Minitool Power Data Recovery Review

The market is flooded with reliable data recovery tools. However, one program that claims to restore deleted files and recover files on hard drives and other storage devices is MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

But how effective is the software? Does it truly function? How would you configure it? In this in-depth analysis, let’s find out.

Main features of the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Program

A complete data recovery solution with many helpful features is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Here is a summary of what it is capable of.

File Preview Before Saving

The Minitool power data recovery installation will give you a much-needed “preview files” option.

A second file previewing program is included with the recovery tool; it displays images and other types of files without actually restoring them. You can use this to decide which files you want to save without relying on speculation.

But by default, this file previewer is absent. Instead, you must first attempt previewing a file from the scan results before you can activate it. In doing so, the app will be prompted to download and install the addon.

It Scans Your Storage Media

The software can scan any external device, such as a USB drive or external drive, other than hard disks. This also applies to typically concealed storage and hidden partitions.

This tool can scan any file system for your convenience, along with every version of FAT and the more recent NTFS, which can be observed. Once you manually select files, you can restore them after a scan. However, the tool permits 1 GB of space on a free version.

Another limitation of the free version is that you can’t save your previous scan, which means you must start the process from scratch if there is a failure in the data recovery software.

You’ve to go for the paid version.

To eliminate this limit to recover files, Creates Bootable Media

It’d be troublesome for you to scan the file types and launch the recovery tool if the OS crashes or the hard drive causes issues. In such a case, the Minitool power data recovery software can be installed on your USB drive.

This bootable USB drive will launch the Minitool power data recovery software from the pre-boot condition helping you with the data recovery from the hard drive.

However, the luxury of data recovery from the pre-boot condition can only be redeemed by premium users, not free users.

It Scans Targeted Locations

It can be a struggle when you are looking to recover data from only a folder or any other particular location. It’d be a waste of time if the power data recovery tools ask you to scan the entire drive. Luckily, that isn’t the case for the Minitool software.

In the Minitool software, you can target folders such as recycle bins and recover data specifically from the folder instead of scanning the entire hard disk. As a result, the scan is fast and time-saving.

How You Can Recover Data With The Help Of Minitool Power Data Recovery Tool

  1. You must download the latest version of the Mintool Power data recovery tool; the site will automatically acknowledge your OS from its website.
  2. Run the setup for the software and allow a few file types to be downloaded, as the tool needs them to function. Have access to the internet as the Minitool power will download some files while installing.
  1. As you enter the Minitool power data, it will display all the drives installed on your system and below those folders. You can scan the entire drive or specific locations for data recovery.
  1. The tool will begin to look for the lost files after you scan a folder and imitates a screen like a file explorer.
  1. As soon as the data recovery process starts, the tool will show you the lost files, which you can examine by pausing the scan. As the previewer is not automatic, to preview an image, choose an image and then select preview. You can search any particular file types you wish to recover, or you can scroll the list to check.
  1. The preview will be available to you shortly after downloading the addon. This lets you preview the file’s content before going for power data recovery. With only 1GB of free space, this feature is helpful and user-friendly.
  1. Once you know which files you want to keep, click the boxes next to them and click the Save option. A request for a destination folder will be made. When selecting a location, ensure this is not on the drive you are starting to recover from, then click OK.
  1. The data recovery process can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour, depending on the number of files and their size that you have selected.

Minitool power data recovery review: UI/UX

A great website or app must appear easy to use and provide a worthy experience. And this software does exactly that.

In the previous version, Minitool power data recovery software development was glitched with an outdated UI making the process of power data recovery harder.

However, in their newest version, the software development team has done a great job filling the update with the best and easy-to-use features for digital media recovery. In addition, they have completely changed the UI and successfully removed the problem of going through the bulk of options stacked in the obtuse menu helping the user to save time.

However, a user-friendly UI includes nagging like Pop-Ups and regular reminders to go for a premium version if the user is currently using a free version. Most users find that highly irritating, a black spot on its review.

The Pricing Structure of Minitool Power Data Recovery

Like most online tools, the Minitool power data recovery comes with a distinction in pricing plans between Enterprise users and Home users.

For Windows users

There are three plans to choose from for windows users.

Personal Monthly Subscription: $69

Personal Annual Subscription: $89

Personal Ultimate: $99

The personal monthly subscription allows you unlimited chances to recover data for $69. You can recover as many files as you want for a month.

The personal annual subscription allows you to recover data for a year for 89$, and the personal ultimate is a lifetime license. All of the plans allow you premium services and regular updates. In addition, the ultimate personal program offers you to use the Minitool power data recovery on three different desktops.

For Enterprise Users

Business Standard: $119

Business Deluxe: $199

Business Enterprise: $399

Business Technician: $499

Users looking to use the Minitool power data recovery for both the desktops and the servers are not given the monthly subscription service. Instead, all three plans are yearly with a distinction of the number of devices you want to access this tool.

Similar to the personal plans mentioned above, the plans for enterprises remove the limit for the power data recovery giving access to the elite features for paid version only.

There is also a unique plan for small business owners, giving you a lifetime license and support with the no-limit on software updates. However, the plan is restricted to one computer only.

Customer Support of Minitool Power Data Recovery

The Minitool power data recovery software’s customer support fails to utilize the emergent technologies chat-box support is not given, nor is a user guide that has the solutions to your problems and in-depth knowledge. Your only option here is the FAQ list, which you must go through to figure out which solution best suits your problem. It lists the basic scenarios which can trouble you but no complex technical topics.

And there is email support that you can use, but we want to be prepared for a long wait if you like quick solutions. The wait is further increased if you fall on their “free version users” list.

This software to recover deleted files might not impress you with their customer support.


Users can quickly recover their lost files with the help of MiniTool’s Power Data Recovery, a reputable data recovery tool. It’s a great option if you want to start recovering a few lost partitions because its free trial is considerate enough to permit the restoration of several important files.

The raw data can have damaged partitions, as the recovered files can sometimes be shown as corrupt. Unfortunately, stellar customer support is unavailable; you can expect minimal help in emails that can keep you waiting, even though the fundamental problems are mentioned in the FAQs section on the website of this software.

You can go for Minitool power data recovery by all means, but make sure you go through other tools before finalizing. One such alternative is Disk Drill, which has both Mac and Windows versions.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is Minitool power data recovery Fake?

A reliable tool to recover deleted files from your system is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. The software does its job, and it is not malware or a phony app. Occasionally files that have been recovered turn out to be corrupted, but other data recovery tools frequently experience the same problem.

Applications like Disk Drill can forecast the likelihood of recovering, giving a better idea of your chances of success. Despite its limitations, MiniTool is capable of recovering standard deleted files. So your damaged partition recovery, lost files, and much of the lost data are possible to recover using this tool.

What bootable device do I need for Minitool power data recovery?

You can use a bootable USB, SD card, and other storage devices, which will help you to launch the data recovery tool in the pre-boot condition.

Why Should I Go For This Tool?

If there are files that you have accidentally deleted, like deleted photos, then this tool will help you recover lost data like those photos, for example.

From a layman’s perspective, Recovering deleted photos even from specific locations on your PC is possible with the advanced features of this tool. Along with many features, the software updates are regular, which helps you in the lost partition recovery and recovery of your deleted data.