Who wouldn’t love to read stories featuring cartoons, pictures, and illustrations? And that’s basically what Mangapanda is all about. But, before we dive into the details, you should know the basics: What does manga mean? And, why manga lovers around the world go crazy after these comics? So, let’s find out.

What is Manga? 

The word ‘Manga’ refers to Japanese comics – a unique way of storytelling that simply grabs you tight with all those dialogues, handsome-looking heroes, and awe-inspiring backgrounds. The manga is divided into different chapters and volumes. Since manga comics have visuals and text, their size varies from an actual page of a novel. A manga chapter roughly equals 2 pages of a novel, while one piece of a volume is equivalent to 19 pages of an actual novel.

Back in the 19th century, when paper used to rule the world, the idea of manga comics was born. Ever since its inception, manga, especially the anime, hasn’t lost its touch. In fact, it evolved and adapted to the modern-day requirements, and has got a massive fan-following on the internet. 

What makes these comics worth your time? There’s something for everyone. The manga comics, in the form of reading or anime, target people of all ages. There’s a long list of manga comics and anime in terms of genre, including action, romance, sports, drama, magic, martial arts, horror, history, mystery, tragedy, and much more. 

Mangapanda.com  – A Manga reading website

To help manga comic and anime lovers find their favorite comics to read online or download anime apps, manga reading sites, such as Mangapanda, have been developed. Initially, these websites attracted only the natives as the manga featured only the Japanese language. However, things have changed as the manga comics have been translated into different languages, mostly English, to attract people from all over the globe.  


If you’ve ever visited mangapanda.com, you’d know that it offers a plethora of stories with an English translation available for each. And it keeps on updating with new stories, chapters, and characters. On the website, each panda manga has an organized list of chapters, with each chapter or anime appearing separately.

Have you ever heard of ‘Nanatsu no Taizai’? It’s a manga, which means The Seven Deadly Sins. Written by Masataka Ono, the manga has over 341 chapters. The storyline features Meliodas as the hero who has a sin of Dragon and a sin of wrath on his left shoulder. But, this isn’t about Meliodas’s life, as there are several mythical characters to explore. Apart from the text and visuals, you can also search the anime of this manga online.

This particular manga is published in 2012 by an artist, SUZUKI Nakaba, who also published a special version of the manga in 2016. Another version called Nanatsu no Taizai: Seven Days Manga was published by another artist named IWASA Namoru , in 2017 and so far only five chapters have been published. All the versions are ongoing and every chapter can be found on the manga panda website in one piece.

Among others, Naruto, featuring Naruto as the hero of the story, is one of the longest-running manga series on the website.  Naruto’s goal in life is to become the strongest ninja in the village, so he can become respectable.    

The author and the artist, Kishimoto Masashi, started this manga in 1999 and so far 700 chapters have published. This manga series has many flavors, such as action, fantasy, romance, drama, martial arts, and supernatural powers. You can read each chapter with complete detail on the manga panda website.  Naruto anime series is also available online. There’s another long-awaited chapter featuring Naruto’s life event – an anime shot in 2012 – titled ‘Road to Naruto The Movie’. Its anime version is also available online.

Since we’re talking about the longest-running series, here’s another one called ‘One Piece’. The manga showcases a never-ending journey of Monkey D. Luffy who consumed his life to become the greatest pirate in the world. Written and designed by Oda, Elichiro, the One Piece Manga was launched in 1997 and has been running quite successfully ever since. This manga comic series mainly features action, thrill, romance, mystery, and supernatural events. So far, 942 chapters have been released. You can also find three more volumes of the mangapanda one piece.    

Manga Panda App – Read Manga Online

For those who have started to read panda manga comics online, they’ll find it quite sophisticated and much better than other similar apps. You’ll not only get lots of manga comics to read but also, you’ll learn a fair bit about different genres. 

Below are the guidelines to use the manga reader as well as the website:

The ‘Surprise Me!’ feature lets you search the manga, its volume or chapter. By clicking on it you’ll land on a page that will feature a new manga title you probably never heard of. So, it gives you an option to find something new when you don’t have anything left to read.

The manga reader features a ‘Latest Manga Updates’ section that gives information on the latest volumes and chapters updated on the website. So, even if it’s a single chapter of your favorite manga, you can click on it and, start reading.

The manga reader also gives you an Advance Search option. It will lead you to the page where you can search for comics based on genre, status, type, and sorting order. For example, if you want to search for anything related to romance, choose the ‘Romance’ tab and click ‘Search’. You’ll see a long list of titles and animes related to the romance genre.

Download the Manga Reader or Anime App for Better Experience

Do you want to stay connected with your hero or your favorite character, and learn about the new events in his life? At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find links to download Manga App APK as well as Anime App APK. Alternatively, you can google for the same, if you like.

Save the file to install it on your android device and enjoy reading your favorite manga, or watch the anime chapter by chapter. By creating your account, you’ll start getting email notifications from the website. So, whenever there’s a new chapter, you’ll get the email notification.


We hope, this information about Mangapanda will help you understand the website and its elements. For those who are new, manga reading would be a good idea to forget your worries in life for a while. You can either read these comics on the website or download the manga reader to your mobile. The latter would be better because you can get timely email notifications about your favorite comic.