Best Green Screen Backgrounds: In-Depth Reviews

If you’re looking for the best green screen backgrounds, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the top green screen backdrops used by video makers.

Just like the books that possess the magical power to take you anywhere, anytime, green screen technology allows you to transport your digital content against any backdrop you like! Be it war zones, fairy tales, or even places that the world has never seen, Chromakey technology covers it all.

Whether it’s film-making, broadcasting, interviews, YouTube videos, streaming, or even simple portraits you’re working on, green screens are always here to take your work to the next level. This is why, if you’re a beginner in digital film-making or photography, make sure to have your green screen background in place before you get started.

Green screens come as a simple backdrop as well as with other essential items together in a kit. The choice you make of your green screen backdrop or kit should be determined by the amount of time you’re going to use the equipment, your available space, the kinds of applications you’ll use it for as well as your need for portability.

List of Top Best Green Screen Backdrops

Here, we have listed some of the best green screen backdrops and kits for you to choose from. As you read, you will also find supporting information regarding their use.

Elgato Collapsible Green Screen

This backdrop is by far the highest-rated and most preferred one out there. Let us tell you more about it, and you wouldn’t be surprised why.

For one, the green screen is made of premium fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and durable, and perfectly optimized for camera chroma keying.

Secondly, it comes with a hard aluminum case and pop-up technology that locks the screen into place within seconds. It is stable and sound, so you wouldn’t find yourself worrying about it falling over while having your actors engage in action scenes.

Besides, it comes in a concealable design. This means that the screen retracts into its hard case, ready to be stacked out of sight. This feature also makes it easy to carry and store.


Easy to set up
Wrinkle resistant
Optimized for camera chroma keying
Made from 100% polyester


Relatively heavy

Neewer Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible Backdrop

This backdrop comes with a handful of benefits. For one, you have both chroma key green and chroma key blue on reversible sides. How does that help? Well, if you use green clothing or green materials, you wouldn’t need to find another backdrop. All you would need to do is flip this one.

Furthermore, it is made of high quality super thick muslin material, which reduces light reflection and allows you to capture perfect photos and videos. With a size of 1.5 m x 2 m, the durable metal frame holds it in place while you shoot.

Whether you’re doing studio photography or shooting on location, this collapsible background is ready to stay with you. You can set it up easily anywhere. And, when it’s time to pack, you can fold it away into its carrying bag, which makes it easily portable.


Multiple chroma-keying possible
High-quality muslin material
Carrying bag included


Can get a bit tricky to fold

ePhoto Muslin Green Screen Background Support Stand Kit

If you’ve got a running studio or a newly established one, then this ePhoto Green Screen Background stand kit is the answer to all your problems. It is perfect for portrait shoots, interviews, still video shoots, and live broadcasts. With a 10 x 20 screen, this backdrop is not the ideal one for excessive on-screen action.

The kit consists of three soft boxes that utilize daylight bulbs. These lights can be controlled with ease using simple on/off switches. In addition, the green screen is supported by two backdrop support stands that can be set up within minutes.

What’s more convenient is the fact that all of this equipment can be conveniently packed into a deluxe carrying case. On the downside, though, the cost goes a bit higher, given the variety of products.


A good option for beginners with no lightning equipment
Ideal for a studio setup
Lights are compatible with standard outlets


Not too workable for action scenes
Weighs 40 pounds

Neewar Photo Studio Backdrop

Do you have all the necessary studio equipment and are just looking for a 100 percent pure green muslin backdrop? With the setup in place, do you wish to upgrade the size of your green background? Take a close look at this one, if that’s your case.

Neewar’s 5.9 x 9.2 ft green screen is perfect for all sorts of photography, streaming, webinars, and video making that doesn’t require too much space. With a rod pocket on one side, it can be hanged or draped. It provides sufficient area to cater to most of your digital filmmaking needs, whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

Furthermore, this backdrop is generally wrinkle-resistant. But, if you feel the need, the pure, durable material allows you to straighten it with a steam iron (make sure not to use dry iron).

A good scorer for this one is that it is as easy to set up as it is to fold. Along with green, this backdrop is also available in blue, white ad black. Hence, with the cost-effectiveness it provides, you can even think about getting a complete color set!


Easy to assemble
Durable and anti-resistant
Collapsible and easy to carry
Fine edges to prevent tears


No carrying case
Other items need to be arranged separately (rods, clamps, stands)

LimoStudio Photo Video Chromakey Green Body Suit

Have you ever faced a scenario where you need to change how your actor looks instead of altering the background? If yes, then your best answer is the LimoStudio green bodysuit.

Against your background’s green screen, it blends perfectly and makes your actor invisible. This is why it helps produce special photo and video effects.

What’s truly handy about this bodysuit is its one-size-fits-all feature. Although it can be baggy if worn by short people. Made of high-quality, soft, and breathable material, this one allows you to create any character you imagine.

For ease, the bodysuit sports a see-through fabric in the face area.


See-through face fabric
Breathable and size-flexible
Blends perfectly with green muslin background


Can be problematic with short people and kids

Valera Creator 95

How does a decent sized, wrinkle-resistant, extra light, green screen background sound? Good combination, huh? Well, combine that with the unique quality of providing excellent results even with low lighting. That sounds like a buster.

Valera Creator 95 provides you precisely these benefits. With a 75 x 58 inch size, this green screen makes an excellent background for content creators and streamers.

Furthermore, it is not just portable; it is ultra-portable! A weight of 11 lbs is all it possesses.

The ChromaBoost wrinkle-resistant fabric allows even light distribution and enhances chroma key green performance, even when the light is insufficient. So, if you’re a newbie, this background would be the best one to get started with.


Can be set up and folded in seconds
Prone to wrinkles
Sleek design and self-standing
Works in low light


Not suitable for wide-angled media production

StudioFX 400W Green Screen Video Lighting Kit

If a kit is what you need, but a pricey option cannot float your boat, then make sure to check out this kit.

This kit comes with an 8 x 10 ft background support system with adjustable height and width and a decent-sized green muslin backdrop. Shoot through umbrellas along with light bulbs are part of the parcel.

Additionally, all of the equipment can be neatly packed into a carrying case, making it portable and convenient to store. Thus, this kit comes with all the essential requirements at a reasonable cost.


Ideal for a studio setup
Height and width adjustable
Carrying case included


Non-wrinkle proof
Fabric is not entirely opaque

Which Green Screen Is Best?

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the best green screen backgrounds, you may be wondering which green screen is truly the best?

Well, there’s no black and white answer to this. In fact, the solution can vary from person to person. What may be best for you may not be the ideal choice for someone else. And, vice versa. What you need to figure out is which one is working out best for you. Ask yourself the following questions when making the decision:

What Will You Need It For?

Among the areas where green screens are used, some are portrait, photography, video making, streaming, interviews, film-making. Your status as a professional or amateur or anywhere in between will also guide your green screen’s purpose.

How Much Space Do You Have?

You will need to see whether what you’ll be capturing is more action-oriented or still bound. This will allow you to assess the space required. Along with the backdrop size, you may also need to decide the number of green screens you might need to effectively cover the area since the backdrops can only be large until a certain level.

How Much Portability Do You Need?

This varies with the type of work you do. If you travel or move frequently, you need portable and collapsible equipment. Whereas if you’re established in a studio, green screens with stands will work best for you.

Do You Already Have the Stand and Lightning Equipment or You Have Yet to Invest in It?

This is also an important indicator as it will dictate whether you need a kit or a plain backdrop. The chances are that if you’ve been in this arena for quite some time, you would only need to replace your green screen when it wears down. A complete setup is generally required by an amateur or someone renovating studios or changing places.

How Much Can You Afford?

Lastly, one of your main influencing factors will be how much you can and are willing to invest in this. If it’s a long-term need, We recommend you to go for heavy-duty stand-supported green backdrops. Otherwise, there are plenty of short-term use options available.

Hence, your unique situation will decide which green screen out there is the best one for you.

What Can You Use for a Green Screen Background?

Is that the most affordable one you can get? It turns out; there are other home-friendly, hassle-free, and money-saving ways that you can adapt to benefit from the ultra-cool chroma key green technology.

What are these? These encompass anything that can provide you a smooth green background. That could include a green painted wall, green poster board, or a green cloth or sheet.

However, the critical point to remember is that uniformity and smoothness are the crucial elements. If you don’t get them sorted out in your make-do backgrounds, you will need to do some heavy-duty editing. Which, of course, is the nightmare of every editor.

For these reasons, we recommend using proper green screen backdrops. However, in case of any ups and downs, take comfort in knowing that DIY options are available.

Where Can You Get Free Green Screen Backgrounds?

With the green screen choice done and dusted, you might be now wondering if there are places where you can get hold of some cool backgrounds for green screens. Much to our pleasant taste, there are a good handful of websites that offer free green screen backdrop images that you can composite into your video to see the magic happen.

The following three sites are my top-rated preferences. They offer free motion graphics, stock videos, and green screen backdrops. What more can a person ask for without the least bit of cost?


So, now you’ve got all the essential information regarding green screens in place, from how to choose, the types of screens available down to the backgrounds you can composite over your backdrop. Combine this knowledge with your intuitive creativity, and here you are, all set to go ahead and experiment with this magic-creating technology.

It’s time to leave your viewers in awe! So, what are you waiting for?

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