Best 60 Percent Keyboard – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for options to switch to a mechanical keyboard? If so, you may want to explore 60% mechanical keyboards as they are the most convenient options these days. After all, it’s time to move forward and leave those boring compact keyboards aside.  

A quality 60% mechanical keyboard gives users more space to use the mouse freely and move their hand around to aim, turn, navigate, and browse the web as they like. You don’t have to overstretch your arm forward or anywhere for an uncomfortable position.  

Moreover, these keyboards are convenient, versatile, and more comfortable than ordinary ones. Not only that, they have a longer lifespan. 

60% keyboards offer you more room. The standard functions such as delete, arrow keys, and home may be present on different keyboard layers, not as primary functions of the keys.  

Apart from that, these keyboards usually take a lot of time to get used to, but after some time, using them becomes more accessible than ever. 

In this article, we will list down the eight best 60% mechanical keyboards currently available in the market so that you choose the one according to your preferences. Let’s get started! 

8 Best 60 Percent Keyboards for All Purposes

If you’ve made up your mind about the best 60% mechanical keyboards, you need to go through the specs of all the best models available on the market. This way, you can pick the best one and won’t regret investing your money in a worthy product.   

The below list of the 8 best 60% mechanical keyboards will help you out.

The Anne Pro 2

One of the crowd-pleasers on this list, the Anne Pro 2 has everything a 60% keyboard must-have. The most distinctive features of this keyboard are the Bluetooth 4.0 and a 1,900mAh battery that gives you a usage time of more than 8 hours on a single charge. 

If you’re a person who likes wired keyboards, this keyboard might be an ideal choice for you as it can work while plugged in without requiring a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. 

Although it has a long-lasting battery, you can still conserve it with the keyboard’s auto-sleep feature. 

It also has a sleek design with a plastic frame that feels unbelievably solid and matte-finished PBT keycaps. The keys have a wobble to them and shine through PBT. Plus, they also have customizable RGB lighting. 

While speaking of compatible switches, this keyboard uses a variety of Gateron switches with varieties of Cherry MX and Kailh switches. While most users still consider Gateron switches a copy of Cherry MX switches, some see it as a top-tier switch that can be used as an alternative for the original Cherry MX. 

If you don’t like black, you can go for the white one as the keyboard comes in two colors. 

The standard 60% layout of this keyboard allows the users to change the keycaps easily through a keycap puller and as they like. Plus, the keycaps are colored, so you can play a little and customize them better. 

The Anne Pro 2 is sturdy, lightweight, and well-built that repels dust particles and all foreign objects like a real pro. The only downside of this keyboard is its mediocre ergonomics which lacks incline options and palm rest. But, other than that, it’s a steal!         


  • Easy to use software
  • Three different layers with a tap layer for easy use of the arrow keys
  • Feasible customization
  • Smooth Gateron switches
  • A classic look with bezels and RGB lighting
  • Convenient arrow keys


  • Small size
  • Plastic build
  • Lack of kickstands to adjust angles

Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard’s unique style gives it an edge over its competitors. In addition, it comes in various options in switches and sizes and is easy to use.

The keyboard needs no software as it comes with several built-in features, including backlighting, and 61 keys, and is lightweight. The Ducky One 2 is also compatible with Cherry MX switch stabilizers and has excellent RGB lighting that makes customization more fun and more accessible. 

The best part is that you can also change the color of the keycaps.

The keyboard supports Cherry MX Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Silent Red, Silent Black, and Speed.

If you’re looking for a wireless option, this keyboard may not be the ideal choice for you. Since it includes a USB-C cable, it can’t be used wirelessly. But, the wire is detachable so that you can replace it.

All in all, all the primary keys of the keyboard, including the shift keys, enter, space bar, and backspace, have excellent stabilizers. 

A well-built keyboard with high functionality – this keyboard is just that! 


  • Smooth typing experience
  • An excellent design
  • Good backlight
  • RGB customization that doesn’t require software


  • Wired only
  • No palm or wrist rest

Massdrop ALT Mechanical Keyboard

Users trust Massdrop like no other mechanical keyboard. Most people also know this keyboard as the DROP keyboard. It is now the brand’s one of the most high-performing 60% keyboards on the market. 

The Massdrop ALT comes in two designs, a high-profile one and a low-profile one. So, choose the one that depends on your desired aesthetics. The most beautiful thing about this keyboard is its affordable price, which varies between the two designs. In addition, the keycaps give a nice two-colored Doubleshot shine-through PBT. Plus, the legends are also very simple and clean. 

You also get two switch options, such as Blue or Brown Cherry MX with RGB, apart from the design. Moreover, you can also get the Clear and Halo switches with the Massdrop ALT Mechanical Keyboard. 

The unique feature of this keyboard is that it’s hot-swappable, which means you can remove the switches without any difficulty and customize your very own version of Massdrop ALT. 

Remember that the Drop ALT is compatible with 3-pin or plate-mounted switches. So, consider it when you think of replacing the switches of your Massdrop ALT keyboard. This 60 percent keyboard also has a relatively more minor right shift key, approximately 1.75u.     

What’s more, the ALT has a compact layout consisting of 67 keys, no Fn keys, functional secondary layers with shortcuts, and a total number of arrow keys. The keyboard also has a USB-C port on both sides to support your setups. 

Not to forget the QMK compatibility, which doesn’t need any software. Instead, the DROP configurator lets you easily edit and customize everything on the website.  

One downside of the ALT is that it takes a lot of power to function. But, apart from that, this product is a fantastic 60% keyboard at the moment.


  • Hot-swappable
  • It has an entire aluminum body
  • It comes with two USB-C ports
  • Has the total number of arrow keys
  • Features customizable RGB lightning
  • Fully programmable with QMK software
  • Affordable


  • It has a floating keycap design
  • It doesn’t come with an adjustable kickstand


With every device becoming small and portable, the RK Royal Kludge introduced portability in their mechanical keyboards with the RK Royal Kludge RK61. This functional keyboard has versatile switches that make it a great gaming keyboard suitable for writing and streaming videos. 

If you’re looking for versatile connectivity options, you can stop your search here. The RK Royal Kludge RK61 works with a USB wire and wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

You can also set it up with your devices, whether it’s an Android or an iOS. At a time, you can connect up to three devices and switch between them easily.    

People who prefer the aesthetics of their 60% mechanical keyboards will love the keyboard’s adjustable RGB backlight. It has one full-color backlight, eight monochrome modes, and 18 RGB modes. This gives you ease to adjust the setting just the way you like.  

Moreover, you can also choose between the hot-swappable Blue, Brown, and Red switches. The keyboard has a total of 61 keys, a keycap puller, and comes with software for Win/Mac – all of which make it an excellent 60% keyboard out there!   

So, if you’re tight on your budget but still want a soft keyboard, the RK Royal Kludge RK61 is your true calling. 


  • It can be used wirelessly or with a cable 
  • It comes with an adjustable RGB backlight 
  • Has responsive switches 
  • Portable
  • Reasonable price


  • Short battery life

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Similar to its big brother, the Huntsman TE, the Huntsman Mini 60% mechanical keyboard is a new edition by Razer. The keyboard comes with a standard layout with Doubleshot shine-through PBT keycaps. Moreover, it also has multiple choices in colors and switches to suit the preferences of all types of users.     

The Razer Optical switches make the Huntsman Mini a fast-processing keyboard. It comes in red linear and purple clicky options, having quick actuated points and light spring force.

The Huntsman Mini works with a USB-C cable on the top right side that is detachable. These features make it easy for users who prefer speed, responsiveness, and the performance of their keyboard. This keyboard is one in a million with more feasibility and a better design.    

If you’re someone who prefers cool lighting effects, still, the Huntsman Mini should be your ideal choice. The keyboard comes with seven preset lighting effects and custom RGB effects. But to use these effects, the user has to keep the Razer Chroma Studio open all the time.    

What’s more, the keyboard can store macro profiles, excluding the RGB profiles. Apart from that, the Huntsman Mini comes in 10 different colors and sizes and offers you a more durable and textured finish design.  

Even better, the PBT keycaps are oil-resistant and fight off long-term grime buildup significantly.   


  • It comes with oil-resistant PBT keycaps
  • It has a standard 60% layout
  • Compatible with a detachable cable
  • It has a lightweight design
  • Features an adjustable kickstand


  • It has a very loud stabilizer
  • Optical switches are somewhat light

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 

 The Fujifilm’s Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 has everything an ideal 60% mechanical keyboard should have. It features a top case and a bottom case with a seam running across. Sometimes, this seam may feel bumpy to the users.

The classic design of this keyboard comes with 60 high-quality PBT keys. Moreover, it works with the Topre electrostatic capacitive switch makes the experience smoother, and eliminates the need for key chatter. Due to this feature, the keyboard also feels super-comfortable to work on, and it also provides maximum tactility and keystroke precision.

What makes this keyboard unique is its layout. Unlike other boards, it has the Ctrl key near the Caps Lock and the backspace key close to the backslash key present above entering. The keyboard may seem attractive for some people, but it cannot be very safe for others.

So if you want to try something new, the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 is your ideal choice. Yes, getting used to it may take time, but believe us, it’s worth it!

This particular keyboard is perfect for programmers. In case you don’t know, this keyboard was designed specifically for programmers for smooth performance, high speed, and accuracy. 

So whether you’re a programmer or just looking for a good option in a 60 percent keyboard, you can rely on the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2.


  • It comes with Topre switches
  • Perfect for programmers
  • It has a solid build
  • Complicated layout


  • No backlighting 
  • Expensive 

DIERYA DK63 60% Keyboard

The DIERYA DK63 has something that most mechanical keyboards usually lack – the ability to be tactile and have no click. It has a switch similar to the class Cherry MX Brown, excluding the click, which makes it suitable for typing.

The best part of using mechanical keyboards is that they offer you both connectivity options: wireless and wired. The DK63 60% keyboard provides you with both connectivity options too! In addition, you can connect up to three devices to it via Bluetooth.

Even better, you’ll also have an easy option to switch between the devices. Moreover, the keyboard also supports almost all types of operating systems.

Another distinctive feature of this keyboard is its unique layout. The arrow keys are present in the bottom right corner of the board, which is not common in 60% of keyboards.

With the DK63, you’ll also get seven lights, along with several other lighting effects. These lights make the keyboard look cool.

Want to hear something even more interesting? The brand offers you a 1-year warranty on this keyboard. So, you can trust a little, no?


  • It has a 1-year manufacturer warranty 
  • It can be used as wired and wireless
  • It comes with additional keys 
  • Very portable 
  • Similar switch as the Cherry MX
  • Unique arrow keys arrangement


  • Heavy 

Cooler Master SK621 Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re looking for a quality, low-profile keyboard, the Cooler Master SK621 60% mechanical keyboard will hit you right on the spot. However, it uses simple Cherry MX low-profile switches with a relatively higher price than the regular one.

This keyboard has a shorter travel distance and actuation point than the regular mechanical keyboards. However, when speaking of durability, it checks all the boxes smoothly.

Like every excellent 60% mechanical keyboard, the SK621 has dual connectivity. The keyboard has a USB-C port, so connect it with up to 3 devices with a USB cable or use it wirelessly.

What’s more, the keyboard comes with easy-to-use software that allows customization of both macros and colors. You’ll have the opportunity of choosing from 16.7 million colors and several lighting effects. 

Overall, the Cooler Master SK621 is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use 60 percent mechanical keyboard.


  • High-performing switches
  • Good battery life
  • High responsiveness


  • Unimpressive battery life

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best 60% Keyboards?

Several factors play a considerable role while buying a 60 percent mechanical keyboard. Whether you’re buying a keyboard for the first time or have expertise in it, a slight slip in any of the areas can make your money go into vain.

So, how do you choose the best 60% mechanical keyboard? Consider the below-mentioned factors and buy the best keyboard ever! 

Wired vs. Wireless

The most efficient 60% mechanical keyboards can be used wirelessly or wirelessly. The wired keyboards need a direct connection to your PC’s USB port, while wireless ones can be connected via Bluetooth. However, both have their pros and cons. 

While wired keyboards provide the users with improved consistency and a fast response time, wireless keyboards are more convenient. In addition, with wireless keyboards, you don’t have to depend on a direct connection with a cable. 

So it all comes to your preference. For example, how would you want your keyboard to be if you’re a gamer? Wireless, right? Since wireless keyboards are suitable for casual playing, the 60% keyboard makes a great gaming keyboard. 

But all in all, it’s better to get the one with both connectivity options.


Switches are mechanical springs present underneath the keycaps. They vary in tactility. If you’re looking for the best one, the Cherry MX ones are considered the best ones out there. However, the premium ones have an expensive price tag, so, again, it all comes down to your preferences. 

Some other brands have also jumped into this field with fine switches brands like Outemo, Kailh, and Gateron, as functional as the Cherry MX.


How will you love working on your mechanical keyboard if it doesn’t look fantastic and appealing? This is why getting one with an excellent build and funky design is essential. Luckily, there are many options in colors available, including black, white, two-tones, silver, and many more. 

Plus, most keyboards also include LEDs for extra vibrancy and efficiency. 

The options are limitless, and again, it comes down to your choice. If you love a slight funkiness and want to make your setup cool, you can go for a vibrant color keyboard. But if you like everything subtle and straightforward, the monotone ones will be ideal for you.


Now, almost every setup includes an excellent 60% mechanical keyboard due to its high-performance, dual connectivity options, and increased responsiveness. Not to forget the cool colors they come in! 

So, if you’re looking to update your setup, you can go for any of the mechanical keyboards we have listed above. They all are the best of their kind and will significantly enhance your gaming or typing experience.

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