Best Claw Grip Mouse 2023 – Buyers Guide

Are you a new gamer or a designer looking for a comfortable mouse? You may be confused between a fingertip, palm, and claw mouse. If you’re looking for a comfortable grip that supports your hands, a claw grip mouse is all you need.

The best thing about the claw grip mouse is the added feature of programmable side buttons, which increases your efficiency as a gamer, video editor, and architect. When coupled with quick navigation and sharp click, these short keys make the claw grip mouse outshine the rest.

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Are you ready to pick the best mouse for the game? Read on to make an informed decision.

Best Claw Grip Mouse Reviews

This section will discuss the best claw grip mouse ( wired and wireless) for a fantastic gaming experience.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

Razer is known for keeping up with the latest advancements by incorporating advanced technology into its products. If you are a tech geek looking to upgrade your gadgets, then the Razer DeathAdder V2 will be a perfect game companion for you.

With the inventive features of 20K DPI focus+optical sensor, Speedflex cable, and 2.5GHz Razer HyperSpeed, it’s one of the best-wired claw grip mice in the market. 

It’s not just a stylish game mouse but has a simple or rather a straightforward design without any unnecessary fancy features. You will like the wider finger clicks, a sleek middle body, and deep-wide back support. It’s a relatively large-sized mouse best-suited for claw grip.

The narrowed middle body allows your thumb to easily access the in-built side buttons and controls available at both sides.   

The Razer DeathAdder is an ultra-light mouse, weighing just 82 grams. So you will experience smooth sliding without feeling any discomfort or tiredness. 

The all-new Speedflex micro-USB cable is soft and supple with a fabric sheathe to prevent tangling or kinking. 

Let’s talk about the features of this giant beast. It comes with seven programmable buttons available on the left, right, middle, and thumb sides. You can create five customizable profiles on its on-board memory to elevate your performance. 

Coming to the click time, It’s unimaginably fast with 0.2 milliseconds record time. So yes, it’s three times faster than the competitive grip gaming mouses. 

Unfortunately, you can’t program the mouse wheel LED, which isn’t a big deal.


20,000 CPI sensor
Robust optical sensors
Supple cable


Flimsy side buttons
Loud optical switches
Not for left-handed people

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech has established its reputation for combining style with performance. With DPI LEDs and RGB logo, Logitech G Pro wireless is high-quality wireless with a 48+ battery life per single charge. 

The “Pro” included in the Logitech G name signifies speed, performance, and quality, which is precisely what professional gamers look for in a high-quality gaming mouse. 

Weighing around 80 grams, this all-rounder mouse comes with a tracking resolution of HERO 16,000 DPI. Logitech deploys state-of-the-art-technology to keep it lightweight by using a 1mm exterior plastic shell encapsulating a compact exoskeleton. 

It is worth noting that its DPI sensor resolution is lesser than the claw grip mouse above. Moreover, it can achieve 400+ IPS tracking speed by adjusting the DPI range between 200 and 16,000. 

It takes pride in its durability rating of 50 million clicks, ensuring robust click buttons that last for years without any wear or tear. 

Talking about its wireless connectivity, it uses a USB connection instead of a BlueTooth to get a low click latency of less than 1 ms. 

You can enhance its battery life to 60 hours by turning off the RGB lights with the Logitech G Hub software’s help.

The box comes with additional side buttons and placeholders, allowing you to customize the mouse for gaming according to your usage. These programmable side buttons retain their position with magnets so that you can easily swap or remove them. 

Logitech has placed the DPI toggle button right under the gaming mouse instead of putting it behind the mouse wheel, which is quite unconventional.

It comes with two years warranty guaranteeing a safe investment as well as post-delivery services. 


Low click latency
Swappable parts
Excellent battery life


Not for smaller hands

Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer has introduced its state-of-the-art Viper Ultimate mouse with an enhanced optical sensor suitable for both left and right hands. Do you know it’s one of the rarest mouse offering 20,000 DPI with its wireless connectivity? 

And what’s more, it’s equipped with a Focus + Optical Sensor and 650 IPS tracking speed to enhance your gaming experience.

The razer viper ultimate comes with a whopping resolution accuracy of 99.6 percent – a record among Razer’s own similar wired models. 

Razer takes pride in its 25 percent faster HyperSpeed Wireless transmission technology. Not just that, it comes with a click latency of 0.2 ms, similar to the wired Razer Viper ultimate version. 

The long battery life lets you play for 70 hours with 2 – 3 percent battery drainage per hour. Additionally, you can fully charge the battery in just two hours. The package also includes a charging dock equipped with RGB LED lights. 

You can customize any of the RGB lights both on the mouse and charging dock, as well as the color patterns.

Summing up, the Razer Viper Ultimate is the wireless version of the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro with a similar DPI sensor of 20K.

There is only one drawback: there are not enough programmable buttons. You can only find two sets of buttons on both sides of the mouse and a clickable scroll wheel.


20,000 CPI sensor
Long battery life


Few programmable buttons
Flimsy side buttons

Logitech G403 HERO

If you want a gaming mouse at a reasonable price, the Logitech G403 HERO is the best option for you. The sleek shape and bold black color with a well-lit G logo right in the middle give this mouse a batmobile look. 

Let’s begin our discussion with its comfortable ergonomics that support your wrist in a claw grip position. Although the exterior is made of plastic, the rubber panels on the sides ensure a firm grip. 

It has a broader profile as compared to the two mice we have just reviewed. It may seem to be a disadvantage for some gamers, but then again, it is entirely up to your preference. Many gamers prefer broader back support to cover the entire wrist. 

Mostly gamers place their computers at a farther distance, so you require a mouse with more considerable cable lengths. Luckily, the braided cable’s overall length is 2.1 meters for easy connection.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of buttons on this sleek gaming mouse. The left and right-click buttons have a low-profile, providing your fingertips the perfect surface contact in a claw grip. 

The scroll-wheel is made with rubber to give a stiff impression -it prevents unnecessary scrolling. The good news is that the DPI switch is available right behind the scroll wheel, unlike the previous Logitech wireless gaming mouse. 

You can easily access the forward and backward buttons with your right thumb. 

With a polling rate of 1000 Hz, this extra-responsive HERO sensor allows you to adjust the DPI within the range of 100 and 16,000 DPI. 


Premium quality sensor
Intuitive ergonomics
Low click latency
High polling rate
Six programmable buttons


Not for left-handed people
Flimsy buttons


If you are looking for a budget gaming mouse with comfortable ergonomics, precise tactile feedback, then consider the BenQ Zowie FK1. BenQ is a well-reputed electronics company offering high-quality and durable products. 

It is designed for the E-Sports niche to fulfill the gamer’s precise focus requirement with zero lag. The overall design symbolizes symmetry and simplicity, allowing both left and right-handed people to use it efficiently. It doesn’t have any aggressive or sharp looks like the edgy gaming mice offered by Logitech. 

Unfortunately, this mouse for gaming doesn’t come with fancy RGB lights for the logo or mouse wheel, which may be a bummer for many gamers. 

The two buttons are available on each of the mouse’s sides, giving it a bonus point. And the ribbed scroll wheel prevents unwanted movement across the screen. 

The DPI control button is present at the bottom of the mouse with a four-color LED indicator. It allows you to set any specific DPI settings. 

  • 400 DPI – Red
  • 800 DPI – Purple
  • 1600 DPI – Blue
  • 3200 DPI – Green

It comes with a 2-meters long cable giving you ample cable length to move around the gaming setup. However, if you were looking for a braided cable, you will be disappointed. This mouse only features an ordinary rubber cable.

The good news is that it comes with replaceable feet, so you don’t have to invest extra bucks to buy new ones. 


Works with both hands
Anti-sweat texture
Adjustable DPI sensor
Tactile buttons


Noisy scroll wheel and buttons
Difficult to change the polling rate
High click latency

Razer Death Adder Elite

The last one on this list is the Razer DeathAdder Elite with robust ergonomics compatible with all hand sizes. The high top allows people with smaller hands to easily access the click buttons. 

The DeathAdder Elite is an upgrade in Razer’s DeathAdder line with added features of full RGB lighting control. 

It comes with seven programmable buttons – the maximum number in all the best claw grip gaming mice discussed here. You can easily access the side buttons with your thumb. 

The scroll wheel comes with a rubber grip to minimize loose scrolling. 

It offers a maximum DPI of 16,000, which may not be the highest but great for many FPS gamers. This DPI, when coupled with the 1000 Hz polling rate, guarantees an exceptional precise movement. 

The DPI toggle button is available right behind the scroll wheel, allowing you to increase or decrease the DPI setting with your index finger. 

This Razer DeathAdder weighs around 96 g, so yes, it may be a bit heavy for some people.

Furthermore, the custom-made 5G sensor can support an acceleration of up to 50 G, making it one of the top-class gaming mice. 

This mouse for gamers comes with Razer’s Chroma technology to light up the scroll wheel and the Razer logo. 

One design feature which distinguishes it from the rest of the mice is the elevated front height and heightened bump. The middle bow allows you to rest your fingers, and the rounded back is perfect for giving ample area to rest your wrist. 


Low click latency
High-quality performance


Only for right-handed people
Stiff or rigid cable


What is a Claw Grip Mouse?

Let’s discuss the main features of a claw grip mouse and its different from the rest. There are a total of 3 grip styles available for the mouse – palm, fingertip, and claw. A claw grip has a low-profile hump, which gives extra flexibility while you’re moving your hand.

Based on the design, the claw grip mouse comes between a palm and fingertip grip mouse. Your fingers acquire the shape of a claw with your wrist resting at the back of the mouse. 

So, now your fingertips and wrist are the main controllers of the mouse instead of the palm. The wrist movement is a plus for gamers and designers who prefer more speed and navigation across the screen. 

All in all, you can imagine a claw grip mouse as a short-length mouse with a raised rounded back. The uniform design of the claw grip mice is suitable for both left and right-handed people. 

If you want ultra-precise maneuvers, tactile click, and flick shots, then a clip grip mouse is the best choice for you.   

Which Mouse Grip is Best?

The answer to this question primarily depends on your purpose, which you want to achieve with the mouse. The design difference between claw, palm, and tip mouse depends on your hand comfort, agility, and, most importantly, your response time. 

All you need is to figure out your pivot area, which performs well to drive a mouse.

In case of a palm grip, you generally navigate the mouse with the help of your entire forearm placed on the table. Right? So, the pivot area is your forearm. However, you require plenty of table space to navigate your mouse. Some people also feel pain in the inside finger joints on their palm after continuously working for long hours. 

For fingertips, as the name itself suggests, the fingertips are the pivot points to drive the entire mouse. But, don’t you think you have put a lot of workload on your fingertips. They not just navigate but are also responsible for the quick click response.

Coming to mouse under discussion, claw grip, it uses your wrist as the pivot point. Not just that, the best one will provide ample area for the wrist to rest and to aim faster with agile navigation. This supporting shape is the main reason for its popularity among FPS gamers. 

Is the Claw Grip Better?

The answer is pretty neutral. The palm grip mouse is more popular due to the hand’s natural resting position. It does that by distributing the mouse driving force all across the forearm. 

On the other hand, the claw grip mouse is known for its fast gliding motion. The claw position decreases hand contact with the gaming mouse, encouraging elevated back support for your wrist.

The wrist serves as the main navigator allowing physics to play its part to increase the gliding speed. 

Is the G Pro Wireless Good for Claw Grip?

Absolutely. Being one of the most compact and lightweight mice of just 80g, it gives more power to your wrist, so you can navigate it all across the screen. The cherry on top is the wireless connectivity, which adds to the G Pro wireless mouse’s overall agile performance. 

With dimensions of 125×63.5x40mm, this gaming mouse is perfect for a claw grip and is relatively undersized for a palm grip.

And it won’t create a click lag either. Why? Because it uses a USB connection, which is far better in performance than the BlueTooth connectivity. Logitech claims that click latency is less than one millisecond for G Pro wireless. 

You can use it for a claw grip to avoid managing the cable all around your gaming setup. 


So our list of the wired and wireless best claw grip mouse for gaming comes to an end. 

You can now make an informed decision by considering factors such as DPI settings, optical sensors, polling rate, and, most importantly, ergonomics. 

Claw grip mice are rapidly gaining popularity among gamers with its sleep design and comfortable back support for the wrist. Moreover, you can achieve precise movement and rapid response by using the best claw grip mouse. 

All you need is to figure out your preference and budget, and then go for the best gaming mouse right away.

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