Best Quiet Keyboard: Reviews and Buying Guide

While some like the usual keyboard sounds, others find it distracting and counterproductive. Nowadays, there are a variety of low-profile alternatives that offer exemplary actuation and minimum noise. 

However, buying a quiet keyboard that perfectly complements your needs can be challenging. Since keyboard layout greatly influences your speed, purchasing the one that best fits your requirements is essential. 

To help you out, this article brings you a list of top recommendations for the best quiet keyboards. 

Top Picks for Best Quiet Keyboards

After considering a multitude of essential points such as ergonomic design, speed, compatibility, battery life, numeric keypad, macro keys, etc., the following is the list of the eight best quiet keyboards you can consider buying. 

HP Wireless Elite V2

For typists who want a full-size, quality cordless keyboard at an economical price, HP Wireless Elite V2 is a great choice. Its sleek and adjustable design, wireless connectivity, and versatile compatibility make it the best quiet keyboard available at this price range. 

It is built with low-profile, separate keys that offer responsive keystrokes. This reduces the clucking noise and enables the user to type fast, ensuring productivity. In addition, these no-contact keys prevent the dirt from collecting in between and thus make it more manageable and durable. 

Thanks to the ultra-slim shape, it occupies minimum room and reduces the clutter in your workspace. 

In terms of compatibility, it works with all notebook and desktop platforms. Moreover, its USB port can be used with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista/7. The 2.4GHz wireless connection allows smooth functioning from up to 30ft distance.  

To add to this, you can easily adjust the height and angle of the device for a better and more personalized experience. This minimizes the strain when typing and is crucial to preventing wrist problems. 

In wireless keyboards, long-lasting battery life is a critical feature. One of the standout points for HP Wireless Elite V2 is that its AAA Polaroid batteries offer an excellent backup compared to other keyboards of a similar price range. 

Overall, they make for a good choice for typing purposes.


  • Adjustable height allows comfortable wrist posture
  • No-contact keys reduce the noise
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Polaroid AAA batteries give a good backup
  • Low profile


  • It does not work well with macOS
  • No backlighting

Logitech MK295 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

A mouse and keyboard combo is a go-to preference for professional use. Therefore, the premium Logitech MK295 is next on our list.

Speaking of quiet keyboards, Logitech’s Innovative Silent Technology discounts up to 90% of the clicking sound. In addition, the keys are designed in the usual scissor-style that helps improve the typing speed, further enhancing the efficiency.

It is made for proficient typing. This implies that the keyboard has a contoured design that allows easy navigation and thus more precise input. 

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows you a smooth user experience from a 10 m distance. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity and lightweight make it portable and handy to use. 

This one’s especially a good option for people who deal with data entry. We say this because the keyboard includes a complete Numpad that can make all number-related tasks easier and quicker. 

For any tech device, durability is an important point. This is where the spill-proof feature of Logitech MK295 comes into play. It ensures that accidental spills don’t hamper the functionality, thus making it a reliable investment.  

As with all wireless gadgets, good battery life is a foremost factor to consider. With the 36-month keyboard and 18-month mouse battery life, the Logitech MK295 combo offers a reasonable backup for its price.  


  • Good battery life
  • Spill-proof and durable design 
  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
  • Keyboard and mouse come together


  • Not compatible with unifying USB receivers
  • It does not work with macOS

BEFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

BEFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard connects to your system with a USB cable. Since cordless technologies might pose problems due to interference, this keyboard makes an excellent wired alternative for premium-level wireless devices.

One benefit of a wired connection is a good response time. Moreover, unlike Bluetooth devices, secondary problems like other frequencies do not disrupt the input commands. What’s more, there’s no hassle of replacing the batteries. Therefore, these are comparatively safer options. 

BEFRIENDit is a full-size keyboard with a set of 105 keys along with a Numpad placed in a scissor-key style. This enables proficient typing and ensures accurate clicks. Furthermore, the low-profile keys guarantee a quiet experience for maximum focus.

It is available in various colors and can be an appealing addition to your work desk aesthetic.

One of the standout features is the multimedia key. This means that apart from the standard 104-keyboard keys, it includes an additional special function button for fast control. After enabling your multimedia keyboard, you can select specific tasks for it at your convenience.

The keyboard is primarily designed for Windows systems. Although you can use it with Mac devices, special shortcuts being Windows-specific don’t work there. 

BEFRIENDit lives up to its name by offering an excellent and user-friendly experience. Its one-year warranty makes it a dependable and wise choice. In addition, the economical price and stellar features make for a good, long-lasting keyboard. 


  • Low-profile keyboard
  • USB connectivity ensures smooth input
  • Comes with warranty
  • Multimedia key


  • Thick design
  • Shortcuts don’t work on Mac

Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

As we have established already, an ergonomic keyboard design is essential to your productivity. Therefore, next up on our list is Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard.

The stainless steel foundation guarantees durability and strength. Its super-slim built along with the Chiclet keys are responsible for the shallow noise profile. The size is compact i.e. 16.9 x 4.9 x 0.6in. To add to this, the sleek design and lightweight also aid portability. 

The company promises a 6-month-long battery life with a single charge on the product. However, this figure is only based on a total of two hours of use per day. So if you are a professional with long working hours, you might want to consider other recommendations. 

It comes with a 24-month warranty. In addition, the package includes a nano USB receiver and a charging cable apart from the stainless wireless keyboard. 

One of the most important aspects here is price. Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard is one of the cheapest keyboards on the quiet and wireless spectrum.

Although it does not offer any special features, the standard basic built along with warranty and cordless connectivity in its price is a reasonably economical trade.


  • Incredibly cheap
  • Durable built 
  • Wireless connectivity and portability
  • Long warranty


  • Plain design 
  • No media keys

Kensington Slim Type Wireless Quiet Keyboard

Next up on the list is Kensington Slim Type Quiet Keyboard. With a sleek, low profile, and easily navigable design, this device makes for one of the top choices in standard wireless keyboards.

Most people look for wireless connectivity because of the liberty to carry the device around. In this regard, Kensington’s slim design, lightweight, and compact built make it an apt option. 

The keyboard features traditional six rows of keys, including a numeric pad that allows smooth and efficient input.

Key placement further facilitates muscle memory, and the unique design allows tactile feedback, thus helping with the typing speed. 

The keyboard has special multimedia keys that you can personalize at your ease. This feature enables one-touch access to various repetitive controls, cutting down on time.  

Apart from the wireless connectivity, the device also comes with a USB-A port. The simple design makes it easy for the user to set up a connected system that does not require batteries. 

In terms of compatibility, it is pretty versatile. In contrast to many other products in its range, it works well with Windows and Mac devices. However, you might need a USB-C to USB-A connector for some Mac products.

With a battery life of 15 months, Kensington Slim Wireless Keyboard is one of the best picks for regular use. 


  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
  • 15-month battery life
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS
  • 30-degree tilt stand


  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Needs USB connectivity for newer Mac devices

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an all-rounder for quiet keyboards. From Razer’s signature gaming switch to precise clicking, shallow profile for minimum noise, and aesthetics, it has everything you can look for in an ideal gaming keyboard.

As described by the manufacturers, the Yellow switches are linear and silent. So, they offer a quiet experience with accurate and precise clicks. The actuation point of the keys is 1.2 mm, and the switches have sound dampeners to reduce any clicking noise. 

Speed and personalization are two important considerations for a gaming keyboard. The yellow version of Razer’s BlackWidow is a silent keyboard that helps you improve the speed with the multimedia keys.

Its wrist rest reduces the strain. It is magnetic and can be removed or attached as per the user’s preference. 

As for customization, the keyboard comes with Razer Chroma which supports 16.8 million colors. In addition, the keys can be backlit separately, and the user can select the colors they like. 

This keyboard can fully sync with popular games, and the user can enjoy a smooth and viable gaming experience. 

To ensure durability, the keycaps have extra thick walls and are molded with a unique Doubleshot technique that prevents the labeling from wearing off.

The package comes with a mouse, PC headset, and PC Microphone. All in all, it is an excellent option for gamers.


  • Quiet and responsive
  • Durable keys
  • It comes with a headphone jack
  • Keys can be backlit
  • Mechanical key switches


  • Costly
  • Large size might not suit everyone 

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Moving forward, we bring you the Das Keyboard 4 Professional – the thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world. This one is not entirely whisper-quiet; instead, it is more like a soft-touch device. It comes with all the standard basic features that make it one of the best fits for professional use. 

The best part about its layout is that it creates low sound yet offers tactile feedback. This enables the user to type with precision. In addition, its ‘J’ and ‘F” keys have a slight bump and the large keys have lubricated stabilizers – all of which help with fast and error-free typing.

Furthermore, for better controls and efficiency, it has a volume knob and an instant sleep button.

As with any other device, you would look for durability in a keyboard. The Das 4 keyboard has laser-etched keycaps that can take up to 50 million keystrokes. To add to this, they are all gold-plated, guaranteeing a long life. 

It features a two-port USB 3.0 Hub that operates exponentially more speed than that of USB 2.0. In addition, the package includes a 6.5 ft cable with a USB-A connector. Finally, a detachable magnetic footbar ruler allows the user to adjust the keyboard height.


  • USB hub
  • Suit professional use
  • Durable
  • Modern design


  • Expensive
  • No built rest
  • Not completely quiet

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Keyboard is another favorite of gamers. From speed to aesthetics and multiple compatible devices, it has all that one could ask for in a silent keyboard for gaming.

The best part about Corsair K95 is that it allows various options to customize your PC. Thanks to the RGB backlighting and 19-zone light edge, all the keys can be separately lit. In addition, the vibrant colors can improve the visual appeal of your gaming setup multi-folds.

In gaming, quick reflexes play a crucial role. Thus only a keyboard designed for speed is a suitable fit for streaming.

The unique feature of Corsair K95 is the six macro keys. You can set them up for specific controls and easily remap the keyboard. 

For a comfortable user experience, it comes with a wrist rest. This detachable cushioned leather is crucial for indulging in long gaming sessions. 

One notable point is that the keys are durable and ultra-fast response rate. To add to this, the company claims that keys can be used for up to 100 million strokes.

Since we are talking about quiet keyboards, it is essential to mention that despite the beautiful responsiveness and 1.2 mm actuation, they dampen the noise even at full load and are whisper quiet. 


  • It comes with a detachable wrist rest
  • RGB lighting 
  • Six macro keys
  • Cherry MX Speed 


  • Not recommended for office use
  • Expensive 

Buying Guide to Quiet Keyboards

Before purchasing anything, it is essential to research the right approach to selecting a suitable product. Following are some of the things we recommend considering before buying quiet keyboards:

Wireless / Wired Keyboard

Going for wired or wireless connectivity depends on your preference. Both have specific benefits and downsides. 

People go for wireless connectivity because of the liberty that it offers. If it can operate from a considerable distance, it makes it portable. Furthermore, it does not require wires and makes the desk look neat. 

But, wireless keyboards need charging, whereas wired keyboards save you from the hassle. To add to it, cords allow a direct connection that is not disrupted by other frequencies existing around. 

For office use, wireless keyboards might be a comfortable choice. However, for gaming and streaming, wired ones are a safer alternative.


Like any other product, you have to look for keyboards that come within your budget. However, it is not hard to find the best quiet keyboard on a decent budget with the number at your disposal. 

Particularly for regular use, you can go for more economical keyboards that come with a basic build. However, for professional use, you would need a high-end device. 

Several things like actuation, building, backlighting, etc., add to the price. Therefore, it is wise to decide your budget based on your requirements. 

Switch Type

Switch type plays a key role in deciding the efficiency and durability of the keyboard. There are three main switch types; mechanical, membrane, and Chiclet.

Mechanical key switches are considered the most high-end. They are essential for speed and precise typing. Usually, gamers and professionals prefer going for mechanical keys.

Membrane switches are the most basic and cheapest. However, since they are not separately assembled, they can create some noise.

Chiclet switch is standard in laptops. They dampen the sound and are also convenient for typing.


When buying a keyboard, wired or wireless, you want to ensure that it works well with your system. While most keyboards are compatible with both Windows and macOS, some still can’t connect to Mac devices. 

Some otherwise wireless devices need a USB connection with Mac. Therefore, before buying a keyboard, make sure it connects to your computer.

If you are a gamer, you need to ensure that your gaming keyboard works with the gaming PC. Some keyboards can, by default, adjust to the controls of popular games. This also plays a vital role in improving the gaming experience. 

Low Profile Design

The layout is another crucial point determining a quiet keyboard’s quality. The design influences your typing speed, and therefore, going for a device that offers an ergonomic design is essential. 

For gaming, for example, there are sometimes compact keyboards with only the needed keys. While they help with a good gaming experience, a person used to the traditional layout might find these difficult to navigate.

Keyboards built for typing often have certain features that ensure minimum error. In them, you can find slight bumps on the letter ‘J’ and ‘F’ and placement on keys at a specific distance feasible for muscle memory.

Since working for long hours can cause wrist problems and pain, some keyboards also come with a wrist rest to cut down the strain.

Thus, you need to see whichever layout features you need in your device before selecting one.


In the case of an investment, durability is an essential factor. Unfortunately, keyboards are quite costly, and to ensure you get the best bang for your bucks; you need to buy a dependable quality product that does not wear off soon.

Apart from the proper molding of keys and lamination of labels, it is also essential for keyboards to be resistant to dust and spills. Keyboards that have no-contact keys, in particular, are a safer choice as they keep the dust off. Similarly, water-resistant technology is also a plus. 

Number Pad and Macro Controls

Not all keyboards come with a number pad. This is done to reduce the size and is handy for people who don’t specifically deal with numbers. However, for data entry jobs, having a numeric keypad is essential.

Another feature of a quiet keyboard that helps save time is the macro keys. These multimedia keys can be personalized for specific controls. This saves you from dealing with complex input and makes your experience more convenient.

Wrap Up

This article elaborates on some critical characteristics you need to look for in a quiet keyboard. It also includes the list of the eight best subtle keyboards you can consider if you want to buy one. 

So assess whichever of these best suits your needs and take one home today.

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