur due to packet loss. You might as well check your router and the ethernet cable or call your ISP to resolve the issue, but still, you will probably fail in troubleshooting.

Furthermore, these connection issues significantly impact your gameplay, especially in a premium game like Apex Legends. In that regard, here are the three most common issues that arise if you are losing packets.


Lagging is the worse thing that any gamer can experience. It simply means slowing down, as if it was stopping and starting. These jerks ruin the gameplay. When you are in a team deathmatch, winning and losing are a matter of milliseconds.

Even the slightest of connection drops can cost you big time. Small lags are acceptable at the lower level, but there is no room to reduce the end performance when it comes to competitive tournaments.

Connection Timeouts

Connection timeouts are worse than lagging. Unfortunately, this problem is a major one. Unlike lagging, where you can recover after a few seconds if you are lucky, a connection drop means that you get permanently disconnected.

It can occur due to different reasons. For example, sometimes the ethernet cable gets unplugged from your router, or there might be a thread opened on the server that causes the entire connection to plummet. Such a thread can be malware or a massive file.

High Latency/ High Ping

Ping or latency is a measure of your internet quality. You can usually find it on the bottom right corner of your screen. The lower the ping or latency, the better your will be your gaming. Ideally, your ping should be less than a hundred if you want smooth gameplay.

Packet loss abruptly increases your ping. Sometimes, it can go as large as a thousand. This problem affects everything inside your game.

How to Deal With Packet Loss in Apex Legends

After reading all the causes and effects, you may ask back about the solutions to these issues. For that reason, we have prepared an array of different steps that will make your gameplay all fine and dandy if you follow every single one of them.

Here are the top four things you can do to reduce the packet loss from the network servers of your ISP to your router to your PC via the ethernet cable.

Run a Manual Troubleshoot

Manually troubleshooting is not a bad idea when it comes to locating the cause of this problem. Often, a loose cable or a misbehaving router causes these issues. On the other hand, an outdated router could be the cause of your increased latency, and you might be cursing your ISP.

Therefore, properly search for all loose things before you start the second step.

Try Using a VPN

A VPN is a proxy server that takes you to the internet via a route that is different from what your ISP provides you. If you start using the correct VPN, you can send every type of data and play everything without packet loss.

Hence, trace down the best VPN of your country, search for a few and select the best. You can look for post replies in your community to help you get your hands on the best software. But even after getting a VPN, you may still need more help.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

Apex Legends is a top-notch e-sport, and it requires a similar internet server. Therefore, you must make the packet loss negligible to get pro-like gameplay. Perhaps 90 percent of all end problems trace down to the internet.

Even if you have a substandard connection, you still need to upgrade it for gaming. If you share your internet router with many people, you’ll have to stop this practice. The more the number of users, the more packet loss you will see.

Moreover, the new versions need better internet quality as they share pristine graphics and immaculate sound effects.

Improve Your PC’s Specifications

Believe it or not, your PC is also responsible for packet loss. If you use an old model with an outdated graphic card, it will cause problems. You must have tried playing Apex Legends on such computers, but they are no good.

The gameplay lags, the performance is slow, and the graphics are miserable. Therefore, the next and final take on this packet loss dilemma is upgrading your PC. If you want to play premium e-sports, you need to use a new PC equipped with modern items.

The ideal way to go about it is to search the local market or see for the post replies on community posts. Gamers’ post replies are your best bet as they are solely based on first-hand expertise.

Apex Legends Packet Loss – The Bottom Line

Apex Legends is genuinely a marvelous new invention, and, sadly, people are unable to enjoy it to the fullest due to technical difficulties.

If you have tried solving the packet loss problem, this article would be of genuine help. Of course, you can search the internet to get solutions, but nothing is better in this scenario than what comes directly from a gamer.

You can deal with this not-so-new problem by implementing the fix we have suggested earlier.