The Best Korean 4K Monitors: Top Reviewed UHD Displays

To benefit from the recent technological advancements, you must have the right monitor. The best Korean 4k monitors will get you everything from a distortion-free work experience to a magical gaming adventure. 

However, a premium-quality monitor can break your bank account due to its hefty cost. But don’t worry, this in no way means you can’t invest in a good monitor without a lot of money.

Some monitors can also be less expensive but do their job at best. Korean monitors are a classic example of such monitors. They are very popular due to their excellent performance, reliability, and affordability. 

In this article, we have listed the best Korean monitors with 4k resolution. With these Korean monitors, you can quickly get the best of both the worlds; work and play.

What is a 4k Resolution?

Resolution means the number of pixels that compose pictures on the monitor in terms of hardware. One pixel refers to a single small dot on the monitor screen. 

4K monitors result from recent technological advancements that offer high-quality graphics in terms of pixels, and of course, a quick pixel response. Usually, these monitors come at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels or 2160p above what typical ultrawide monitors offer. 4K means around 8 million pixels, which is about four times a full HD 1080p set displays.

4K stands for Ultra High Definition resolution. Nowadays, it’s the most common resolution. The incredible display, the features, and the image quality of these monitors are hard to knock on photography and videography. 

Therefore, 4K monitors are the best choice for gamers as they elevate the whole experience making you feel like a part of your game. But before we go ahead make sure to check out our article on 5K monitors.

Best Korean 4k Monitor Alternatives Worth Buying

Among a thousand Korean monitors you may find while surfing on the internet, you must get the one that can cut the cost down if you have budget constraints yet provide you with the best of quality. Walking through myriads of Korean monitors is a time-consuming process; thus, we are here to help. With all the budgets catered for, here are a few top options for Korean 4k monitors.

Prism Korea M280PU

Prism Korea M280PU is one of the most affordable Korean monitors. It measures just above 27 inches and has a resolution of about 3840 x 2160 pixels. 

Moreover, it possesses exceptional color accuracy and reproduction that makes it the best option for professional use. Likewise, the monitor’s VA panel is built up of LED matte, making it optical friendly and easy on the viewers’ eyes.

Firstly, the refresh rate is 60Hz, which makes it moderately appropriate for screening games. Moreover, you will need a robust device for playing games at Ultra HD resolution. This is why Prism Korea M280PU might not be the best choice for gamers.

However, Prism Korea monitors have AMD Freesync technology. Moreover, they possess VESA compatibility, and their pixel response time is 1 ms. Also, they offer various ports that include audio, USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

Their brightness is 300 cd/m2 with a contrast ratio 5,000,000:1. The coolest thing about these monitors is that you can control them with a remote. They also have inbuilt speakers of 10w.

Consequently, these Korean monitors might possess some dead pixels. However, glad tiding is that you may request to refund it on Amazon. Overall, they are too professional to choose gamers but get the job for the best Korean monitors.


Reasonable price
Ultra HD resolution
AMD Freesync technology
VESA compatibility
Notable colors accuracy


Inappropriate for games
May possess dead pixels


The Samsung U28E590D is one of the budget-friendly Korean monitors on the market. It supports AMD FreeSync technology and a variable refresh rate. You can synchronize the refresh rate along with GPU frame-rate to remove screen tearing.

Couples with a reasonable refresh rate, this Korean monitor is flicker-free with an eye saving feature, preventing the blue light from letting you work and play without harming your eyesight. Moreover, it features game mode with picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture to increase dark themes’ visibility by changing gamma curvature.

On the other hand, don’t expect much vivid and rich colors in Samsung U28E590D. It features a TN panel that delivers not such good quality images due to inferior color reproduction and narrower viewing angles. 

This Korean monitor needs scaling due to high pixel density. Thus, few poorly optimized apps won’t scale well. It displays a luminance of around 370 nits that ensures the picture is bright enough for a good display even in a well-lit environment.

The Samsung U28E590D supports HDCP 1.4 but not HDCP 2.2. Thus, you can play protected 4K content at 1080p maximum but can’t play HDCP 2.2 protected content on multiple streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Video in UHD.

Finally, the monitor’s input lag performs very well and amounts to 9 ms.


27-inch Korean monitor
AMD FreeSync
1ms response rate
Supports picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture
Bright picture quality


Lower image quality to IPS and VA panel options
Narrow viewing angles
HDCP2.2 not supported

LG Ultrafine 24MD4KL Korean Monitor

If you are a video editor or a photographer looking for Korean monitors with a high-quality display, you would love this monitor. The color accuracy and high resolution make it the best fit for fledgling photos and video editors. However, due to the thick bezels, it’s a no-no for daily heavy users.

This may not be the ideal 27-inch Korean monitor, but it is specially designed to pair with Ultrabooks, MacOS, or devices equipped with Thunderbolt 3. It has a lightweight construction that also features a buttonless design. Also, it has a Thunderbolt 3 cable that can be used to charge your devices, including laptops.

The built of the monitor is around 1.9 inches thick. Due to the thick bezels and display size, it’s not a cheap alternative. The bezels of this monitor are 15.5mm on the top and bottom and 13.9 mm on the sides.

You can have a good experience while gaming on it, given that you’ve got a laptop with Thunderbolt 3. However, if you’re a heavy gamer, this Korean monitor is not for you. 

The ports on this monitor are dynamic and useful. However, their variety is limited. The monitor’s luminance is rated at 500 candelas PMS, which is relatively high brightness in a non-gaming monitor. 

Moreover, the monitor’s contrast ratio is 1350:1 with the rating at 1000:1. This small size Korean display has a full P3 color gamut.


Compatible with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3
Bright and vivid
Decent built-in speakers
Great color accuracy
Super-high pixel density
USB-C port can also charge devices including laptops
Smooth compatibility with macOS.


Limited port selection
Thick bezels
Smaller than a 27-inch screen

Viotek nv32q

The Viotek NV32Q is a super big 32-Inch curved monitor that supports G-Sync and FreeSync. It is the best Korean monitor with an exceptional refresh rate suitable for gaming enthusiasts. It’s one of the best Korean monitors developed with high-end compatibility for graphic cards. 

The gaming monitor tops out at 144 Hz refresh rate with the required pixel response rate. This monitor produces detailed pictures as the viewing angle is more than that of an 1800 R monitor.

The VA panel displays around a billion colors with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Therefore, pictures are color-rich with 99% sRGB gamut.

The notable sync compatibility makes it more worthy of your consideration. Moreover, the monitor is incredible as it supports teleconferencing, has inbuilt PIB/PBP functionality for Twitch streamers, and much more. 


Quite more significant than a 27-inch standard gaming monitor
More of a gaming monitor
Highly detailed images
Notable connectivity
Best for teleconferencing and Twitch streaming
Higher compatibility


Oversized for a gaming monitor
Too bright for daily users

LG 43UD79-B

If you’re okay with large-screen Korean monitors, LG 43UD79 is a reasonable option that offers high resolution. It is a decent choice for multitaskers because it provides to view multiple documents at a time. The monitor’s IPS panel has a low contrast ratio; thus, black appears grey in dark areas. 

The image of this Korean monitor remains detailed if viewed from up close. The motion handling is not as responsive or fluid as the other screens with a high refresh rate but is decent enough for consideration.

You will require a big desk due to the monitor’s screen size. The FreeSync technology, color-rich display, significant low input lag, and IPS screen offer you everything a gamer would ask for. The USC-C port, DisplayPort 1.2 a port, and four HDMI inputs will easily allow you to run multiple devices simultaneously. 

This monitor has the right viewing angles, which make it suitable for a complete room. However, black color does not seem deep in a dark and dim place. Moreover, it doesn’t support HDR. 


Various screen splitting options
Massive 42-inch panel
Colors seem uniform
The image stays detailed if viewed from up-close
HDR support


Difficult to fit on small desks
Limited ergonomic adjustment
Black appears grey in the dark.

Buyer’s Guide

The market is full of a lot of Korean monitor brands. All of them possess some distinctive qualities and definitions. However, selecting the best Korean model can be a tough job for many.

Here are some factors to look out for before getting a new Korean monitor with UHD resolution: 

Screen Size

Screen size is one of the most important things to consider before getting a monitor. It would help if you got a monitor that can complement your desk. Moreover, getting an aspect ratio of 1:1 will offer you a close view that will fall directly on the vision line, and big units have a more significant aspect ratio.

Color Accuracy

Colour gamuts of advanced monitors are lowered due to RGB patterns for color adjustments. This offers enhanced color delivery, but you may find Adobe RGB challenging as the range doesn’t suit the human-eye.

Thus, color accuracy refers to the ability of a monitor to deliver a certain level of hue. 

Monitor Type

There exist multiple monitor types. 4K monitors are divided into three types of panels, which are as follows: 

TN Panel

This panel is recommended for first-timers as it is affordable and has accessible features. 

IPS Panel

This panel improves screen performance as it enhances picture sharpness and color reproductivity. This monitor type is the best pick for gamers. 

IGZO Panel

The transistor-based design delivers high power services. It has a lower mass, provides high power, and consumes more energy.

Brightness and Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio and brightness are the factors that affect your eyesight. If you work in a dark environment, don’t opt for a monitor having higher brightness levels. On the other hand, always get a monitor with high contrast ratios.

Response Time

Response rate refers to the time taken by pixels to change their color. It would help if you got a monitor that has a response time from 1ms to 4ms.

FreeSync Technology or G Sync

Gaming enthusiasts must focus on adaptive sync. It enhances the monitor’s performance in screen tearing, refresh rate and graphic mismatch issues. However, you can’t get a monitor with both G-Sync and FreeSync technology. 

Viewing Angle

The higher viewing angles offer better results. Thus, get a monitor having at least a 170-degree viewing angle. 


The uncertified cables can lead to issues when 4K can’t function well at the rating of 60 Hz. They can also cause a decrease in refresh rates. Thus, buy HDMI supported monitors.

Refresh Rate and Aspect Ratio

Again, they both are essential considerations for monitor requirements. A varying refresh rate will allow you to run a variety of applications on the monitor quickly. But not all monitors offer variable refresh rates.

On the other hand, aspect ratio refers to the ratio between the monitor screen’s length and height. Usually, monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9 that offers excellent benefits to gamers. But if you’re a gaming enthusiast, opt for the 21:9 aspect ratio that is a more appropriate ratio for games.


What are the best 4k gaming monitors?

The best 4K gaming monitor possesses all the specifications and features that gaming enthusiasts look for. The 4k resolution itself provides you with a brilliant gaming experience. However, gaming demands more of the monitor’s complete details with the perfect screen size to elevate your gaming experience.

Is there a 4k monitor with 144hz?

Yes, there are many 4k monitors with 144 Hz that display images with quick sharp visuals. They offer you the best quality view and an exceptional gaming experience. The 144Hz 4k gaming monitors enhance graphic displays. 

In short, these monitors feature your games look realistic and incredibly sharp and realistic. 

Is a 4k monitor worth buying?

Yes, 4k monitors are worth buying without any doubt. Lately, they have become quite popular yet affordable.

The following are some pros and cons of 4k monitors.


  • Enhanced in-game graphics
  • Big size screen
  • Future proof as they come in recent development


  • The robust hardware is a requisite
  • Not all programs are compatible with this resolution.

Take Away

Korean 4K monitors are packed with all the other brands’ features but at a low price. They are pretty affordable. 

In this post, we have laid out the best 4k monitors from Korean brands just for you, walking you through with some relevant information and a buyers’ guide. Our list covers the picks that offer great value to your work and game with affordable price tags.

These monitors are future proof, and this is the perfect time to get a 4k monitor for yourself!

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