How to Fix Roku Device Overheating

Are you looking for an effective solution for the overheating problem of your Roku streaming device?

An excellent piece of technology, Roku is a device that allows you to access different digital media programs on a single platform. Due to its ease of use, people all over the world love it.

But like other electronic devices, Roku is also prone to heating problems. Usually, prolonged usage leads to a “Roku overheating warning” message on the tv screen.

However, overheating in itself is not a big issue, the freezing and other glitches that follow it are pretty annoying.

In this guide, we will discourse why your Roku devices overheat, to begin with, and how to avoid the issue.

What is Roku Streaming Device?

Roku streaming stick makes it easy for you to watch any content at your will. The device has a plethora of programs that you can enjoy. However, its hardware space is limited.

Roku came onto the scene in 2007, but the company launched it officially in 2008. Since then, it has a collaboration with Netflix and streams its content too.

How To Confirm Riku Device is Overheating?

Often, you may find it difficult to differentiate between regular heating and overheating of a Roku streaming device.

So, how do you know whether the device is overheating or not?

Every electronic gear tends to get heated a bit when used for a longer time. However, when the heating problem goes beyond regular heating, it’s time to take some measures.

Here are some of the indications that will help you notice that the Roku device is overheating.

Red Light Indication

In case of a Roku device overheating, the in-built mechanism will automatically start depicting a red light. If the white light on the front of the Roku player goes red without any stop, it’s an indication that your device is overheating. Therefore, you need to unplug the device and look for other measures imminently.

On-Screen Warning Message

Sometimes an overheating warning message may also appear on the tv screen if your Roku player overheats. Typically, the warning message goes as ” Your device is overheating.”

Whenever you see such a message, turn the device off and allow it to cool, in addition to taking other necessary steps.

Touch the Roku Device

If none of the above indications appear, but you still think that your device is overheating, you can confirm by manually touching the Roku player.

This way, you will see if it’s overheating or regular heating of your device.

Why Is Your Roku Streaming Stick Overheating?

Don’t know why your Roku device keeps getting overheated? There’s nothing to worry about.

Mostly, the Roku stick overheating is due to your significant yet straightforward negligences.

Let’s find out the potential reasons why the stick may overheat:

  • The device may overheat when put inside a closed place
  • Placing the Roku stick near a lot of electronic devices such as tv, the router may also lead to the issue
  • If you use the player for an extended time, you may face the problem
  • Keeping the player under direct sunlight is another big reason for it
  • The is placed next to a central power cord/ supply

Make sure you keep your device away from all the factors mentioned earlier responsible for its overheating.

How to Fix Roku Streaming Stick Overheating Issue?

If the tv is showing the device overheating the message, there’s no need to panic. As with any other electronic device, overheating is expected while using the Roku player. You can fix the issue without needing the help of a technician.

Follow these simples steps to resolve the device Roku overheating issue.

Method # 1: Unplug the Device Power

As soon as you read an overheating message or a red light, turn the power supply off. After unplugging the Roku streaming stick, wait for at least 20 minutes and let it cool down.

Now, touch the stick manually and see if it has cool down or not. If the trick worked, reconnect all the cables one by one. However, you must avoid running the Roku stick for too long again.

Method# 2: Place the Device at Another Location

The location of the Roku streaming stick plays a significant role in its heating issue. If your device is near a bunch of electronics, next to a power supply, or inside a closed drawer, it’s likely to overheat.

Also, hot places such as where direct sunlight falls is another reason for overheating of Roku player. Therefore, you must relocate the device to a more excellent location to fix the issue and avoid it in the future.

Method# 3: Reset/ Restart the Roku Streaming Stick

The primary fix for every problem in the world: execute a restart. It is a simple yet most effective solution.

However, restarting the device does not eliminate the overheating problem, then you can try a soft or hard reset. This helps to reset the device settings and mostly solves the issue too.

Method# 4: Try HDMI Extender

Did nothing work out till now? Don’t worry; let’s move onto a more effective fix.

Using an HDMI extender for Roku stick lets you put your device far away from any electronic appliance. Therefore, you can avoid streaming stick overheating by placing it in a cool place.

You can get the HDMI cable from the official website of Roku free of any cost.

How to Get HDMI Extender from Roku Website?

Well, Roku is offering the cable free of cost. So, why not avail it at first and get rid of overheating agony for once and all?

Here’s what you need to do to get it:

  • First, open the web browser and go to Roku official website
  • On the given web address, you will see a page where you need to put the required details
  • Ensure that you enter the correct name, valid home, and email address as the company will deliver you the product at the provided address
  • The “Details” section also requires you to add the Roku stick serial number
  • You can find the serial number at the back of the device and enter it
  • Once all the required information is filled in, click submit to finish
  • Now, wait for the product to get delivered to you

How Can You Avoid Roku Overheating Issue?

Now, you know what you need to do if you face an overheating issue with Roku.

But is there any way to keep the Roku tv from getting abnormally hot in the first place? Yes, luckily, certain things can help you avoid the issue.

Follow this guide to stream the device pressure-free:

Don’t Place the Device in a Hot Place

A higher temperature may make the Roku player overheat fast. Therefore, set the device in a place where the temperature is cool. Also, make sure there are no other hot electronic gadgets nearby it.

Keep it Separate from Other Devices

Never install the Roku streaming stick on top of another device, including tv, router, or receiver. These instruments tend to dissipate heat. Hence, putting the Roku player over them will make it hot earlier than usual.

Could you protect it from Sunlight?

The direct sunlight will gradually increase the temperature and ultimately heat the device. If placed in sunlight for extended periods, the stick is likely to get overheated.

Don’t Use the Roku Player for too Long.

Giving the device rest will allow it some time to cool off. Using the Roku stick for a long time continuously will make it hot, and you may even read an overheating message on the screen.

Hence, it is essential to turn the device off for a few minutes while watching tv to prevent it from getting overheated.

Set the player in an Open Spot

Closed spaces such as cabinets or drawers don’t have much airflow. So, putting the Roku streaming device in them will heat it faster than usual.

Clean it Regularly

Sometimes, the dust particles may stick on the Roku stick. It is another factor that can lead to the heating of the device. Therefore, try to clean the machine every once in a while to avoid the issue.

Roku Tempcheck: What Is It?

When the device’s temperature rises beyond normal, the TV screen shows a Roku temp check message.

When you use the device, you must keep an eye on this indication. It is vital to take action instantly if you read this message on the screen. Ignoring it may lead to more issues and even degradation of the device.

Final Words

All in all, Roku is a high-tech device that enables you to see various digital media platforms. Nonetheless, regardless of how technically astute a device is, some issues may arise in it.

The Roku streaming stick may also get overheated due to various factors. The good thing is there are specific indications too that tell you about its overheating. Whenever you see a warning message on the screen, immediately unplug the power of the stick and take further measures.

Keeping the power off for some time helps resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can also get a free extender cable from Roku’s official website. However, you must enter the home and email address correctly as the company will deliver the extender according to them.