The Best Vintage Headphones of All Times

We’ve all heard that old is gold, but what if we told you that was true with the best vintage headphones

When it comes to bopping your head to your favorite tunes, everyone wants to get their hands on the cutest yet premium quality ear headphones. This means looking for the perfect balance between aesthetic and best sounds. Well, allow us to take you back to the ’90s and find you a pair of the best vintage headphones!

There’s nothing not to love about these retro headphones with the incomparable sound quality and classic look! But with the plethora of options available, it’s easy to get confused and give up.

Want to get your hands on the best retro headphones in the market to enjoy Twenty One Pilots in high-quality while you carry out your daily tasks? Or maybe you want to be more awake while working?

Then you’ve come to the right place! In this headphones vintage collection, we’ve made an easy-to-understand guide and discussed all their main features.  

Top 6 Vintage Headphones

What are you looking for: open back or semi-open models? Or the headphones retro models with the best frequency response? Get ready to become the cool kid and dive right into our vintage headphones retro collection

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphone

Are you looking for incredible technology? First-rate sounds? Vintage look? Then this is your stop!

Marshall Major III headphone combines BlueTooth with apt X technology that allows you to enjoy all your favorite bands for 30 hours, nonstop! Not just that, but once you’ve used it for hours on end, it requires a mere 3 hours to recharge. 

Moreover, these top-notch quality retro headphones boast a classy brown vinyl body adorned with brass details and the Marshall signature. This rugged look adds a little something to its appearance. Plus, the durable hinges, soft-cushion headband, lightweight, and over-the-ear style means comfort will not be a problem!

What’s more? These on-ear headphones allow you to choose between wired and wireless. This way, you can keep using it even after you’ve run out of battery!

The 40mm dynamic drivers installed in these headphones provide you with exceptional music quality. Plus, they have a sensitivity of 99dB. So, yes, they sound amazing!

Lastly, these headphones come with a multidirectional knob that makes navigating as easy as ABC.


Long battery life
Wired as well as wireless 
Internal memory
Classy leather design


Lack of noise isolation feature 

JLab Audio Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones 

Available in four pretty colors, these headphones have a fantastic run time of 12 hours. Add with the fact that you can be 30 feet away, and you’ve got yourself a spectacular deal!

Besides, these headphones retro are well-padded with soft, comfy material. You also get a 2-year warranty with these super lightweight, vintage headphones. Furthermore, they are budget-friendly, making them an absolute bang for the buck!

JLab headphones boast unique EQ^3 sound settings, making them one of the best in the market. What’s so good about them? Well, this feature allows you to change to your favorite tune! 

These headphones have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20kHz and a driver sensitivity of 99dB; that’s more a prototype of modern headphones. Pretty cool, right?


Long run time
Super lightweight, as well as, budget-friendly
Available in several different attractive colors
Low charging time 
super comfortable ear pads


When trying them out, we found that you could still hear ambient sound

Panasonic Retro Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 

Say goodbye to your old, tangly, cheap headphones, and say hello to these top-notch quality headphones!

No matter if you’re planning to travel across the country or want to listen to some cheerful sound while commuting to work, Panasonic offers one of the best headphones tailored to meet all your music needs. 

Sure your headphones need to make you fall for your favorite song again and again but wouldn’t you like it if they were aesthetic as well? Well, lucky for you, these offer the best of both worlds!

These are available in three fashionable colors; matte black, matte indigo blue, and matte vanilla white. This means you can choose whichever pair suits your taste!

Moreover, they are high-quality plastic headphones with an aluminum cap emblazoned with their logo. Besides this, the metal strap boasts a stitched kind of look that adds to the vintage look.

The caps of these headphones are pretty large and comfy. Complete with impressive 40mm Neodymium drives and is designed to make sure the tunes are clear and balanced. Plus, you can easily adjust the metal headband according to your comfort. Here too, you can access all kinds of controls to manage your music. 

Furthermore, these headphones provide you with 24 hours of endless fun. The best part? A 15-minutes charge means two and a half longer life!

Lastly, you can easily pair these up by using the Bluetooth feature. This means you can pick up calls pretty quickly, giving you the comfort and convenience of modern headphones. 


Long battery life (24 hours!)
Classy color options
Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
Adjustable, springy, metal headband


Mid-range sound is not too good
You might hear a honking mid-resonance, although it’s not that obvious.

Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Stereophone

Have you ever stared at a pair of headphones and gone, ‘I wish this were for less price.’ Well, Koss QZ-99 makes your wish come true!

With a classy black design, these headphones feature state-of-the-art technology. As one of the best retro headphones is fabricated from a super durable material, ensuring longevity is more than just a promise. Moreover, the soft, padded headband goes easy on your head for comfortable long-term wear. Add that with the three layers of Pneumalite cushions around the ear cups, and you’ve got yourself the most comfortable headphones ever!

But that’s not all! This trademark Pneumalite material alongside the headphone’s closed-back design cancels out all ambient sounds. The sound is made even better with the headphones 102 dB sensitivity and 60 ohms impedance. Best of all, these vintage headphones feature a wide range of frequency response, varying from 40Hz to 20kHz. 


Closed-back design that allows for noise cancellation
Neodynamic drivers
40Hz to 20KHz
Super soft pneuma lite ear cushion
Lifetime warranty
Excellent sound quality


Pretty heavy

Mokata Bluetooth Wireless Ear-On Headphones 

What’s better than a pair of stylish and elegant headphones? One that comes at a reasonable price! 

That’s what Mokata Bluetooth wireless ear-on headphones precisely bring to the table! They are the best retro headphones made of premium quality materials for long-lasting use. 

Moreover, the headband is adjustable, soft, and foldable. Simultaneously, the ear cups are super soft and skin-friendly to ensure nothing but comfort when enjoying music. 

Furthermore, Mokata fabricates its best retro headphones with the idea of canceling ambient noises first in their mind. That’s why these headphones come with a noise reduction feature, all the while being super breathable and cool. 

These headphones also have a wide range of compatibility. From your iPhone to your laptop, wireless connectivity won’t be a problem! Not just that, but these headphones come with all three connection options. From wireless to Bluetooth to wired, you can rest assured these headphones will travel with you everywhere!

Last but not least, the lithium-polymer battery makes sure your charging lasts long before reaching zilch! 


Available in three equally classy colors
Wireless, has Bluetooth connectivity, and wired as well!
Comfortable design
Built-in mic
Long battery life and short charging time!


Confusing instructions
Beginners will find these vintage headphones a bit difficult to manage earlier on.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones 

Who doesn’t love listening to their top tunes in crystal clear sounds? Are you someone who’s looking for a pair of best retro headphones that offer songs in high-quality? Then this is your stop!

Sony MDR7506 headphones are the perfect option for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio film productions, and videos. Not just that, but if you want a pair to carry around when traveling or exercising, this headphone, with its noise-canceling ability, makes it the ideal choice. And if you’re a gamer, then you’ll love them for their precise sound delivering feature!

This all-black headphone pair comes with a closed-ear design. In this way, the headphones easy on your ear and super comfortable on your head. Moreover, the headband of these headphones is padded with super comfy material. All of which is made even better with its plastic and pleather construction. 

Furthermore, the super lightweight voguish headphone boasts 40mm Neodynamic drivers. Matched with a frequency response ranging from 10 Hz to 20kHz, an impedance level of 63 ohms, and 106 dB sensitivity, they offer premium sound quality. If you’re a music enthusiast, you’ll especially love Sony’s emphasized mid and highs.


40mm Neodynamic drivers
63 ohms and 106 dB
Awesome mids and highs
Great battery life
A minimalist yet classy design


Closed-ear headphone design causes ear fatigue

Vintage Headphones Buying Guide

While the reviews have probably cleared your mind out a little bit, we’re sure you’re still a tad bit confused. Well, worry, not! We’ve included an easy-to-understand buying guide down below for that exact reason. Let’s dive right in!


It’s no secret: we all love having fancy headphone models. And for a good reason! 

Especially when we’re talking about retro headphones, the design should be a priority. These come in metal, leather, and wood. Each of them leads to old school and fashionable headphones. 

Sound Quality

While the design is a priority, so is the audio performance. It’s no good if your pair of headphones but sounds like a seventy-year-old goose fighting a car in the middle of the street. You want functional ones, not an antique pair!

So, before you buy from the vintage headphones collection, keep an eye out for your favorite sound quality.


Sure your pair of headphone looks and sounds good. But is it going to last long? 

To ensure it does, check out the material of the headphone. Typically wood, metal, and leather are sustainable. Plastic, not so much. 


Imagine listening to heavy metal with a super bulky headphone. Yeah, your head might fall right off!

These headphones are available as on-ear or over-ear. While the first sits directly over your ear, covering only a portion, the latter completely covers your ears. 

Both are super comfortable. Just go for the one that suits your style better!


Last but not least, not all headphones feature all three connectivity types. So, set out the ones that you want and get going!


Q1. What do you mean by retro/vintage headphones?

Ans. Retro or vintage headphones are the ones designed in the 70s, 80s, or 90s eras. This, or they might feature a retro design, i.e., a leather and metal look. In simple words, any pair of headphones with an old school vibe is called a retro/vintage headphone. 

Q2. Why should I get vintage headphones?

Ans. Well, because they not only look but sound awesome! Plus, they boast unique extra features. This makes them perfect for almost any kind of activity and everyday usage. You literally cannot go wrong with them.

Q3. What are the best brands for the best vintage headphones?

Ans. Since these headphones are different from regular ones, not all your favorite brands manufacture them. But some of the top ones are Sony, Panasonic, Koss (Koss Pro!), and pretty much all the others we mentioned above!


Now that you’ve reached this part of the article, we’re sure you’re just five minutes from clicking on all the amazon links available for the best vintage headphones. But we’re here to tell you to take a deep breath, note down the features you want, and then click on.

So, what are you still reading on for? It’s time to get your hands on the best vintage headphones there are out there!

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