Top 5 Best Headphones for Oculus Rift 2023

Do you want to elevate your virtual reality experience with an all-rounder headset with extraordinary bass to cancel all the external noise? Are you looking for a multi-functional VR headset with dual-mic technology and long battery life as an additional feature? Don’t worry; we have got it all covered for you with our comprehensive guide about the best headphones for Oculus Rift

By the way, VR is a diverse domain that isn’t restricted to gaming and 3-D movies. Oculus has numerous applications in medicine, therapy art, 3-D museums, exhibitions, and in the corporate sector.

Moreover, it’s important to address another misconception regarding the features of VR headphones. These are specially designed headphones to support VR technology. Unfortunately, you can’t use any ordinary headphones available in the market. 

Best Headphones for Oculus Rift: Top 5 Picks

Now that we have laid the foundation let’s get down to the real business of reviewing the best VR headset.

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach has something fascinating to offer you if you are looking for a full audio experience headset VR with state-of-the-art noise cancellation technology. As the name indicates, the Stealth 350VR amplified virtual reality headset allows you to play for consecutive 30 hours on a single charge. 

It’s one of the best VR headsets with its incredible combination of detachable noise-cancellation microphone and variable bass boost. The noise cancellation button is a switch available on the ear cups allowing you to turn it on to block the external noise. 

  • Mic monitoring allows you to hear your voice inside the game, not to repeat or shout. 
  • The cushions available on the top’s inner side ensure a comfortable fit without making you feel any weight around your head. 
  • The battery-powered sound amplification refers to the enhanced audio quality to heighten the gaming experience. 

The 50mm Neodymium speakers produce surround sound with distinct low, mid, and high range of frequencies. When coupled with a bass boost, the treble sounds immerse in your ears to create out-of-the-world VR gaming audio effects. 

Another exciting feature of this pair of headphones is the removable parts. For instance, you can remove the microphone to use it like any other regular headphone. The cords are also detachable, allowing you to select a suitable cable with different consoles. 

Not just the VR headset but all of its accessories come with a one-year warranty ensuring post-delivery customer satisfaction and trust. 


30 hours of battery life
Effective noise cancellation
50-mm over-ear speakers
Interchangeable cables
Mic monitoring


Dull outlook
May feel flimsy

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

If you are a hard-core VR gamer, then the Logitech G Pro gaming VR headset is designed to play VR games. It’s a stylish pair of headphones with RGB lighting, bold ergonomics, and vibrant accents. 

It has an intense outlook with an all-black exterior with two silver circles encapsulating G on the earcups. The thick metallic frame runs throughout the headphone body up to the forks holding the earcups. The earcups have a soft-touch coating, which serves a dual-purpose of deluxe as well as finger-repellant outlook. 

The braided cable is of premium quality, causing minimal to zero noise. However, the in-line controls, including a mute switch and volume wheel, are available at an almost unreachable high position. 

The microphone is a high-performer with the best build quality allowing you to position it quickly. 

It comes with a 40mm Neodymium driver speaker, 10mm lesser than the previously discussed Stealth 350VR. Nonetheless, the sound is clear and accurate, allowing you to enjoy a perfect VR gaming experience.

However, on the downside, the power and bass aren’t top-notch as bass may overwhelm treble, making it difficult for you to adjust the sound quality. 

The Logitech G Hub software makes your VR gaming life easy by allowing you to customize the VR headset’s sound and the microphone. You can even personalize your voice by adjusting the De-Esser, Limiter, Compressor, and HIgh-Pass filter. 


High-grade sleek design
Crisp bass
Comfortable for ears


High in-line control placement
Weak treble

1MORE VR Gaming Over-Ear Headset

If you want the best control over sound customization, then the 1MORE gaming over-ear VR with the headset is an apt choice for you. 1MORE is an audio company well-renowned for its high-quality 1MORE Triple driver to provide crisp and accurate sound quality.

The frequency ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz with an impedance of 32 Ohm, making it one of the best over-ear pair of headphone for VR gaming in Oculus. 

The Oculus Quest-pro headphones give you full freedom to customize many features, even the RGB LED lighting around the earcups, with added effects. Since it’s designed for gaming purposes only, so you may find too much lighting all around the headphone, including logo, earcup rings, and even microphone. 

You can also customize the DSP settings to enable the 3-D 7.1 stereo surround sound quality. The headband is made of steel, which makes it a durable pair of headphones. 

The 50mm maglev graphene driver ensures accurate audio quality coupled with the super bass shock wave. 

However, the rest of the body is made of plastic, which is disappointing. It also means the microphone is made of plastic so that you may hear a creaking noise or inherent hissing noise. 

All the controls are available on the right earcup, including a slider toggle the noise cancellation mode, mic ON/OFF switch, and volume wheel. 


Customizable sound
Personalization of RGB LEDs


Heats up during long gaming times
Microphone internal noise

Best Headphones for Oculus Quest

Aren’t you intrigued to know about the difference between Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest? The significant difference is the wire-free VR experience with the Oculus Quest of removing the need for cables for VR headset and controllers. 

Luckily, you can use wireless headphones as well as BlueTooth headphones with Oculus Quest. So, let’s discuss the functionality and operations of the best pair of headphones for Oculus Quest.

RHA MA390 Universal In-Ear Headphones

If you are looking for affordable, lightweight, and robust in-ear headphones for Oculus Quest, then RHA MA390 universal earbuds are optimal for you. The earpieces comfortably seal off the ear canal to deliver an unmatched audio experience within the frequency range of 16Hz to 22,000 Hz. 

The earpieces’ aeroponic shape delivers noise-free audio quality by creating an isolation seal by blocking all the external noise. 

RHA is a UK based company well-known for its affordable yet premium quality audio products. 

You can find a universal remote control on the right earpiece cable at your chin’s level. Unfortunately, it comes with just a single button, which doesn’t allow you to control the volume levels. However, you can manage track navigation, call management, and playback music

The braided cable is part-fabric, extending to a total length of around 30cms. 

Another useful feature of these in-ear headphones is the availability of all the supporting accessories such as a shirt clip, padded carry pouch, and three pairs of silicone ear tips. 

It comes with a 3-years warranty ensuring a safe investment. 


Includes supporting accessories
3-years warranty
Durable Aluminium earpieces


Single-button on the remote control
Poor-quality mid frequencies

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

OneOdio has taken the in-built VR sound technology of the headphones to a whole new level by including DJ styled cable to incorporate music mixing. The OneOdio adapter-free closed-back over-ear DJ stereo monitor headphones allow you to enjoy superior sound quality with its 50mm Neodymium speaker driver.

OneOdio is a Chinese audio company manufacturing low-cost yet reliable headphones for a very long time.  

The exterior is a combination of matte black and a glossy finish to give it a stern yet a stylish look. Moreover, you can plug detachable spring cords of 3.5mm and 6.35mm lengths in the audio jack available on either side of the headphone.  

It covers a wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz ensuring clear and precise low, mid, and high tones. There is a neat balance between the mids and trebles coupled with deep bass, allowing the sound quality to be top-notch.

One of its distinct features is the addition of a DJ-style Dual-Duty Pro-10 9.8 feet cable allowing you to mix music in a professional studio. It’s an ideal choice for digital sound mixing and monitoring in recording studios. 

You can rotate the earcups within a 90-degrees radius to fold the headphone. This flexibility allows you to transport the headphones in a hand-carry without worrying about any external damage to the earcups.  

It comes with a 2-years warranty for its headphone and other parts to build trust among the customers. 


The 90-degree motion of earcups
Adjustable headband
No adapter
2-year warranty
50mm Neodymium driver


No Bluetooth headphones
Distortion in a high-pitched sound


Can you wear headphones with Oculus Rift?

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions because people often use the built-in speakers for gaming purposes. However, to experience a better surround sound quality with precise retina motion detection, it is better to couple your Oculus with a good pair of headphones.

The first step involves the removal of the on-ear headphones with the help of an audio tool. The audio tool is present in the accessories section of your Oculus box. 

It would be best if you unscrewed the audio connector with the help of the audio tool. The audio connector screw is present next to the on-ear headphones inside the main strap. Turing the audio connector screw in the counterclockwise direction will allow us to remove the on-ear headphones.

You can now plug in your headphone and then open the Oculus app on your PC/laptop. The second last step is to click the Rift option in the left menu under “Devices.” 

Finally, you need to opt for the “Rift headphones” under the “VR Audio Output” and then click “UseWindows Settings.” It’s as simple as that to wear headphones with Oculus Rift. 

Which PC is best for Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift is undoubtedly a VR wonder in the gaming world. However, you need to consider the PC’s specifications to run VR games by avoiding any graphical lag seamlessly. 

Some of the well-renowned Oculus Rift compatible PC include SKYTECH legacy mini, SKYTECH shiva, CYBERPOWERPC gamer supreme liquid cool, and HP OMEN Obelisk gaming desktop computer. 

Don’t worry about learning about all these PC specifications because we have created a list of minimum and recommended PC requirements. These specifications will give you a clear idea about what you should be looking for in the most suited PC for Oculus Rift. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Processor – FX4350 and higher, Intel i3-6100
  • Graphics Card – NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti or higher
  • Memory – 8 GM RAM or higher
  • USB Port – USB 3.0 hub
  • Video output – DIsplayPortTM 1.2

Recommended Requirements

  • Processor – Intel i5-4590 or higher
  • Graphics Card – NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher
  • Memory – 8 GM RAM or higher
  • USB Port – USB 3.0 hub
  • Video output – DIsplayPortTM 1.2

Is Oculus Rift CV1 Headset worth it?

Yes, these headphones are worth it as long as you don’t want to upgrade the Oculus Rift CV1 headset by investing hundreds of dollars. It has got everything you need to immerse yourself in the VR gaming world. However, if you hit the jackpot, we won’t mind buying a new VR headphones setup for Oculus Quest. 

Released in 2016, Oculus Consumer Version 1 (CV1) has been the best VR headset in the market with its continuous core software updates to keep it up-to-date with numerous games. It’s a wired VR headset meaning it requires either HDMI or USB-A port to plug into the PC or console. Not just that, its external sensors and Touch Motion controllers are heavily dependent on the USB-A hub. 

The only update you find in the newer headset versions is the absence of USB port dependency of external sensors and the replacement of HDMI to DisplayPort. Lastly, there is a minor tweaking in the overall design. Rest in-built VR features are more or less the same. 

If you own an Oculus Rift CV1 headset, we humbly request you to be content with its performance and battery life. However, if you have a reasonable budget at hand, then who are we to stop you.


If you genuinely want to enjoy a gaming experience, then you should go for a durable and comfortable VR headset. All the reviews compiled above will guide you to make an informed decision before buying heulus Quest or RiRift’s headphones. The decisive criteria for deciding one of the best headphones is the speaker driver, battery life, comfortable earcups, and noise cancellation feature. Another essential feature to keep in mind is the cable’s quality, which serves as a make or a breakpoint for the headphone. 

It depends upon your choice to either go for an over-the-head headset or an earpiece. 

We have done our duty to give you a complete picture of the best headphones compatible with Oculus Quest or Rift. Now, the choice is yours to select any of the above! 

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