Best RGB Air Cooler: In-Depth Buying Guide

If you’re a gaming lover and never heard of an RGB Air Cooler, you’re probably not doing it right. RGB air coolers are a massive hit in the gaming community. It makes a style statement, and gamers take much pride in owning a system that features an RGB air cooler.

Not only do they provide the best CPU cooling, but RGB coolers let you change the color are you wish. It’s a remarkable feature that’s a distinguishing factor between regular cooler for CPU. Moreover, these gadgets are so abundantly available that most manufacturers sell them at a competitive price.

Generally, RGBs don’t restrict to CPU coolers. Whether it’s your Motherboard, RAM, mouse, keyboard, or any other component, RGBs are everywhere. All you need is proper implementation, and you can completely change your system performance and looks.

What’s an RGB Air Cooler?

RGB Air coolers are the air-coolers of the modern age. They are as functional as regular CPU coolers, but they enhance the looks and style. Because of the RGB combinations, you can virtually create any color combination that you like. There are approximately 16 million color combinations, so it’s quite versatile in this regard.

Because of such vast RGB lighting options, you can create any ambiance and setup according to your work’s nature. For instance, if you’re working intensely, you can generate some darker shades. On the other hand, you can play around with the color theme and experiment with lighter colors.

It’s one of the reasons why an RGB air cooler is the best bet for gamers. In addition to multiple colors. The RGB lighting also adds more illumination and makes your surrounding more aesthetic.

So, if you’re looking for RGB cooling fans, we have some exciting models in the lineup for you.

RGB Air Coolers – Are they Good for my PC?

RGB air coolers are for high-performance systems. They have exceptional speed and cooling performance. Such high speed and heavy-performance are much needed in gaming PCs. These coolers ensure that the designs remain safe from overheating for uncompromised graphic performance.

In the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, RGB air coolers have become even more useful. In addition to gaming, they are ideal for high-quality image processing and systems training for AI-based applications.

Such applications demand rapid-fast performance without any glitches. Thanks to the high-end RGB CPU coolers, it’s possible to provide proper temperature management.

RGB coolers are probably the best cooling option for PCs for graphic designing and video editing. Hence, you will see these colorful gadgets in a photographer’s room. Their high-end performance specifications continue to project them as the best economical cooling option for consumers.

Which is the Best Air Cooler?

When it comes to the best performance, it’s hard to pick an exact winning CPU cooler. Several brands are manufacturing some high-performance air coolers that feature the best build quality and efficiency.

To make your choice more accessible, we have compiled some of the best RGB CPU coolers on this list. There is versatility among features, compatibility, and prices, so you can make a well-thought choice according to your preference and needs.

Let’s look at the best air cooler options for CPU cooling.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

Let’s start with something economical. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 is one of the best air coolers because of its value-for-money. It comes in a jet black color, which gives it a bold look. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for action game lovers who want to keep things bold and dark in their gaming room.

It’s a dual-fan cooler. Therefore, it provides optimum cooling for gaming applications. So, unless you’re doing something super-heavy, it won’t affect your system performance a great deal. It can compete with many AIO coolers.

The cooling mechanism uses the push-pull configuration, so there is additional air pressure to keep the system cool. It works with both AMD and Intel processors.

Speaking of the RGB effects, the color combinations and the body color give it an intriguing persona. There are six built-in color combinations. You can set the color with the help of the color controller. Moreover, it receives the motherboard’s control signals, syncing correctly with color combinations of the other connected devices.

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 fan unit is relatively easy to install. It weighs around 934 grams, so it’s relatively heavy for a dual-fan air cooler. It fits both AMD and Intel processor boards with ease.


Budget-friendly air cooler
Push-pull configuration
Multiple built-in color combinations
Easy installation
Compatible with AMD and Intel processor boards


Heavier option

Thermaltake CL-W138-PL14SW

This model is a supercool air cooler featuring three fans to provide efficient cooling for any high-end application. It has a stylish look and a variety of color combinations to choose from.

This CPU cooler features an array of three fans. Each fan has a 120 mm ring that contains 12 LEDs. You can set up to 256 color combinations. Moreover, there are five different RGB settings that you can easily manipulate with the smart RGB controller. Furthermore, you can set solid colors and spectrum cycles too.

Regardless of how much heat there might be, the Thermaltake CPU cooler keeps it going. Hence, it boasts the top performance every time. It’s 360 mm more flexible design lets it absorb more heat and efficiently cools down the environment, preventing your system from breaking. All in all, six fans work as a duo for the push-pull mechanism.

The cooler easily mounts on AMD and Intel processors. You need to remove the fans from the top. The process may be long, but it’s not too complicated. However, the labor is worth it because you’re in for a fun ride with the Thermaltake CL-W138.


256 color combinations
360 mm flexible design for quick cooling
Three built-in fans


Time-consuming installation

Corsair H100i RGB Platinum

In terms of looks, nothing beats the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum CPU cooler. It’s the perfect model for those who want a delicate and clean look for their CPU. It comes in warm white color with a ring of LEDs that enhance its eyes as it turns on.

The CPU cooler comes with the iCue software that lets you sync the RGB settings of your cooler with other connected devices if they are compatible with this software.

When we talk about the temperature handling abilities, the cooler can handle some heavy applications with ease. It works well with 9700K processors. It’s a good option for overclocks and base clock CPUs too.

It’s an AIO cooler, so it’s typically expensive. Also, it’s a bit louder than the other cooler because of the pump. However, it mainly depends on the type of application. Unless there is any problem with the ventilation, there shouldn’t be much noise.

The Corsair works with various Intel and AMD boards and installs without much of a hassle.


Appealing aesthetics
Compatible with Intel and AMD boards
Can handle heavy applications


Devices need iCue software compatibility
Noisy option

Corsair Hydro 115i RGB Platinum

Corsair specializes in giving jaw-dropping looks to their CPU coolers. This liquid cooling model is worth the money only because it looks incredible. Moreover, it has top build quality with customization options through the software. Hence, you can create RGB effects of your own.

Although it looks super cool, it’s even better in terms of performance. You may term this as the best CPU cooler on our list. It is optimized for Intel and AMD chips, so it ensures high-quality liquid cooling with efficiency. For this purpose, it uses the fantastic magnetically levitating fans that create an effect of their own.

Since it’s an AIO cooler, it’s a bit expensive, and it gets loud with heavier applications. However, it’s something you can overlook because of how efficiently these CPU coolers can perform.

In many ways, Corsair Hydro 115i redefines liquid cooling with its fancy levitating mechanisms and dual fans. Four fans work in duos to provide high static pressure.

The installation process is a breeze. If you’re a beginner, you can still install the unit without needing a manual.


Eye-catching design
Quick and easy installation
Levitating cooling mechanism
Compatible with Intel and AMD boards


Expensive option
Gets loud with heavy apps

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M

The Cooler Master MasterAir Ma140M is one of the most innovative designs on our list. It’s pretty much ahead of the game with its ability to interact with the user.

There is an incredible color-changing ability in this cooler. Hence, if the temperature gets hot inside, it turns red to indicate the situation’s seriousness. Likewise, it turns blue to show coldness.

This cooler is a unique model in terms of RGB lighting control. It features an addressable panel on top of the casing that allows you to set your preferred colors. Moreover, it has an array of 28 LEDs, where each individually customizable. The control panel will enable you to handle the color and brightness.

It keeps things cool in most compatible CPUs, so it’s an efficient CPU cooler compared to many other brands. The Cooler Master features four heat sinks allowing better heat dissipation and two fans that work in push-pull mode for proper ventilation.

When it comes to compatibility, the list is long for both AMD and Intel boards. Also, the installation process is relatively smooth.

In terms of weight, it lies in the mid-range, weighing approx. 820 grams. It’s a bit noisy when it reaches top speed. However, if you can compromise noise for looks, this air cooler is just the right option for you.


Heat sinks for better heat dissipation
28 LEDs, individually customizable
Smooth installation


A bit noisy on top speeds
Limited cooling options

Things to Consider While Buying RGB Air Coolers

The best RGB air coolers give a fair idea of what specifications are mostly in demand. Therefore, it’s critical to focus on these specs so that you can make the right decision while buying these gadgets. Hence, here are some essential aspects of RGB CPU coolers that will help you make the right decision every time.

Cooler Types

Often, new users are confused about the more relaxed type. So, there are three general types of coolers, which are:

  • Air Cooler
  • Open Loop Cooler
  • AIO Cooler

Air Cooler

Air coolers comprise fans and metallic heat sinks. These coolers come in various sizes and shapes. The essential feature in Air coolers is the Thermal Dissipation Capacity (TDP). It uses air as the cooling medium, that generates from high-speed fans. The high-end air coolers are the best competitors to AIO liquid CPU coolers.

AIO Cooler

These coolers are also known as All in One Coolers. These are generally expensive, and therefore, mostly used by professionals. The AIO coolers are based on both air- and liquid-cooling. These coolers are easy to mount, and you don’t need to cut and fit because these units come pre-fitted.

Moreover, you don’t have to setup coolant levels either. However, these are relatively larger units and require more oversized casing. Also, liquid coolers can occasionally leak, which has been one of the major problems over the years.

The liquid CPU cooler is generally the best CPU cooler because of the ability to handle high temperatures. They can be a bit noisy, but the performance is top-notch.

Open Loop Cooler

If you like building systems from scratch, then an open-loop CPU cooler is the right option. However, as compared to air coolers, the open-loop coolers are much more expensive. It’s because you have to buy all parts separately and they are generally pricier than average.

Air Cooler Specs

Here the specs you should focus on:

Noise Level

Often, noise can be a significant disturbance with air coolers. CPU coolers need to be as quiet as possible. Therefore, look for the systems with the lowest noise levels. Anything under 40 dB noise levels is a decent option.


With more fans, cooling can also improve a great deal. Although one fan is sufficient, you can go for multiple fan options if you want more cooling. Generally, they can go up to six to eight fans in a cooling system.


Installing a cooler can be tricky at times. Especially if you are using liquid coolers, you need to ensure that there are no leakages. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the mounting technique for your desired cooler. Also, compatibility plays a significant role when it comes to the installation of air coolers.

PC Compatibility

Not all coolers will work with your system. Each cooler is compatible with certain processor types. Therefore, always check whether your desired cooler is the right one for your CPU.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to buy a cooler that is compatible with maximum CPUs. Hence, it allows you to reuse the fan in case you switch to a different processor.


RGB cooling for CPU gives you several advantages over standard cooling options. They are high-performance air coolers and perform the job more efficiently in high-performance PCs. This is why they are preferred for gaming and heavy applications such as machine learning and image processing.

Moreover, the RGB coolers give you the best value-for-money if you install them in a glass bodied PC. There’s no fun if you cant boast your PC looks and colors among your friends. Therefore, if you keep in mind the models discussed here, you won’t regret buying an RGB air cooling for the CPU.

Also, it’s better to understand such products’ critical features so that you won’t face problems while buying such products in the future. So, whether it’s a liquid cooling CPU cooler for your liquid CPU or a low profile air cooler, you know what to buy.

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