Best Corsair Gaming Mouse 2023

A wide variety of computer peripherals are available from Corsair. Most of those are made to facilitate the gamers.

The overwhelming majority of the device has a solid build quality and a wide range of configuration options.

When you have fun gaming, it’s tough to ignore the value of a decent mouse. Having a high-quality mouse may significantly impact your gameplay experience since it is used often.

Base your decision carefully and get the best corsair gaming mouse that also performs well; that’s our recommendation. However, it’s also critical to recognize the significant distinction between gamer and standard computer mouse.

Experienced and recreational gamers alike may rely on the mouse to do their everyday tasks. Consequently, we’ll focus on the best Corsair gaming mouse in our reviews.

It’s because this firm has specialized in this industry for a few generations. Also, they’ve been bringing out high-quality products, maintaining the brand name.

What Makes Corsair Mouse the Ultimate Choice of Gamers? 

Based on the video games you prefer and the form and size that best suits your needs, you will determine which Corsair mouse is perfect for you!

Over the last two decades, Corsair has been producing high-quality gaming equipment. Experienced and amateur gamers alike rave about their gaming mouse, and it’s easy to see why.

With a variety of gaming mice, they provide something for everyone.

Corsair sponsors several e-sports teams, giving them access to a wealth of data from professional gamers. They utilize these to create some of the finest technology in the marketplace. 

Gamers Trust it More Than Others. 

Three key aspects influence the usage of Corsair gaming mice: they’re long-lasting, they also allow for a great deal of personalization and flexibility, and there are a few customizable keys included in the package.

The mouse’s effective operation determines the quality of your gameplay experience.

A small number of today’s mouse models perform comparable to or better than the best-in-class Corsair models. Professional users will appreciate how well-designed Corsair mice are.

With a dpi optical sensor, RGB lighting zones, the best scroll wheel, eight programmable buttons, and low click latency in various models, gamers are in for a treat.

Gamers will understand how easy it is to get the most out of their gaming experience over the next two decades.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Corsair Mouse 

Not sure which gaming mouse from Corsair will do best for you? Following are our top five best Corsair gaming mice that we think are good for gaming.

Keep reading as we are here to unravel their best and worst qualities. 

Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse Pro

Our favorite brand is an outstanding wired gaming mouse seems to be the Corsair sabre RGB pro. We like that it’s compact, well-built, and seems to have a minimal lag for clicking.

The thick plastic base features subtle roughness for additional gripping plus right-handed form, two different dynamic RGB lighting, a slick cord, and mouse pads. These are interoperable with both Mac and Windows. 

Adjusting the CPI in one-step intervals gives you an extensive dynamic range. One of the earliest mice with a poll frequency of up to 8000 Hertz. That further results in a far more fluid-feeling cursor motion.

In a hook grasp or fingertip grasp, a person with tiny hands might not be able to reach all of the keys.


  • Outstanding click  latency
  • Extremely well-built 
  • Loads of options for customization 
  • Perfect for right-handed usage 
  • Comfortable with 8000-hertz polling rate 


  • Faster polling rates are solely meant for top-class computers.

Corsair Scimitar Elite, Optical Backlit RGB LED

The Corsair Scimitar Elite mouse seems to be an excellent choice for MMO or MOBA games. You may adjust the position of the said 12-button side panel on the left by sliding either forward or rearward to fit your palm shape.

The base is soft-touch plastic with a tactile hold on the right. You may modify the CPI at the one-step level. It does have a short lift-off range and a broad clicking delay spectrum.

It’s perfect for all three grips. Everyone except the person with the most petite hands can use a fingertips grasp, albeit the most extensive hands can use a palm hold.

Additionally, it features four separate RGB lighting regions and accompanying software. The software can be used on both Windows and Mac computers to customize the lighting.


  • Loads of programmable buttons
  • Extremely well built 
  • Exceptional latency of click 
  • Windows and macOS compatible


  • The cable is quite stiff

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless MOBA & MMA Gaming Mouse

If you are into FPS games, then the Corsair’s Harpoon Wireless mouse seems to be a great option. Cordless or tethered, its clicking latency is exceptionally minimal.

The CPI can be adjusted to be as high or as low as you want it to be. Corsair’s iCUE software enables you to remap all 6 of the keyboard’s keys.

Utilizing a clawed grasp, it ought to be easy for anybody to get a good grip on all of the other keys. However, only tiny hands may have a hard enough time utilizing fingertips hold. 

The Corsair HARPOON Wireless is an incredibly tiny gaming mouse. Compact and adaptable, it’s ideal for taking with you in a backpack.

It is convenient for use in any home video game setting. For example, you may keep the USB transmitter connected to the computer at home and then use Bluetooth to link this with the laptop while you’re out and about because of the minimal latency.

There should be no issue with claw grip if you have tiny hands. However, you might have difficulty using the palm grip to access all keys.


  • The exceptional performance of the sensor 
  • Low latency of click 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Easy to carry around 
  • Loads of options for connectivity 


  • Not comfortable for use 

M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Multi-grip Gaming Mouse

The mouse’s design and feel are straightforward except for the only RGB lights on the palms symbol and the DPI meter, which is located directly below the trackpad.

It features a perfectly balanced layout, a reasonably low appearance, and a sleek black frame. The tactile gripping on each side of the mouse’s body makes it unique. Furthermore, this mouse is suitable for usage with all three grip types.

You read it correctly: regardless of whether you like the handgrip, clawed grip, or perhaps even fingertips handle, you will be able to operate it without difficulty.

The Corsair mouse comprises eight configurable keys, all coupled by Omron switching, making it one of the most versatile mice available.

There are the left-hand buttons and the slider underneath the screen, which doubles as that of the DPI lever. Apart from that, as you would have anticipated, there seem to be two thumb keys on each side of the mouse, making it perfectly balanced in design.


  • Extremely light in weight 
  • It can be used equally well by the left and right hand 
  • Omron switches
  • RGB Lighting zones


  • Design is way too simple 

Nightsword RGB Optical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

The Nightsword RGB is integrated with an optical sensor with more than just a total magnification of 18,000 dots per inch (DPI) and a maximal poll frequency of 1000 frames per second (Hz).

Overall, this is instead an ordinary fare — the sensors appear accurate and perform the required functions.

Corsair had advertised the Nightsword primarily as a first-person shooter (FPS) mouse, although this has also been sold as a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mouse. Unfortunately, there seem to be four small plastic bits that keep a tiny chamber in position, and they are difficult to remove.

In this situation, we believe it would’ve been preferable to join the ranks of Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed and then use magnetic to keep the section in position rather than plastic bits to keep it in place.

The weights themselves are pretty simple actually to insert and remove from the machine. Six seem to be present in all, and they are arranged in a hexagonal structure.

When using different weights, the Corsair night sword RGB mouse may weigh anywhere from 4.2 pounds to 5 pounds, based on how much you place in it.

You Can Also Customize It 

Using the Corsair program, you can perform routine tasks, such as adjusting the RGB lights and keys and setting configurations for your computer.

However, there have been some primary characteristics, such as the ability to tailor it to various surfaces and the ability to easily stay on top of the loads you increase or subtract.

The button arrangement isn’t anything out of the ordinary, so all of the keys may be programmed. For example, a right-clicking, a left-click, and a mouse wheel are all available to you.

There will be two buttons underneath them that allow you to switch between configurations.

There seem to be two additional keys upon that left edge of the left-clicking that let you alter the DPI level. Underneath them are three thumb keys, one being a sharpshooter trigger – spoiler warning, it’s the large square.

In addition, Omron relays are installed in each one of the customizable keys.


  • Weights are tunable 
  • Buttons are exceptionally versatile 
  • Design is comfortable as well as ergonomic 


  • Pretty heavy 
  • There’s a lot of room for improvement 

Why Buy a Corsair Gaming Mouse? 

A straightforward approach to cut down the vast number of gaming mice to pick from would be to buy from a company you know and trust ultimately.

Corsair is famous in the gaming industry for delivering a broad selection of goods that give players a fantastic bang for the buck.

With interests spanning from RAM, power supply units, controllers, mice, and headsets, Corsair is an approachable company that routinely receives high ratings.

If you have never had the opportunity of using a gaming mouse before, you’ll be astonished at how very they operate. Getting a decent grade mouse might distinguish between loss and victory in a game.

Possessing a mouse that seems comfy in the hands, is precise yet long-lasting is essential when establishing a gaming environment. Corsair provides mouse varieties including wired, cordless, FPS, MOBA, MMO, side buttons, RGB lighting, and an optical sensor to adapt to individual gamers’ demands.

Where to Buy the Best Corsair Mice? 

Once you’ve got your snap judgment and would like to scoop up a Corsair gaming mouse, then you will have no problem locating these digitally. With that kind of a significant term originates a vast choice of inventory and accessibility. 

When you can’t travel down to the neighborhood industry shop to test those out in real, the authorized Corsair site seems to be an excellent tool for exploring what company is currently on sale.

You may explore the cordless gaming mouse, FPS fast-action gaming mice, MOBA strategic & combat gaming mice, or the MMO role-play game mice. You may also trickle down the selections by size, gripping style, connection, as well as DPI resolution.

Another fantastic way is to shop at trusted websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy for online shopping. 

Things to Consider to Buy the Best Corsair Mouse

Consider the Price

Another favorite aspect of buying a brand new gaming mouse for the computer system is that it has not been prohibitively expensive.

Nowadays, you can buy a decent mouse for about $50 to perform all of your computing tasks without breaking the bank.

You may want to invest some additional money in the mouse to get one that is more compact if you play intense video games.

This may be pretty beneficial in situations wherein you need to be simultaneously quick and precise at the same time.

Adding more features like customizable controls, RGB lights, and even cordless connectivity will become available as you invest a little more money to start heading up the cost spectrum. 

Only the user can judge if they need to spend so much on a mouse depending on the use. For professional gamers, having all the features is worth the money.

The Difference Between Wired and Wireless

Some individuals are bothered by cables on their tables; it also hinders their movement when playing games.

It is possible to get a wireless gaming mouse that’s not significantly dissimilar from its wired equivalent if you are ready to pay a little bit more money.

Particularly when you’re in the midst of a game, your experience could be enhanced when you don’t have to worry about cables getting tangled and hindering your performance.

It becomes a tardy job to recharge the mouse to avoid interruptions. So if you are concerned about recharging the mouse regularly, search for mice that offer long battery life or perhaps even wireless charging abilities.

You may have to give up a few glitzy illuminations in exchange for more extraordinary battery life. However, the total cost of the mouse may rise due to the above.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive cordless mouse, you might save hundreds of dollars by going with a USB-wired mouse instead.

Nowadays, almost all wireless mice are also available in a connected version with the same functionality as the wireless type.

Additional Characteristics

Whether you are creating a game set up around a particular concept or just want to have a cool-looking mouse, you can always invest a little more money to ensure that everything fits well.

You may choose from a wide variety of mouse sizes, colors, and designs, as well as those that have inbuilt RGB lights for the utmost in personalization.

If you know you’ll be playing more MMOs and otherwise MOBAs using the new video game mouse; you may want to consider getting something with a few additional keys to accommodate your needs.

These keys are readily customizable and can be configured to nearly any function you choose, making them ideal for individuals who like having a little additional control over their environment. 

Dimensions and Poundage

Multiplayer fps seem to be more your genre? Then, you can purchase ultra-light mice that are designed specifically for FPS games today.

The premise here seems to be that you’ll become capable of moving the mouse much more efficiently throughout games, which will result in a faster response time and better performance.

Detachable weight is also available for specific mice, allowing you to customize the bit of load they carry.

When looking for the optimal load mouse for one’s playing games style, this method is beneficial because you can occasionally fluctuate the weight by as much as 10g based on the particular prototype you choose.

Whatever grip individuals use on the mouse, a few websites will allow you to sift their items to find the most appropriate ones for your style of operation.

You can also go for the wide range of hand-size options available. Consider using a mouse that is already in your possession if you have exceedingly tiny or big hands instead of going out and purchasing a new one that is the same size as your existing mouse.

A few internet sites will also have length guidance that would allow you to quantify the hand size to find the most appropriate mouse for your needs online.

Best Corsair Gaming Mouse: Suggestion

We would suggest you not be too quick to decide. Take your time and then make an informed decision. It is an excellent investment to make, with unique options of programmable buttons, dpi optical sensor, RGB lighting, optical sensors, and interchangeable side grips as features to choose from.

All the gamers seem to trust Corsair. It makes your gaming experience more fun. Even with the economic purchases, Corsair mice are the best-known brand for gamers.

The Final Verdict 

When configuring your gaming system, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of choosing the best corsair gaming mouse. Unfortunately, there are many alternatives, so it’s easy to get carried away by the sheer quantity of available options.

The process of limiting the research to a single supplier is an excellent approach to eliminate a few of the possibilities you have accessible to you.

If you remain with a well-known and renowned brand like Corsair, you can be confident that you will only get the highest-quality items. What’s more? Corsair mouse has a good life and lasts many years.

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