The Best 5k Monitors of 2023; All You Need to Know

The laws are upgrading, and the industry standards are changing. The technological world is spinning on a greater axis than before. When you decided to land yourself on a 4k monitor, you find out that the world has released 5k and 8k monitors!

Although they’ve entered our world, 5k monitors are still pretty niche. They’re expected to become a standard in the next few years. But, if you’re a visionary person with a focus on the future, you might want to start already hunting for the best 5k monitor in town.

Hence, in this piece of writing, we’ve listed out some of the best 5k monitors available out there. Read through and see which one pleases your preferences and satisfies your work demands.

What Is a 5k Resolution?

Before we delve into the different models, let’s understand what precisely 5k resolution is?

Resolution tells us how many pixels are packed inside a display across its length and width. The greater the number of pixels, the clearer and sharper the quality of the image. Most commonly, 5k resolution is 5120X2880 or 14.7 million pixels, although the exact resolution of 5k monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio can vary with models.

Even so, 14.7 million pixels is enormous. It is over seven times more than what 1080p monitors are capable of. It also implies that 5k monitors offer around 33.33% more pixels on both the vertical and horizontal axis than their antecedents, the 4k monitors.

So, who benefits from that extra space? Well, mostly gamers, tech-professionals, and other creative workers. How so? The 5k monitors allow them to work with greater clarity and faster response times, often accompanied by the luxury of working with multiple windows on one screen. And, isn’t that precisely what they dream of?

List of 5 Best 5k Monitors

Although five years ago, 5k monitors first hit the market, they’ve yet to become familiar enough to be sported by various brands in a range of models. Nevertheless, what you can gain out of these scarce resources is still pretty grand and stunning.

Before you move on to choose the best 5k monitor, it’s best to get a grasp of the following point. When you’re looking for 5k monitors, two choices will stand out at you regarding aspect ratio. One is the 16:9 aspect ratio; others are 21:9 or above, called the ultrawide displays.

Ultrawide monitors are the best choice if you desire the experience of multiple monitors on one screen. They work by ignoring pixel scaling and, instead, provide you with areas of screen space to design, edit, or engage in gameplay.

On the other hand, the industry-standard 16:9 aspect ratio is generally more suited for design work, as high-DPI modes in Windows and macOS allow scaled resolutions. This means that you, as a user, can zoom in to work on images with incredible detail without compromising on sharpness.

Hence, your choice of 5k monitor will ideally be influenced by the type of work you plan to do with it. Let’s take a closer look to see what makes these monitors genuinely excellent with that out of the way.

LG 27MD5K-B 27-inch Ultrafine 5k Monitor

LG 27MD5KB-B is a product of a collaboration between Apple and LG, making it the apple of the eye for MacBook Pro users. This 27-inch monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio is the perfect bet for anyone who desires direct connectivity to a Thunderbolt 3 laptop.

What’s remarkable about this one is that it offers a wide range of viewing options and a breathtaking color spectrum with IPS technology with 1.07 billion colors. This feature makes it an excellent choice for creatives all over.

Although the design is slightly old-fashioned and unappealing, it comes with a firm stand that supports the large screen. Moreover, it only allows for height adjustment and forward and backward tilt. Hence, you will not be able to swivel it. On a positive note, though, it is easily mountable on a wall, unlike many other models.


Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
Ideal for Macbook Pro users
P3 color spectrum
Good split-screen selection
Excellent image quality
Equipped with a built-in ambient light sensor


Slow response time
Fewer options for adjustability
Fewer ports

Samsung 49 inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor

The Samsung CRG90 is not the first 49-inch monitor with a resolution of 5k, nor is it the only one. But, it is the first company that has released an ultrafine 5k monitor specially designed for gaming. So, if you’re a gamer, professional or not, feel pleased knowing that Samsung was thinking of you when creating this one!

With an ultra-wide display, the Samsung CRG90 has an aspect ratio of 32:9 and a 1800R curved screen. This is sufficient to have you immersed in action all around. A world of games, it is!

This gamer-friendly specialty is the pleasing result of the model having a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 4 ms response time, both of which are perfectly optimized for high demand action videos.

Additionally, it features Samsung’s latest QLED display tech and supports VESA DisplayHDR 1000 and AMD Radeon FreeSync. These features help reduce tearing and enhance smoothness in your gameplay.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this 5k monitor is also HDR10 compatible and has a mega dynamic contrast ratio, balancing the lights and the darks perfectly.


Great contrast ratio
Optimized for virtually any game
High refresh rate and fast response time
Equipped with gamer and eye saver mode
Ultrawide display


Requires powerful hardware
Lacks USB-C ports
Expensive than competitors

Dell Ultrasharp 49-inch U4919DW

Dell once again proved its quality and standard by releasing this ultrasharp, 49 inch, curved 5k monitor. With a 32:9 aspect ratio and a 5120×1440 high resolution, Dell guarantees high image quality.

As an IPS monitor, this monitor comes with the same professional and sleek outlook: the Dell ultrasharp series’s hallmark. The thin bezels, sturdy stand, and clean back panel constitute its minimalist design.

Furthermore, the VESA-compatible mount allows you to work comfortably with this monitor. You can tilt it, swivel it, or adjust its height however you like. And, if that still doesn’t work for you, a wall-mounting option is also available.

Dell’s U4919DW is best suited for coders, video editors, and graphic designers since Dell’s Display Manager software allows users to manage six windows at once! That is huge. Additionally, the monitor comes with an anti-glare coating to eliminate reflections as well as a wide viewing angle, allowing you to enjoy the beauty from any angle.

To top it all off, this one features a DisplayPort, two HDMI ports, a USB-C port, and several USB upstream and downstream ports.


Giant screen without compromising practicality
Fast response times (5 ms)
Impressive port selection
Great image quality
Practical Dell Display Manager software


No built-in speakers

Planar IX2790 5K LCD Monitor

Getting a 5k monitor generally drains your pocket, but Planar IX2790 aims to provide you an excellent resolution experience within your desired budget. This bezel-free IPS LCD 5K monitor is designed for users of all kinds, be it designers or gamers, or even office workers and businessmen. It is a premium one for all.

Giving you the experience of the entire 5120×2880-pixels, at a 16:9 ratio, this glossy 27-inch display appears to be a Window alternative for 5k iMac, as it does not support the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Instead, it has a single DisplayPort cable through which the Planar IX2790 delivers 77% more resolution than a monitor with 4k resolution.

This best affordable 5k monitor hosts all its keys at the bottom for easy access. But, you will need to be a bit careful, as these are touch-sensitive.

If you think that this 5k monitor would have compromised some features due to its price, that’s not the case at all, so that you can put your faith in it. Its IPS model delivers stunning picture quality. Furthermore, it has a decent response rate of 12 ms and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. It also has a built-in speaker and a headphone jack.

However, high-end users should not expect the high-end performances that other expensive 5k monitors deliver.


Multi-purpose monitor
Moderately priced
Displays great colors
Decent modern design
Good contrast ratio


Limited adjustment capacities
Poor audio quality

Phillips 499P9H 49-inch SuperWide Curved Monitor

This one is easily one of the best 5k monitors in the market. It’s deliciously feature-packed and a treat for creatives, tech professionals, and gamers. It can also be quite useful for business people.

This monitor has a 49-inch display, with an aspect ratio of 32:9 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, projecting a resolution of 5120×1440 (also known as dual Quad HD). It also has an anti-glare, 2H, Haze 25% screen coating that allows you to work under all sorts of lighting conditions comfortably.

Since it uses the 8-bit vertical alignment (VA) LCD panel, its viewing options aren’t as wide as its competitors, which have IPS and 10-bit panels. Nevertheless, the 1800R curvature ensures that you and your co-workers can have an immersive viewing experience, along with good eye comfort.

It also sports plenty of connectivity options, including a USB Type-C interface for hooking up a MacBook or other displays. The KVM switch allows you the luxury of controlling two different PCs with a single keyboard and mouse.

A unique selling feature of this 5k monitor is its pop-up webcam with Windows Hello Support for facial recognition. The adaptive sync support is also a plus, especially when combined with this monitor’s fast response time and minimal input lag, all of which result in a smoother gaming experience.


Impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio
Offers HDR support
Very minimal input lag
SmartImage picture enhancement technology
Adaptive sync


VA panel instead of IPS
60 Hz refresh rate


So here, we’ve laid out for you a brief buying guide for 5k monitors, along with some necessary information regarding resolutions. We hope it answers most of your buzzing questions relating to this breathtaking technology.

However, remember that the future is ever-expanding. And while being ahead of the game is quite enchanting and enticing, it is always wise to keep an accurate track of your purpose and budget while choosing to upgrade. Now, or later, the choice is yours. 5k’s are here to stay to up your game, anytime, anywhere!

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